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Know Thyself - A Key to Successful Referral Marketing

Know Thyself - A Key to Successful Referral Marketing

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Published by Kent Kretz

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Published by: Kent Kretz on Jan 11, 2012
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A good education system for referrals will bring you more qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle and help you avoid the proverbial goose chase. Time is money so let's get started! In a previous article, I talked about defining your target referral sources and what that really means. Many people believe that to get referrals, you just tell everyone you know about your business and they will tell others. However, a good referral source is not just anybody who knows anybody. It is somebody who knows you and what you do and how you are different. It is someone that has experienced either first hand or by word of mouth how great you are at what you do. However, it's difficult for your clients and strategic partners to know what you do and how you are different if you aren't able to clearly communicate it to them. In order to communicate it to them, you need to know it yourself. You need to clearly define your ideal client (on paper); know what you do for a living (the benefit you bring and not the job title you wear) and know how you do it differently than the competition. Once you know this, it's easy to let your clients and strategic partners know it too. Step Two in building your referral marketing system is educating your referral target market. Unfortunately, this is the step that most people neglect to do. It takes time and effort and is not as easy as the other steps. Generally speaking most business owners think they already have this figured out. From my experience coaching small businesses, I have found that the truth is that they don't have it figured out. It really starts with the basic marketing questions. Who is your ideal client? What do you do for a living? What makes you different? If you have the answers to these questions then educating your referral target sources is so much easier. I guarantee they will refer you more if they can easily recognize a good referral for you. And by teaching them what your ideal client looks like, the new leads you receive will be much more qualified. Believe me, there is such a thing as a bad referral. We've all been on that proverbial goose chase. Someone gives you a number insisting that you call this somebody. So you do and the chase begins. The person doesn't really recognize your name, which can be embarrassing. Still, you give it your best effort, get them talking, and realize their needs don't match what you do at all. It's a waste of time and effort for both parties and that never feels good for anybody. Now, let's say you had you educated your referral source in the first place. They would have known that it wasn't a good match and better yet they are better equipped when they are out and about to spot an ideal referral for you. The referrals you receive will match who you are and what you do. This means less wasted time for everyone and leaves you confident in rewarding your referral sources.

Stay alert to opportunities to educate your clients. If you set it up as part of your marketing program, it will become second nature. Anything you have created, whether it's your website or your promotional materials, make sure to incorporate your referral program and especially the education component so that your referral sources can be promoting your business the smart way. The other part of the education system is the importance of laying out step by step your referral program. This will alleviate any worry that if someone refers you you're not going to harass or spam the new contact. This builds trust and honest communication. It makes the referral prospect feel secure that they aren't going to be embarrassed by your actions, or have colleagues mad at them for passing along their information. They can see you have a solid plan for handling referrals. Speak the language of your ideal client to make your referral sources secure and confident that you're not going to abuse the relationship. Remember, it really starts with you. If you can't articulate what it is you do and what your ideal client looks like and how you are unique, you aren't going to be able to tell someone else. You have to know thyself first. In the next article, I will talk about creating offers and how to execute them. A great offer is the backbone of a great referral system and great offers executed well will bring you more leads faster.

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