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Referral Marketing Checklist

Referral Marketing Checklist

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Published by Kent Kretz

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Published by: Kent Kretz on Jan 11, 2012
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One of the most common questions I ask Chiropreneurs is, "What is the best marketing for growing your practice?" Bar none, the most common marketing activity preferred is patient centric referrals. And, I don't disagree, but I do disagree when I get the response to this question, "What is your referral marketing plan?" Sadly, the question is met with a long period of silence or "It just happens." As with any marketing initiative, you need a structured written plan for your referral marketing efforts. Here is a checklist you can use to boost your referral rate to three or more per patient, per year! 1. Ask... frequently and consistently. 2. Newsletter... printed and electronic. 3. Referral Card Day 4. Special Consultation Appointment Protocol... best time to ask is when they are the most excited. 5. Internal Lectures 6. Stack-a-Day 7. Patient Focus Group 8. Patient Advisory Board 9. Special Events 10. WOW! Factor 11. New products or services 12. Thank You! Say it and write it. 13. Give2Get... reward upfront. 14. Patient Education... planned and continuous. 15. Patient Loyalty Program... let them earn points! 16. T.EA.M. Training 17. Ancillary Services... massage, nutrition, rehab, therapy, decompression, products. 18. Package Plans... Low, High, Medium plans... in that order. 19. Satisfaction Guarantee... care results, but the experience. 20. Dinner... anything involving food is a good plan to increase referrals. 21. Sponsorship... local groups... be visible in your marketplace. 22. Patient's Aliveness... what do they love to do when not working? 23. Special Interest Group... create patient groups, hosted and sponsored by you. 24. Patient Progress Award... everyone loves receiving an award! 25. Patient Testimonial... Patient of the Week! O.K., how many do you currently do? How many more could you be doing? These and others should be incorporated into your referral marketing plan... if you really believe

that patient referrals are the best way to grow your practice. Your target should be three referrals from each patient, per year. Get serious about referrals and you can have the practice of your dreams.

The author may be contacted toll free at 877-935.6371 extension 201 or email at ceo@wellnessone.net. Mr. Howell is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of WellnessOne Corporation, a national alliance of chiropractic and wellness centers. http://www.wellnessone.net

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