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Name___________________________________ Group_____ Reading Story

Date______________________________ Mrs. A. Nieves

Story: The Old Grandfather and His Grandson Vocabulary Match the vocabulary word with its corresponding answer. ____1. Platillo, server ____2. Jugar a los bolos, plato hondo ____3. Desdentado ____4. Tacaño ____5. Dar de comer. nutrir, alimentar ____6. Cabaña, choza ____7. Campesino ____8. Balde, cubo ____9. De Madera ____10. Nuera, hija política ____11. Tartar un asunto, inviter, convidar ____12. Suspirar ____13. Avergonzado, abochornado, apenado ____14. Pedazo, trozo, freno, bocado (brida) ____15. Regañar, reprender ____16. Estropear, arruinar, consenter, mimar ____17. tomar una curva ____18. Permitir, dejar, conceder, dar a. toothless b. bits c. allowed d. corner e. bowl f. daughter-in-law g. scolded h. spoiled i. wooden j. dish k. sighed l. hut m. bucket n. feed o. peasant p. ashamed q. treated r. mean

brooks b. flimsy c. pained 6.arroyo.fuerte. stoic. tasty c. unconscious b. reñir 2. fasteners c.surcar. rigid b. wrinkles 5. intelligent b. sturdy. praised 2. criticized c. furrows a. rivulets a. scolded a. furrows. strong 3. reprender. riachuelo 4. fruncir el ceño 5.estoico 6. scalded .flexible Exercise 1. unbothered c.regañar. flexible b. supple. robust. scolded. oceans 4.Word Bank 1. stoic a. supple a. holes b. sturdy a. creeks c. rivulets. sólido 3.

. After our picnic near the ____. 2. 5. 3. we can play ball. 4.Use the following word from the word bank to fill the blank ~ scolded sturdy rivulets furrows stoic supple 1. If that ladder is not ____ enough you might fall. The mother ____ her son because he got an F. The ____ in the woman s face showed her age. Her ____ attitude showed when she recuperated her health. 6. The dancer showed how ___ she was by bending forward.