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Component Data

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Chapter: Properties Constructor

17.5 Component Data 17.5.1 Hierarchy Description
The Component World (CMPWL) is a member of World in the Properties hierarchy. It is an administrative element to keep component data together. Below CMPWL there is Component Type (CMPT), which is also a purely administrative element. Under CMPT can be found Component Data (CMPD) and Tube Data (TUBD). Insufficient data is held in the Catalogue and Design DBs about components for a stressing 'run' to take place. Therefore further data can be stored as attributes of CMPD or TUBD. CMPD has the following attributes: TYPE NAME LOCK OWNE OUTD ACBO BTOL WTOL CWEI CIWE WDIA SHAP RINE SIF PRFC SDTH CORA EFAC BFLE DFFL DMFL RMFL MRKR (outside diameter) (actual bore) (bore tolerance) (weight tolerance) (component weight) (component insulation weight) (wind diameter) (shape factor) (rotational inertia vector) (stress intensification factor) (pressure factor) (saddle thickness) (corrosion allowance) (Young's modulus factor) (bend flexibility) (displacement force flexibility) (displacement moment flexibility) (rotational moment flexibility) (component marker) CMPD

The element TUBD has the same attributes, except that it does not have DFFL, DMFL or RMFL and, instead of having CWEI and CIWE, it has UWEI, which is weight per unit length (unit weight), and UIWE, which is weight per unit insulation. The attributes OUTD, ACBO, BTOL, WTOL, CWEI, CIWE, WDIA, SHAP, PRFC, CORA, EFAC, PWAS, BFLE and MRKR are real numbers; RINE, SIF and SDTH are 3-element real arrays; DFFL, DMFL and RMFL are six- and nine-figure flexibility matrices. To enable Weight and Centre of Gravity calculations to be performed in all disciplines, the CWEI and UWEI attributes have been updated to use parameterised properties, i.e. they can be set using standard expression syntax such as: (weight (ATTRIB PARA[2] + ATTRIB PARA[3]) Existing syntax is still valid, for example: UWEI 2.5 The rest of the real number attributes (other than MRKR) have also been parameterised.

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