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Kannada phrasebook
Kannada ( kanna a), a Dravidian language with some 50 million speakers, is an official language of India and the state language of Karnataka. It is also the language which you will encounter in Bangalore, a city you might have heard of quite a bit recently. It is also the language you will encounter if you visit the historically significant cities of Mysore and Hampi, so arming yourself with rudimentary knowledge of Kannada is a good idea if you wish to visit those places. Kannada is a Dravidian language, which means that it belongs to the same family as the other South Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Tulu. These languages share many words, sentence structures and even expressions, which means that if you pick up any one, your path to learning the others is considerably eased. Contemporary Kannada literature is the most successful in India, with India's highest literary honor, the Jnanpith awards, having been conferred seven times upon Kannada writers, which is the highest for any language in India. Based on the recommendations of the Committee of Linguistic Experts, appointed by the Ministry of Culture, the Government of India officially recognised Kannada as a classical language. It is a commonly-held belief that because Kannada is more accepting of Sanskrit loan words, learning conversational Hindi (Hindi language owes most of its vocabulary to Sanskrit) will help you pick up Kannada. This is false. Though Kannada literature has over the years accepted many Sanskrit and Prakrit languages words, the conversational(colloquial) Kannada has very little influence from Sanskrit or any other Indo-european language. In plain and simple words, knowing conversational Hindi, conversational Marathi" or Sanskrit might not help learning/speaking day-2-day conversational Kannada with the native speakers, unless a native speaker to whom you are speaking has prior knowledge of Hindi/Marathi. Though the Dravidian languages like Telugu and Tamil share lot of words with Kannada, the grammatical structure (colloquial speech) of these languages are quite similar. A person with prior knowledge of conversational Telugu orcConversational Tamil may find it easier to learn Kannada. But when it comes to conversing, the pronounciation of Kannada compared to the other Dravidian languages like Tamil and Telugu is quite different, and the words and sentences shared between these sister languages are often mutually unintelligible.

a person by their respective greetings. In India, Namaskra is the most ubiquitous greeting, and though of Sanskrit origin is now mostly used all across India. It is said with hands folded and a small gesture of bowing. Namaskra literally means "I bow to you." Namaste has the same meaning, but is used less often in Kannada. After meeting someone for the first time nimmanna kaNDu bahaLa khushi yitu [ ] may be said, meaning "I am delighted/happy to see you" Civilities: In Western cultures saying phrases like please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, sorry, etc. are so ingrained into them from a young age that they use these phrases without a second thought. Not so for Indians. In India, saying such phrases in an inappropriate circumstance might even embarrass the person, or cheapen the gravity of the phrase itself. These phrases are only said in a sincere sense. For example, don't say dhanyavda [ ]/ nimminda bahaLa upakra vyitu [ ] (thank you) after a clerk hands you your grocery bag, but don't forget to use it when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you. Sometimes English words themselves are used; due to the British colonial influence, especially in urban areas and among the upper class. In this case use them as you would in English. In India, a majority of times these kind of phrases/sentiments are merely communicated through body language rather than verbally. To show your thanks, a simple smile will do the trick. Other common gestures include the infamous "head bobble"; and a hand gesture made by swiftly swinging the wrist so your palm is facing the sky and your forefingers slightly elongated. Prefixes & Suffixes: While referring to a person For majority of words r ( ) may be added as a suffix to give it a more polite tone. The r word itself could be used to refer a person. For Example, Mr. Murray please come over here may be said as Murray [ rI Murray barri illi]. The suffix avaru is used with a person's name as a sign of respect. For Example: Mr. Murray is often referred to as Murray avaru. Few more suffixes which are indispensable are avanu [ ] avaLu [ ] and avaru [ ]. With nouns it gives the meaning "the person(he, she) that does" and with verbs, it indicates something is happening. Examples:

noun shop ( angaDiyavanu) verb to see (

angaDi) + avanu = shopkeeper ( nODu) + avaru = onlookers (

... ... nODuvavaru)

[edit] Kannada Phrases

[edit] Cultural Notes
Greetings: There are no time elemental greetings in Kannada such as good morning, good afternoon, etc. And each language has its own greetings. It is considered very gracious to address

English Loan Words: The British colonial influence spread into the language itself, and this continues today with American culture being exported throughout the world. So, an English word or phrase may almost always be inserted into any Kannada sentence. You will often hear Indians, whom while talking in their native languages, pepper their sentences with English words. English loan words are particularly used for modern inventions/technologies, so words like TV, computer and microwave are the same as in English apart from the slight change of accent. However; this is mostly in the cities, and learning Kannada will have been all the more rewarding when in rural or non-tourist areas, as well as allowing you to communicate with a wider variety of people in the cities.

Common signs The signs are always accompanied by English, but just in case: OPEN CLOSED ENTRANCE EXIT PUSH "teredide" "muccide" [ [ ] "oLakke [dAri]" ] "horakke [dAri]" English Don't want No, No, [I don't want that] don't have no, [not that] No, No, [that's not right] "adumiri" "shaucAlaya" "kAlmaDi tyAva" "uccilu" BATHROOM "nIr'mane" "abbimane" "baccilu" "gaNDasaru" "puruSharu" WOMEN "hengasaru" "mahiLeyaru" NO SMOKING [ ] TO LET "bADigege" NO ADMISSION "oLage baruva hAgilla" "oLa baralu appaNe illa" "pravESavilla" "oLakke dAriyilla" "horakke dAriyilla" NO THROUGH WAY [ ] FORBIDDEN [ ] "[munde] dAriyilla" "[pravEsha] niShEdhisalAgide" English "[illi] sigarET sEduva hAgilla" "dhUmapAna niShEdhisalAgide" Hello (used esp. when answering the phone) Hello/Goodbye See you later How are you? How are you? (are you doing good?) How are you? (are you doing well?) I am doing good (I am fine) halo namaskAra [nALe] sigONa [nIvu] hEg'iddIra? colO adIri? (Usage: North Karnataka); cennAgiddIra? (Usage: South Karnataka); nIvu ArAmAgi iddIra? nA colO adIni (Usage: North Karnataka); nA cennAgiddIni Transliteration No idea I dont understand I am averse to it bEDa bEDa, bEDa, [ad nanag bEDa] illa alla, [adalla] alla, alla, [ad sari'alla] Transliteration mADi! Do! Please Do it! One of the most useful words to know is mADi. It is a verb and it can also be used with some words to create verbs in Kannada. For Example: walk , rest etc., Another common all-purpose word is sari. It is used in the same manner, meaning: OK/all right, yes/understood (affirmation), right/correct, etc. Insted of the word sari another word Ayitu could also be used to mean OK/all right/I agree.

"nUkiri" "taLLiri" PULL "eLeyiri" "jaggiri" PRESS (the button) TOILET

No, No, [he hasn't come yet] illa, illa, [av'n innu bandilla]

baralla Don't know to do something barolla barOdilla Can't [do] mADAke Agalla mADOke Agolla [mAD]'Oke Agalla mADOdakke AgOdilla tiLidilla; gottilla tiLI'lilla; nanag artha Ag'lilla nA olle


See you (Let us meet) sometime later yAvAgaLAdarU sigONante


[edit] Negatives

(Usage: South Karnataka); I am comfortable (I am fine) OK/fine (Lit. not doing so great)(colloq.) nA ArAmAg'iddIni paravAgilla [aShTakk'aShTE] nA calO adIni, nIvu hyAngadIr'ri? (Usage: North Karnataka); nAn cennagiddEne, nIvu hEg'iddIra? (Usage: South Karnataka); barri, kUtkoLLi nimma hesar'Enu? nanna hesaru___ . nimmanna bhETi'mADi bahaLa santOSha'Ayitu nIvu illige bandiri, bahaLa santOSha'Ayitu nanagU khuSi'Ayitu h~jA h~ju unh~ju nIvu inglIsh mAtADtIra? illi yArigAdarU inglIsh baruttA? nanage kannaDa barOlla. nanage kannaDa mAtADOke barOdilla. nanage salpa kannaDa bartade; nanage salpa salpa kannaDa barutte; nanage tiLi'lilla; nanage artha Agalilla; salpa mellage mAtADi; salpa nidhAna'vAgi mAtADi; matte bA innomme barri; matte barri;

What does "..." mean? What does it say? What is written over here ...? What is it called? How do you say(pronounce) this ["..."]? How do you say "..."? Where are you from? I'm from ...

"..." idara artha Enu? "..." hIg'andre Enu? "..." illi Enu baredide? "..." idakke En'antAre? "..." idanna hEg hELabEku? "..." idanna yAva rIti hELabEku? nIvu ellinda bandiddIri? nA .... inda bandiddIni nA .... linda bandEni (north karnataka) ondiShTu; vasi; dayamADi; dayaviTTu; dhanyavAda; thyAnksu rI; nimminda bahaLa upakAra vAyitu tumba thyAnksu rI ayyO! adella yAke biDi paravAgilla biDi ill'nODi; nODi illi; ill'kELi; kELi illi; kShamisi SaucAlaya ellide? TAyleT ellide? haudA? ondu nimiSha taDIri UTa AyitA? UTa Ayitu nimmannu kaNDu santOSha'vAyitu havdu; haudu;

Fine, and you? br> (more formal reply)

Please come and be seated What is your name? My name is ___ . Nice to meet you (formal). Nice of you to have come here (formal). Nice to meet you too (reply). Yes, Affirmation (colloq., yes, you are right) Yes, Affirmation (colloq. yes, its right) Denial (colloq. no, not right) Do you speak English? Is there someone here who speaks English? I don't speak Kannada. I can't speak Kannada. I speak some Kannada. I don't understand. Speak a bit slowly Come again(singular) Come again(plural, with respect)


Thank you Thank you (I am greatful to you) Thank you very much You're welcome [Lit. don't mention it] You're welcome [Lit. Its OK] Excuse me (getting s.o.'s attention) [Lit.: Sir/Madam, listen here]; [Lit.: Sir/Madam, look here] Pardon me Where is the toilet? is it so? Just one minute Have you had your meals? Yes, I had Nice to see you Yes

No Not there Help! Help! Help! (save my life!) save me

alla illa sahAya mAdi kApADi! kApADi! nann'anna kApADu Is it good? It is fine It is not good It is too much [price is dear]

English cennAg'ideyA? cennAg'ide cennAg'illa tumba jAsti


It is too much [behaving strange] [edit] How do you do English how do you do (plural, with respect) how do you do (singular, with respect) (used by elders for any young male) how do you do (singular, with respect) (used by elders for any young female) how do you do (singular, with no respect) (indicates familiarity; used for males) how do you do (singular, with no respect) (indicates familiarity; used for females) how do you do (singular, to be used only for friends) (taboo. if used for females) Enri En sAr En svAmi Enappa Enamma; Enavva Enamma/Enle En kaNo EnO En kaNe EnE Enammi EnalE Transliteration Only so much? Is that all? It is O.K It's allright Not bad Doesn't matter Alright That is all There is plenty Please take Please see / look Please come quickly, its getting late It is tolerable Not bad [I am] very tired [I am] bored [I am] fed up with [life] [I have] no time [I have] some other work It is very dynamic, powerful Oh, it is very difficult Please have a wash

[nindu] tumba atiyAytu aShTEnA? aShTEnA? paravAgilla paravAgilla paravAgilla paravAgilla sari aShTE bEkAd'aShT'ide tagOLi, tagOLri nODi, nODri bEga barri, hottAytu sumAr'Agide sumAr'Agide tumba sust'Agide tumba daNuvAgide [nanag] bEjAru [nanag] bahaLa bEsara'Agide [nanag] jIvana rOsi hOgide [nanag] pursottilla [nanag] bEre kelsa ide tumba jOrAgide ayyO! tumba kaShTa kai kAl toLkoLLi

how do you do EnalO (singular, to be used only for male friends) How's it going? How are things What's going on? hEg(e) naD(e)dide hyAg(e) naDedayte En(u) naD(e)dide En(u) naDedayte

Please have lunch/dinner; UTakk ELi; UTakke eddELi; Please make yourself ready for lunch

[edit] Basics contd...

Are you not well?

maiyall chennAg'ill'vA?

Please reduce [the price] a bit crazy about (....) I cannot bear the sight Oh, this is a boring job Please go [to come again] I take leave of you [to come again] How is your health? Please take care of your health Wretched [deplorable] very difficult [Its a torture] very famous How splendid it was, [you know]! Is it so, why not? poor thing! a regular nuisance very lazy some trouble or the other [you are] a impossible fellow (Singular, no respect) [you are] a impossible fellow (plural, with respect)

solpa kaDime mADi solpa kaDime tagoLLi (....) andre huccu kaNDre Agalla ayyO, bEjAr kelsa hOg'banni, hOg'barri hOg[i]'bartIni ArOgya[-bhAgya] hEgide? [nimm] ArOgya nODkoLLi daridra tumba himse tumba prasidda En cennAg'ittu antIra! hAgO, adakk'Enante ayyO pApa! shudda tarale shudda sOmAri ond'alla ondu gOLu asAdhya manuShya kaNayya [nInu] asAdhya manuShyarappa [nIvu]

Everyone is fine. How is your work going on? What did you have for tiffin today? what's the matter? what else? How was the coffee? Coffee was good. Where did you go on weekend? This time I had gone to Bangalore. How was your weekend? It was superb. It was (filled with) fun. When did you come (singular, no respect)? When did you come (plural, with respect)? I came yesterday. We came yesterday. you (singular) came yesterday. you (plural) came yesterday. he/she/they (plural, with respect) came yesterday. he(singular) came yesterday. she(singular) came yesterday. it(singular) came yesterday. it(plural) came yesterday. Transliteration Can you-guys wait for me? Can you wait for me? Can you(plural, you guys) wait for us? Can you(singular) wait for us? Can they wait for us? Can he(singular) wait for us? Can she(singular) wait for us? Can he/she(with respect) wait for us?

ell'rU chennAg'idAre. ninn' kelsa hEg' naDed'ide? ninn' kelasa hyAg' naDedayte? ivatt' TIFFIN'g En'ittu? En vishya? matt'En vishya? COFFEE hEg'ittu? COFEE chennAg'ittu. WEEKEND ell'(g) hOg'idde? I sala bengaLUr'g hOg'idde. WEEKEND hEg'ittu? tumba chennAg'ittu; sakhattAg'ittu; majavAg'ittu. yAvAg band'e (/band'i)? yAvAg band'ri? nAn' ninne band'e. nAv' ninne band'vi. nIn' ninne band'i (/bande). nIv' ninne band'ri. avar' ninne band'ru. avan' ninne band'a. avaL' ninne band'Lu. ad' ninne ban(d)'tu (/bantu). av' ninne band'vu. nanag' [nIv] kAy'tIra? nanag' [nIn] kAy'tIya? namag' [nIv] kAy'tIra? namag' [nIn] kAy'tIya? namag' [avar] kAy'tAra? namag' [avan] kAy'tAna? namag' [avaL] kAy'tALa? namag' [avar] kAy'tAra?

No amount of instruction is of any use eShT' hELidrU aShTE

[edit] Useful phrases in Kannada

English Hello, how are you (singualr, with respect)? Hello, how are you (plural, with respect)? I am fine. How is your family? (Is everyone well at home?)

Enayya/Enamma, hEg'idIya? Enri hEg'idIra? namaskAra, hEg'idIra? nAn' chennAg'idIni. manEl' ella chennAg'idAra?

Can it(plural) wait for us? Can it(singular) wait for us? Ok, I will wait. Ok, We will wait. Ok, He/She/They (plural, with respect) will wait. Ok, He will wait. Ok, She will wait. Ok, it (plural) will wait. Ok, it (singular) will wait. Can we meet today? We will meet today at 4'o clock. Can you come there? Can you[guys] come there? Yes, I can come there. Yes, We can come there. Is it so? Yes, man. Yes, miss. Yes, Sir. Yes, Madam. Didn't you know? Glad to meet you (singular). Glad to meet you [guys] (singular). This watch is beautiful. What to do now? Can we talk now? Ok, see you next time. What and all are there? Will that take some time? Give me one masala dosa. Give him(singular) one masala dosa.

namag' [av] kAy'tAva? namag' [ad] kAy'tada (/kAy'atta)? sari, nAn' [ninag'] kAy'tIni. sari, nAn' [ninag'] kAy'tIvi. sari, avar [ninag'/nimag'] kAy'tAre. sari, avan [ninag'/nimag'] kAy'tAne. sari, avan [ninag'/nimag'] kAy'tALe. sari, av [ninag'/nimag'] kAy'tAve. sari, ad [ninag'/nimag'] kAy'tade (kAy'atte). ivatt' nAv' sigON'vA? nAv' ivatt' 4 gaNTe'g mIT AgONa. ninag' alli'(g) bar'likk'AguttA? nimag' alli'(g) bar'likk'AguttA? [sari, nanag allig'] bar'likk' Agutte. [sari, namag allig'] bar'likk' Agutte. id hIgO? haud' kaNo/mArAya. haud' kaNe/mArAyti. haud' sAr/kaNri/rI. haud' mEDam/kaNri/rI. ninag gott'ir'lill'vA?; ninag' gott'iddill'Enu? ninnan nODi tumba khushi'Aytu. nimman kaNDu tumba khushi'Aytu. I WATCHu tumba chennAg'ide. Ig' En' mADOdu? nAv' Ig' mAtADON'vA? OK, matt' sigONa. Enella ide?; En'En' ide?; En'En' ive?; adakk' tumba hott' AguttA? adakk' tumba hott' hiDiyuttA? nanag' ond' masAle dOse koDi/koD'ri. avanig' ond' masAle dOse koDi/koD'ri.

Give her(singular) one masala dosa.

avaLig' ond' masAle dOse koDi/koD'ri. namag'ella'rigU ond'ond' masAle dOse koDi/koD'ri. idan bEga tanni; bEga koDi/koD'ri; bEga mADi/mAD'ri; nanag' ad' bEDa. nanag' aShTond' bEDa. adan' koDi/koD'ri. nIr' koDi/koD'ri. oLLe SERVICE koTT'ri! idakk' eShTu? RATE tumba jAsti Aytu. [RATE/bele] tumba tuTTi. RATE svalpa kaDime mADi/mAD'ri; bele salpa kammi mADi/mAD'ri nanag' hosa DESIGNS tOrsi/tOr'sri/tOris'ri. nAn' CHEQUE koD'tIni. nIv' DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS tagoN'tIrA?; nIv' CREDIT CARDS iskoN'tIrA?; ella sAmAnU PACK mAD'iDi, nAn' Ig bar'tIni. ORDER mADid' GOODS yAvAg' barutte? havdu, nAn' illig' bandu swalpa hott'Aytu. Ig' eShT' hott'Aytu? nAv' 1 gaNTege matt' bar'tIvi. oLLe kelasa! dhanya'vAda; [tumba] thyAnks rI; banni/barri, chA kuDi'yONa. banni/barri, kUt'koLLi. nanag' ond' lOTa nIr' tA; nanag' ond' kapp' nIr' tar'tIya?; nanag' ond' glAs' nIr' tand'koD'tIya?; nAn' kUDa ninn' jote bar'tIni. nAn' yAran kEL'bEku?

Give him/her/them(plural, with respect) one masala dosa. avarig' ond' masAle dOse koDi/koD'ri. Give each of us one masala dosa. MAke it fast (Bring it fast). I dont want that. I dont want that much. Give that one. Give some water. You have given a good service! How much does this cost? The price is too high. The price is too dear. Please lower the cost. Show me the new designs. I will pay by cheque. Do you accept cards. Please pack all the goods, I will come[back] soon. When will the ordered goods arrive? Yes, its been sometime now, since I had come here. Whats the time now? We will come again at 1 'o clock. Good work! Thanks. Come, let's have tea. Come, sit. Can you bring a cup of water? I will also come with you. Whom should I ask?

Which is your favourite color? Whats the time now? [You] do come to our house during the festival. I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow. I have some other work today. Ramesha, your phone is ringing. Where are you man? ...I am waiting for you near Town hall. Ice-cream at Ideal's is too good. Today's treat is mine. Shall we go to '3 Idiots' [movie] today? I liked it very much. Read 'Five point Someone'. It is really nice. No problem, I will meet you in the evening. Mangalore is a beautiful city. Thank you all.

ninag' iShTa'vAda baNNa yAvudu? Taim eShT'Aytu? nIv' habbakk' namm' manEg' khaNDita bar'bEku. nAn' nALe beLigge bEga EL'bEku. nanag' ivatt' bEre kelasa ide. ramEsha, ninn' PHONE ring Agta'ide. elliddi(ya) kaNo/mArAya? ...nAn' TOWN HALL'hatra kAyta'idIni. IDEAL'S'nalli ICE-CREAM tumba chennAg'irutte. ivattina TREAT nandu. ivattu '3 Idiots' sinimA nODOk' hOgON'vA? nanag'antU bahLa ishTa Aytu. 'Five point Someone' Odu. tumbA chennAg'ide. tond're illa, nAn' ninna(n) sanje mIT mADtIni. mangaLUru sundara nagara. nimag'ella dhanya'vAda'gaLu. Term of address for any individual Hello Mr./Sir Hello Ms./Madam etc., Long time no see Long time I haven't seen/met you What's your name (singular)? What's your name (plural, with respect)? My name is ... Where are you from? (singualr, no respect) Where are you from? (plural, with respect) Where are you from? (plural, with greater respect) what is it [sir] what do you want from me [sir]

En sAr [samAchAra]; En svAmi [samAchAra]; Enri[En'AgabEkittu]; En sAr [En'AgabEkittu]; En svAmi [En'AgabEkittu]; Enri [Enadu]; En sAr [Enadu]; En svAmi [Enadu]; rI; tumba divasagaL'Adavu [nIvu] kaNDilla; tumba divasagaL'Adavu [nimm'an] kaNDilla; ninn' hesar Enu? nimm' hesar Enu? nann' hesaru .... nIn ell'inda band'idd'Iya? nIv ell'inda band'idd'Ira? tAv ell'inda band'idd'Ira? nAn' ... linda band'iddIni bar'tIni; hOg' bar'tIni; bar'tIvi; hOg' bar'tIvi; Aytu, hOg' banni; santOSha, hOg'biTT'banni; hOg' banni; hOg' barri; [hOg' banni] oLLeyad'Agali; oLLeyad'Agali; salpa mellage mAtADi; svalpa nidhAna'vAgi mAtADi; salpa mettage mAtADi; innomme hELi;

What's your name (plural, with greater respect)? tamm' hesar Enu?

[edit] Useful phrases in Kannada contd...

English Welcome (addressing a gathering) Welcome (welcoming a respected person) Welcome (welcoming a person/people into your circle) come in Hello [sir] How do you do [sir] Transliteration [nimage] svAgata; [nimag' ellarigU]susvAgata banni daya'mADi; daya'mADisi; banni, banni!; barri, barri!; oLag' banni; oLag' barri; namas'kAra ri; namaste ri; namas'kAra; Enri[samAchAra];

I'm from ... Goodbye (when leaving, a individual) Goodbye (when leaving, more than one person) Goodbye (reply) Goodbye (when sending off somebody) Wish you good luck(Goodbye) Good luck Please speak more slowly Please speak in a low voice Please say that again

inn'ond'sala hELi; Please write it down Please note it down (for your future reference) How much is this? Where's the beach? Where's the room? Don't touch me Leave me alone! (Don't disturb me) Help! (save me) Fire! Fire! Happy Birthday Happy Easter Happy New year Please, I beg you! [help me] Call the Police! When will you come [back] (singular) When will you come [back] (plural, with respect) When did you come? (singular) When did you come? (plural, with respect) What did you eat? (singular) What did you eat? (plural, with respect) Come Later (singular) Come Later (plural, with respect) Excuse me (getting attention) [Lit.: sir/madam, look here] Excuse me (getting attention) [Lit.: sir/madam, listen here] Im Sorry (begging pardon) Its Expensive bared' koLL'ri; bared' iTT'koLL'ri; idakk' eSh'Tu? bIch ell'ide? rUm ell'ide? nanna(n) muTT'bEDa; nann' pADige nanag' biTT'biDi! [nanna] kApADi! benki! benki!; [illi] benki biddide; huTTu habbada SubhASaya; IsTar habbada SubhASaya; hosa varShada SubhASaya; damm'ayya antIni! [HELP mADi]; pOlIs'an karIri; matt' yAvAg bartIya? matt' yAvAg bartIra? yAvAg bande? yAvAg band'ri? [nIn] En tinde? [nIv] En tind'ri? AmEl bA; AmEl barri; ill nODi; nODi illi; ill kELi; kELi illi; [nann'inda] tappAytu, kShamisi; tumba dubAri Aytu; tumba tuTTi Aytu;

I don't want it I want it I do want it Look out! Watch out! I need your help I don't know I know where do you work(singular)? where do you work(plural, with respect)? We will go to Mangalore. Will this bus go to Udupi? Where is this address located? Ok, see you [next time]

nanag bEDa; nanag bEku; nanag bEkE'bEku; jOpAna!; jwApAna! nimm' HELP bEkAgide; [nanag] gott'illa; [nanag] gottu; [nIn] ell' kelasa mAD'tIya? [nIv] ell' kelasa mAD'tIra? nAv mangaLUr'ge hOgONa; I BUS uDupi'ge hOgattA? I ADRESS ell' baratte? sari, matt' sigONa;

[edit] Modals in Kannada

English It(1) should(4) be(3) like that(2) It(1) may'not(4) be(3) like that(2) It(1) may(4) be(3) like that(2) It(1) must(4) be(3) like that(2) It(1) might(4) be(3) like that(2) Transliteration ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'bEku(4) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'likkilla(4) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'bavudu(4) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'lE'bEku(4); ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'bavud'EnO(4)

It(1) shouldn't(4) be(3) like that(2) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'bAradu(4)

It(1) must'not(4) be(3) like that(2) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'lE'bAradu(4) It(1) might'not(4) be(3) like that(2) ad(1) hAg(2) ir(3)'likkill'EnO(4)

[edit] short sentences

English Just a minute Just coming bande Transliteration ond' nimiSha

Do you want some more? Do you need anything else? As you like

inn'ashTu bEkA? bEre EnAdarU bEkA? nimma iShTa nimma iShTadante Agali

why? what for

Eke, yAke Enakke, yadakke

(No thanks) Don't want anything more innEnU bEDa (No thanks) Don't want anything else bErEnU bEDa not at all for ladies only for gents only To let No admission Don't talk No smoking No spitting No parking exit entrance illavE illa hengasarige mAtra gaNDasarige mAtra bADigege pravESavilla mAtADa bEDr mATADa bAradu mAtanADa bEDi sigarET sEdu'hAgilla sigarET sEda'bAradu uguLu'hAgilla uguLa'bAradu gADi nillisu'hAgilla vAhana nilugaDege sthaLavilla horakke oLakke

[edit] Problems
English I am not feeling well Transliteration nanage maiyalli cennAgilla/ArAmilla, nA ArAmilla , nanage huShArilla nann'aShTakke nanage irAke biTTubiDi, nange obbaNTiyAgi irOdakke biTTubiDi nann[a] pADige nanna[n] irOdakke biTT[u]'biDi nann'anna muTTa bEda pOlIs'ge karItIni Ey! nillu, kaLLa! kaLLa! nimm'inda ondu sahAya/HELP AgabEku nA dAri tappiddIni, nanage raste maretu hOyitu nanna byAg kaLedu hOyitu nanna vyAleT kaLedu hOyitu nanage huShArilla, nanage ArAmilla, nanag[e] mayyAg[e] cennAg'illa nA kAyile bidd'idIni [/biddEni/bidd'ivni] nange peTTu biddide nanag[e] ETu[/hoDeta] biddu gAya'Agide nAnu DAkTar'anna kANabEku, nanag[e] obb[a] /*DOCTOR*/ bEku nA [nimmallinda] ondu kAl mAD'la, nA ondu phOn mAD'la

Leave me alone Don't touch me! I'll call the police Stop! Thief! I need your help I'm lost I lost my bag I lost my wallet I'm sick

Thief! Thief! catch him! elli, yelli

[edit] Interrogatives
I've been injured English how/of what kind? how/in what way? how much/many? what? when? where? which of these (things)? Transliteration entA, entha hyAnge, hyAge, hEge eShTu, esTu Enu, yEnu yAvAga elli, yelli English I need a doctor. I need a doctor Can I use your phone

[edit] Medical Emergency Transliteration nanag obb DOCTOR bEku nAn yAr'AdrU obb DAkTar'anna kAN'bEku

who?, which of these(men)? yAru yAvudu

Is there a doctor who can speak English? My wife/husband/child is sick Please call an ambulance. I need first aid I need to go to the emergency room How long will it take to get better? Where is a pharmacy? I'm allergic to aspirin I'm allergic to penicillin I'm allergic to antibotics I'm allergic to dust I'm allergic to pollen I'm allergic to peanuts I'm allergic to dairy products I'm allergic to mushrooms I'm allergic to wheat I'm allergic to seasame I'm allergic to seafood(fish)

inglIsh gottirO yAr'AdrUDOCTOR idaara? inglIS'nalli mAtADO yAr'AdrU DOCTOR sigtaara? nann heNtige/gaNDange/magUge huShArilla ond AMBULANCE'anna karIri nanag FIRST AID cikitse bEku nanag modal'nE cikitse koDi nanag modal'nE Araike bEku nAn EMERGENCY WARD'ge hOg'bEku vAsi AgOdakke eShT'divasa bEku? MEDICAL SHOP ellide? nanag ASPIRIN mAtre oggadu nanag PENICILLIN mAtre oggadu nanag ANTIBIOTICS aushdi oggadu nanag dhULu aushdi oggadu nanag hUvina parAga oggadu nanag kaDalEbIja oggadu nanag kaDalE bIja tind're alarji nanag hAlina padArtha oggadu nanag hAlina padArtha tind're alarji nanag aNabe oggadu nanag aNabe tind're alarji nanag gOdhi aDuge oggadu nanag gOdhi [capAti/breDDu] tind're alarji nanag eLLu oggadu nanag eLLu tind're alarji nanag mInu oggadu nanag mInu tind're alarji

eyes kaNNu nose mUgu throat gaNTalu chin gadda neck kuttige shoulder hegalu chest ede waist soNTa arms tOLu wrist maNi kaTTu fingers beraLu hand kai palm angai elbow moNakai buttocks Asana thigh toDe knee moNakAlu legs kAlu foot angAlu English

[edit] Explaining symptoms Body parts

Transcribed ... all nOvu. tale nOvu hoTTE nOvu

head tale face muka

I feel pain in ... . : head ache stomach ache

stomach cramps loose motion body aches Feeling unwell Having a fever Coughing a lot. : Feeling listless Feeling nauseated Feeling dizzy Having the chills Swallowed something Bleeding Broken bone sprain in my legs He/she is unconscious Burned Trouble breathing Heart attack

hoTTe murita hoTTe kaLata mai-kai nOvu ArOgya[-bhAgya] sariyilla jvara ide jvara bandide kemmu hattide [mai-kai] sustu ide vAkarike barta ide tale suttu[tta] ide tale tirugtaa ide naDuka ide mai-kai naDuka EnO nungidIni rakta sOrtaa ide mULe muridide kAlu uLukide eccara tappiddAne suTTide usirATadalli tond're ide HEART ATTACK ede nOvu

(Reference: Emergency multilingual phrasebook - English) [1] English 1 Yes. No. Dont know. I dont understand. 2 What is your name? Can you write it in English? 3 Please write your address. 4 How old are you? h~jU (umm..); uMh~jU (umhu..); [nanag] gottilla; nanag gottaag'lilla; nimm hesar Enu? ad'anna[/nimm hesar'anna] inglIsh'nall barItIra? nimm viLAsa'vanna barIri nimm vayass eShTu? Transliteration

5 Can you give us the name and nIv nimm hesar'anna mattu TeliphOn nambar'anna telephone number or address of someone koDi illaa yaar'aadrU paricayad'avra viLaasa'vanna to be contacted? koDi 6 You will be examined soon by a 1doctor. 2nurse. 7 Have you had an accident? When? (show on calendar and clock) svalpa hott'nalli yaar'AdrU 1.DOCTOR 2.NURSE bandu nimm'anna nODtAre yAvAg'AdrU ACCIDENT AgittO? yAvAga [anta tiLisi]? (CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi, gaDiyAra'dalli [eShTu hottige anta] tOrisi) nimage eccara tappittO? OR nIvu mUrCe hOg'idd'rO? yaavaag kaayile biddaddu? (CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi, gaDiyAra'dalli [eShTu hottige anta] tOrisi)

8 Did you lose consciousness? 9 When did you become ill? (show on calendar and clock)

kaNNu [sariyAgi] kANtilla Vision worsened. (cannot see well) kaNN[ige] kANistilla kaNN[ige] sariyAgi kANtilla Cannot hear well Nose bleeds a lot kivi [sariyAgi] kELtilla kivi kEListilla kivi[ge] sariyAgi kELtilla mUginalli rakta sOrtide

ell'aadrU nOv ideyO[/uNTO]? [nOv] elli anta tOrisi. 10 Have you any pain? Point where. nOvu yAvAga shuru Adaddu? When did it start? (show on calendar and (CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi, clock) gaDiyAra'dalli [eShTu hottige anta] tOrisi) 11 What is your level of pain? eShTu nOvide hELri? [/eShTara maTTige nOvide 1 (not in pain) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (chronic hELi?] pain) 1(nOvilla) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10(tIrA nOvu) 12 The pain, is it constant? Or does it come and go? ondE samane nOv iruttO? illaa, yAvAg'AdrU ommomme baruttO?

13 Have you any bleeding? Point where. En'AdrU rakta sOrtideyO? elli [sOrtide] anta tOrisi [edit] Common medical questions It covers the most common medical questions and terms to help first contact staff communicate with patients, whose mother tounge is Kannada, who do not speak English and make an initial assessment while an interpreter is contacted. 14 Do you have a cough? Do you cough anything up? kemm ideyO? kemmidAga En'AdrU bILattO?

What colour? white? yellow-green? red? >yAva baNNaddu? biLi baNNaddO? hasiru brown? baNNaddO? keMpu baNNaddO? kaMdu baNNaddO?

15 Are you short of breath? 16 Have you vomited? Have you vomited blood? 17 Have you any diarrhoea? 18 Are you constipated? 19 Have you passed black stools? 20 Do your ankles swell? 21 Have you lost weight? 22 Have you difficulty 1seeing? Have you difficulty 2hearing? Have you difficulty 3swallowing? Have you difficulty 4walking? 23 Have you ever had an operation? Point where. 24 When did your last menstrual period begin? (show on calendar) Are you pregnant? How many months pregnant are you? Could you possibly be pregnant? Can we do a pregnancy test? 25 Do you smoke? How many cigarettes a day? 26 Do you have 1sugar diabetes? Do you have 2epilepsy? Do you have 3asthma? 27b Have you ever had 2angina? 27c Have you ever had 3high blood pressure? 27d Have you ever had 4heart attack? 27e Have you ever had 5stroke? 27f Have you ever had 6jaundice?

usirATada tondare ideyO? OR nimage Edusiru ideyO? vAnti[/ulTi] AyitO? vAnti'yalli[/ulTi'yalli] rakta bittO? Amashanke bEdi En'AdrU ideyO? hoTTe keTTideyO? OR mala kaTTideyO? nIvu eraDakke [/kakkasige] hOdAga kappu baNNada mala biddittO. nimm himmaDiyalli bAvu iruttO? nimm tUka kaDime AgideyO? kaNNu sariyAgi kANuttO [/nODuvalli En'AdrU tondare ideyO]? kivi sariyAgi kELuttO [/kELuvalli En'AdrU tondare ideyO]? nunguvAga En'AdrU tondare AguttO? naDeyuvAga EnAdrU tondare AguttO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU OPERATION AgittO? elli [OPERATION Agittu] anta tOrisi. nimage kaDedAgi muTTu shuru Adaddu yAvAga? (CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi) nIv basurAg'iddIrO? basurAgi eShTu tingaL'Aytu? nIv basurAg'irabahudEnO? nAv ondu PREGNENCY TEST mADONavO? sigarET sEdtIrO? divasakke eShTu sigarET sEdtIra? nimage sakkare kaayile ideyO? bavaLi [/tale sutti] baruttO [/mUrChe rOga ideyO?]? dammu [rOga] ideyO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU ANGINA AgittO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU HIGH B.P ittO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU HEART ATTACK AgittO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU lakva hoDed'ittO? nimage yAvAg'AdrU ariSiNa kAmAle [rOga]

bandittO? 27c Have you ever had 7hepatitis? nimage yAvAg'AdrU HEPATITIS AgittO? nimage yAvud'AdrU mAtre/auShadi ogguvudillavO? 28 Are you allergic to any medicine? pensilin mAtre[/guLige] illA Aspirin mAtre[/guLige] Penicillin? Aspirin? Any other medicine? illA bEre yAvudE mAtre[/guLige] tagoNDare alarji ideyO? 29 Are you taking any medicine now? Have you some with you? sadya yAvud'AdrU mAtre/auShadi tagoNta'iddIrO? nimma hatra yAvud'AdarU ideyO [/uNTO]?

Are you taking any other drugs or natural bEre yAvud'AdrU mAtre illA cikitse tagoNta'iddIrO? remedies? 30 How many tablets have you taken? 31 Are you up to date with tetanus immunisation? 32 Have you been to a country outside the UK recently? Which one? When? 33 I am a: 1nurse. 2doctor. 3first aider. 4paramedic. 5social worker. illi'varegU nIvu eShTu mAtre tagoND'iddIra? nimage TETANUS IMMUNIZATION pakkA AgideyO? InaDuve yAvAg'AdrU UK biTTu horagina dESakke hOg'idd'rO? nAnu 1.NURSE., 2.DOCTOR., 3.tur^tu cikitse koDuvavanu, 4.samAja sEvaka nAnu nimm' anna muTTi nODabEku, muTTi nODala? nimm'anna obba gaNDasu muTTi nODidare En'AdrU mujugara ideyO? nimm'anna obbAke hengasu muTTi nODidare En'AdrU mujugara ideyO? OR nAnu nimm' anna EXAMINE mADabEku, mADala? nimm'anna obba gaNDasu EXAMINE mADidare En'AdrU mujugara ideyO? nimm'anna obbAke hengasu EXAMINE mADidare En'AdrU mujugara ideyO? ondiShTu nOv Agabahudu. nimm B.P tagObEku nimm ede baDita kELabEku nimm hrudaya cek'mADabEku nAnu nimma [mayy']oLage EnAgide anta cek'mADabEku nAn nimagondu injekshan koDabEku nAn I TyUb'anna oLage hAkabEku nimm'anna ondu X-ray'gOskara kaLisabEku

34 May I examine you? Do you mind being examined by 1a man? Do you mind being examined by 2a woman?

35 Sorry, this might hurt. 36 I need to take your blood pressure. 37 I need to listen to your chest. 38 I need to test your heart. 39 I need to examine you internally. 40 I need to give you an injection. 41 I need to pass this tube. 43 I need to send you for an X-ray.

27a Have you ever had 1heart problems? nimage yAvAg'AdrU edeyalli tondare ittO?

42 I need to take a sample of your blood. nAn ondiShTu nimm BLOOD SAMPLE tagObEku

44 I need to give you some stitches.

nimage ondiShTu holige hAkabEku

home? 62 Am I going to be alright? nAn sari'AgtInO?

nIv holige biccisi'koLLalikke I divasa nimma You need to go to your doctor to get your DOCTOR hatra hOgabEku stitches out on this day (show on (CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi, calendar and clock). gaDiyAra'dalli [eShTu hottige anta] tOrisi). 45 You have a broken/fractured: 1leg. 2ankle. 3arm. 4wrist. 5shoulder. 46 You need to have a cast put on your: 1leg. 2ankle. 3arm. 4wrist. nimm 1.kAl'ina. 2.himmaDi'ya. 3.tOL'ina. 4.maNikaTT'ina. 5. hegal'ina mULe muridide. nIvu nimm 1.kAl'ige 2.himmaDi'ge 3. tOL'ige 4.maNikaTT'ige plAsTar hAkis'koLLabEku

[edit] Words from human Anatomy & Physiology English abdomen: navel cord: tooth: fangs: tartar of the teeth: canine tooth: forehead: Transcribed kibboTTe hokkaLa huri hallu kOre hallu haLase pAcu SUlada hallu haNe mIna khaNDa mUgina tole majje hebbeTTu kAl beraLu neNa davaDe netti mungai kivi Anaka kivi tammaTe kivi aragu English hamstring: navel: heel: molars: gums: Transcribed hintoDe hokkaLu hingudi himmaDi davaDe hallu vasaDu

front part of the foot: mungAlu

nIv id'anna ([kayyinda] tOrisi) hIgE I tArikhina 47 You need to keep this (point) on until varegU(CALANDER'nalli [yAvattu anta] tOrisi) this date (show on calendar). munduvaresabEku 48 Please pass water into this container. 49 Do not eat or drink anything. 50 You may get up now. 51 You need to stay in hospital. Please wait until there is a bed available on the ward. 52 Everything will be all right. Dont worry. 53 Shall I call a taxi for you? 54 Use this if you need help. 55 Please wait. /* Please come this way. You may go home.*/ 56 Please come back if you have more problems. 57 Let me repeat that back to you... Questions from patients 58 How long will I be waiting? up to 1 hour up to 2 hours up to 3 hours up to 4 hours 59 Will someone call my name? oMdA [/ucce'anna] I pAtre'yall pAs'mADi [nIv] EnU tinnalU bAradu kuDiyalU bAradu Iga nIvu eddELi nIv Aspatre'yalli uLid'koLLabEkAgutte WARD'nalli BED sigO varegU svalpa taDIri[/kAyri] ellA sari hOgatte. cinte mADabEDri nimage manege hOgalikke ond TAXI karasala? nimage sahAya bEku andre idannu baLasri svalpa taDIri. nann jote banni. nIv innu manege hOgri innu tondare ittu andre bandu nann'anna kANri mattond sala hELtIni kELi... -nAn [illi] eShT'hottu kAyabEku[/kAdirabEku]? 1 gaNTe[varegU] kAyabEkO, 2 gaNTe[varegU] kAyabEkO, 3 gaNTe[varegU] kAyabEkO, 4 gaNTe[varegU] kAyabEkO yAr'AdrU nanna hesaru kUgtAra?

enamel of the teeth: vajra gAre eye tooth: serum, fat: nostril: sides of the nose: knees: forefinger: back: tendon: tounge: occiput: joint: lobe of the ear: pupil: sUlada hallu base kobbu mUgina hoLLe mUgina soLLe mUgina Sile maNDi tOr beraLu bennu nara nAlige heDatale kIlu kivi Ale kivi sOne kaNNina pApe kaNNina kariguDDe kaNNatale kaNatale kankuNi

calf of the foot: ridge of the nose: marrow: thumb: toe: serum of the flesh: jaw: crown of the head: forearm: drum of the ear: rim of the ear:

60 Where is the telephone, I need to ring TeliphOn ellide, nAn nanna mane'avrige/phreND'ge my family/friend? phOn mADabEku 61 Please can you call a taxi for me to go nanage manege hOgalikke ond TAXI'anna karastIra?

the white of the eye: kaNNina biLiguDDe temples: eyelid: kaNNeve eve socket of the eye:


eluvu mULe



44 45 46 47

nalavatnAlku nalavattaidu nalavattAru nalavattELu nalavatteNTu

54 55 56 57 58

aivatnAlku aivattaidu aivattAru aivattELu aivatteNTu aivattombattu embattondu embatteraDu embatmUru embatnAlku embattaidu embattAru embattELu embatteNTu

64 65 66 77 68 69 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98

aravatnAlku aravattaidu aravattAru aravattELu aravatteNTu aravattombattu tombattondu tombatteraDu tombatmUru tombatnAlku tombattaidu tombattAru tombattELu tombatteNTu tombattombattu

[edit] Numbers
The numerals used to write in decimal are called Indo-Arabic numerals. Developed in India, they were borrowed by the Arabs, and gradually spread to Europe. The similarities are hard to miss. Here are their respective numerals. English Numeral Transliteration 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 41 42 43 sonne ondu eraDu mUru nAlku aidu, aydu Aru ELu eNTu ombattu

48 49 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79

nalavattombattu 59 eppattondu eppatteraDu eppatmUru eppatnAlku eppattaidu eppattAru eppattELu eppatteNTu eppattombattu 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89

Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration

embattombattu 99

Numeral 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 2000 3000 1,00,000 1,00,00,000 nUru

Transliteration innUru, eraDu nUru munnUru, mUru nUru nAnnUru, nAlku nUru ainUru, aynUru, aidu nUru, aydu nUru Ar'nUru, Aru nUru EL'nUru, ELu nUru eNTnUru, eNTu nUru ombainUru, ombaynUru, ombattu nUru sAvira, ondu sAvira eraDu sAvira mUru sAvira ondu lakSha ondu kOTi

Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration hannondu hanneraDu hadimUru hadinAlku hadinaidu hadinAru hadinELu hadineNTu hattombattu nalavattondu nalavatteraDu nalavatmUru 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 51 52 53 ippattondu ippatteraDu ippatmUru ippatnAlku ippattaidu ippattAru ippattELu ippatteNTu ippattombattu aivattondu aivatteraDu aivatmUru 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 61 62 63 muvattondu muvatteraDu muvatmUru mUvatnAlku mUvattaidu mUvattAru mUvattELu mUvatteNTu mUvattombattu aravattondu aravatteraDu aravatmUru

Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration Numeral Transliteration

1,000,000 1,000,000,000 1,000,000,000,000 1 half less more

million'u billion'u Trillion'u ardha kaDime jAsti, heccu

eightfold ninefold tenfold

eNTar'aShTu ombattar'aShTu hattar'aShTu

hundredfold nUrar'aShTu

number _____ (train, bus, etc.) nambar _____

[edit] Frequency
English Transliteration ond'sala ond'sAri eraDu sala eraDu sAri mUru sala mUru sAri nAlku sala nAlku sAri aidu sala aidu sAri prati sala prati sAri yAvAgalu ondondu sala ondondu sAri ommomme hagalella mElind'mEle AgAgge

[edit] Ordinals
English 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th Transliteration ond'anE, modal'anE eraD'anE mUr'anE nAlk'anE aida'anE Ar'anE EL'anE eNT'anE ombatt'anE hatt'anE hannond'anE

Once twice thrice four time five time everytime



[edit] Multiplication
English twofold threefold fourfold fivefold sixfold sevenfold Transliteration eraDar'aShTu mUrar'aShTu nAlkar'aShTu aidar'aShTu Arar'aShTu ELar'aShTu

halavu sala Many a times halavu sAri halavomme, fewtimes kelavu sala kelavu sAri kelavomme prati dina dinAlu dinAgalu prati vAra vArakkomme

daily weekly

vArakke ondu sala monthly prati tingaLu tingaLigomme tingaLige ondu sala prati varSha varShakkomme varShakke ondu sala

evening night

sanje, sAyankAla rAtre, rAtri


[edit] Clock time English Transliteration

one o'clock AM Ondu gaNTe rAtri

[edit] Aggregation
English both (persons) both (things) all three (persons) all four (things) all hattu (persons) all hundreds of thousands of lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of crores (tens of millions) of Transliteration ibbaru eraDU mUrU mandi mUru jana nAlkU mandi nAlkU jana hattu mandi ella nUrAru sAvirAru lakShAnu gaTTale lakShAnu'lakSha kOTyAnu gaTTale kOTyAnu'kOTi

two o'clock AM eraDu gaNTe rAtri noon one o'clock PM two o'clock PM midnight at night during day time madyAnnada hottu madyAnna ondu gaNTe madyAnna eraDu gaNTe naDu rAtre, madya rAtri rAtre hottu, rAtri hottu beLagina hottu, beLigge

[edit] Duration English hour(s) day(s) week(s) month(s) year(s) Transliteration gaNTe disa, divasa, dina vAra tingaLu varSha

minute(s) nimiSha

[edit] Time
English now later before morning AmEle modalu beLagina jAva, munjAne, beLigge Today Yesterday Tomorrow Transliteration IgaLe, Iga, IgalE English Transliteration ivattu ninne nALe [edit] Days

afternoon madyAnna

Day before yesterday monne Day after tomorrow Week This week Last week Next week Two weeks Month nADiddu vAra I vAra kaDE vAra hOda vAra kaLeda vAra barO vAra mundina vAra eraDu vAra tingaLu

Name January February March April May June July August October

Transliteration janavari febravari mArci Epril mE jUn julai AgasT akTObar Disembar

September sepTembar November navembar December

The Hindu days of the week are each ruled by a planet, and corresponding exactly to ancient cultures in the West, i.e. Sunday = bhnu-vra (Lord Sun's day [lit. time or period]). Thursday/O.N. orsdagr, Thor's day = Guru-vra (Lord Jupiter's day), Saturday/Saturn's day = ani's day = Shani-vra(Lord Saturn's day), etc.

[edit] Writing the time and date Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Transliteration bhAnu-vAra (Sun's Day) sOma-vAra (Moon's Day) mangaLa-vAra (Mars's Day) guru-vAra (Jupiter's Day) shukra-vAra (Venus's Day) shani-vAra (Saturn's Day) The Date is also written exactly as in English [edit] Months India has two main calendars in use. The Western (Gregorian) calendar is used for day to day and business affairs, and the Hindu calendar is used by religious authorities for deciding any religious/cultural events. For example: Date: 03-06-2010 would be written as 03 -6 - 2010 isavi]. Note: : 03-06-2010 would be read as [3nE tArIkhu-6nE tingaLu-2010nE Note: (gaNTe) would indicate something like "o'clock" in English . would indicate "minutes." in English. (nimiSha) The Time is written exactly as in English, that is hours followed by minutes. 12:45 p.m. will thus be , 12[ ] 45[ (beLagge, 12[hanneraDu] gaNTe 45[nalavattaidu] nimiSha), 12:45 a.m. will thus be , 12[ ] 45[ (rAtri, 12[hanneraDu] gaNTe 45[nalavattaidu] nimiSha), ] ]

Wednesday budha-vAra (Mercury's Day)

(tArIkhu) would indicate something like "Date" in English; (tingaLu) would indicate "Month" in English; (isavi) would indicate something like (A.D) in English.

[edit] Gregorian Calendar

[edit] Colors

Color color colorful colorless black coloured white colour red coloured pink, rosy colour orange coloured saffron colour yellow coloured green colour blue coloured dark blue colour purple colour brown coloured dark brown colour gray colour ash colour violet colour Indigo blue colour ultramarine red colour ultrapure [red] coloured brown colour dark brown colour black colour

Transliteration baNNa baNNabaNNada baNNa'illada kari baNNada kappu baNNada kAgina baNNada biLi baNNa kempu baNNada syANi baNNada gulAbi baNNa kittaLe baNNada kEsari baNNa arishina baNNada haLadi baNNada hasiru baNNa pacce baNNa nIli baNNada kappunIli baNNa nEraLe baNNa kandu baNNada junja baNNada kappu junja kandugappu bUdi baNNa UdA baNNa nIli baNNa accanIli baNNa kempu baNNa acca [kempu] baNNada kandu baNNa junja baNNa kappu junja kandugappu kappu baNNada

dark black colour jet black colour tawny [a light brown to brownish orange color]

eNNegappu baNNa kAgegappu baNNa kandu

rouge kusumbe [a pink or red powder applied to the cheeks] bay [reddish-brown color] roan vermilion dark or brown red dark red dark, dusky a fading colour a fast colour a light colour a durable colour pale, light [pink] colour light gold colour golden silver shiny kenca cinca kirimanji hurumanji gule nAri masaku gacci baNNa nillada baNNa gaTTi baNNa hU baNNa jottu baNNa tiLi [gulAbi] baNNa geri baNNa bangArada beLLiya hoLeyuva, cakamaki

[edit] Transportation

[edit] Travel Vocabulary English Train Station Bus Vehicle Transliteration Train'u, rail'u baNDivADi, sTEShan'u, nildANa bass'u gADi

Bus Station Bus Stop Taxi Car Airplane Airport

baNDivADi, bas nildANa, bas sTEShan'u bas tangudANa, bas sTAp'u kAr'gADi, TyAksi kAr'gADi, kAr'u ErO'plEn'u, vimAna vimAna nildANa, Er'pOrT'u How do I get to the...HOTEL? How do I get to the...DOWN TOWN? How do I get to the...STUDENTS HOSTEL?

(...)AIRPORT'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)AIRPORT'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)bajAr[/pETe]'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)bajAr[/pETe]'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)bajAr[/pETe]'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)STUDENTS HOSTEL'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)STUDENTS HOSTEL'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)STUDENTS HOSTEL'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)HOTEL'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)HOTEL'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)HOTEL'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)LODGE'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)LODGE'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)LODGE'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)AMERICAN/BRITISH CONSULATE'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)AMERICAN/BRITISH CONSULATE'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)AMERICAN/BRITISH CONSULATE'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? [illi] jAsti _____ ellive? [illi] jAsti _____ yAv'kaDe ive? [illi]_____ ell' sigtAve? [illi] jAsti (HOTELS/LODGES) ellive? [illi] jAsti (HOTELS/LODGES) yAv'kaDe ive? [illi](HOTELS/LODGES) ell' sigtAve? [illi] jAsti (HOTELS/TIFFIN CENTRES/RESTAURANTS) ellive? [illi] jAsti (HOTELS/TIFFIN CENTRES/RESTAURANTS) yAv'kaDe ive? [illi](HOTELS/TIFFIN CENTRES/RESTAURANTS) ell' sigtAve? [illi] jAsti (BARS/PUBS) ellive? [illi] jAsti (BARS/PUBS) yAv'kaDe ive? [illi](BARS/PUBS) ell' sigtAve? [illi] jAsti nODO'anthA PLACES'gaLu ellive? [illi] jAsti nODO'anthA PLACES'gaLu yAv'kaDe ive? [illi] nODO'anthA PLACES'gaLu ell' sigtAve?

Auto Rickshaw rikShA, ATO

[edit] Bus and train How do I get to the...LODGE? English How much is a ticket to _____? One ticket to _____, please. Where does this train/bus go? Where is the train/bus to _____? Does this train/bus stop in _____? When does the train/bus for _____ leave? When will this bus arrive in _____? When will this bus reach _____? Transliteration (...) ge [TICKET'ina] chArj(/CHARGE) eShTu? (...) ge ond TICKET koDi I BUS/TRAIN ellig hogutte? (...) ge [hOgO] BUS/TRAIN ell'ide? I BUS/TRAIN (...) all' nilluttA? (...) g(e) BUS/TRAIN yAvAg' [/eShT'hottige] horaDutte? (...) ge BUS/TRAIN yAvAg' [/eShT'gaNTege] band'sErutte? (...) ge BUS/TRAIN yAvAg' [/eShT'gaNTege] hOg'sErutte? Where are there a lots of hotels? Where are there a lot of... How do I get to the...AMERICAN/BRITISH CONSULATE?

[edit] Directions English How do I get to _____ ? Transliteration _____ge hOgO dAri hyAge?(...); _____ge hOgOd hEge?(...); _____ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku?(...); (...)RAILWAY STATION'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)RAILWAY STATION'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)RAILWAY STATION'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)BUS STATION'ge hOgO dAri hyAge? (...)BUS STATION'ge hOgOd hEge? (...)BUS STATION'ge yAv'kaDe hOg'bEku? (...)AIRPORT'ge hOgO dAri hyAge?

Where are there a lots of restaurants?

Where are there a lots of bars?

How do I get to the...TRAIN STATION?

Where are there a lots of sites to see?

How do I get to the...BUS STATION? How do I get to the...AIRPORT?

[edit] Directions contd...

English street Turn left Turn Right Go straight ahead To left To Right Straight ahead Right In front of you towards the _____ past the _____ before the _____ Watch for the _____ to the North to the East to the West to the South Uphill Downhill Intersection bIdi


Auto Driver Take me to _____, please Take me there, please. have you reached your destination

Can you show me on the map? MAP'all tOris'tIra? (...) eDakk(e) tirugi eDagaDe tirugi; balakk(e) tirugi balagaDe tirugi; nEravAg(/sIdA) mundakk(e) hOgi eDakke eDagaDe (=> left side); balakke balagaDe (=> right side); mundakk(e) edurige; edur'gaDe (...)kaDege (...)'anna dATi (...) Ada mEle; (...)ginta modalu (...)kkinta modalu; (...)'kAgi nOD'koLLi (...)'gAgi nOD'koLLi uttara'kke; pUrva'kke; paScima'kke; dakShiNa'kke; mElakke; keLakke; Intersection; Do you have double bedroom available? Does the room come with bedsheets? [edit] Taxi English Taxi! Taxi Driver TAXI; AUTO; TyAksi ODisOnu TAXI ODis'avnu Transliteration Does the room come with bathroom? Does the room come with telephone? Does the room come with Television? bed bedsheet Please switch on the aircondition Please turn up the aircondition Yes, I have reached my destination Please use the meter machine

ATO ODisOnu AUTO ODis'avnu nanna[n] (...)'ge kar'koND'hOgi nanna[n] allig(e) kar'koND hOgi nIvu hOgi sEridirA? nIvu hOgi muTTidirA? nIvu hOgi talupidirA? h~jA nAnu bandu sEride; h~jA nAnu bandu muTTide; h~jA nAnu bandu talupide; METER hAki [Lit. Put meter on]; mITar ON mADi; A.C. hacci; ON mADi; A.C. jAsti mADi; A.C. jOru mADi;

How much does it cost to get to _____? (...)'ge hOgO'dakke eShT' [CHARGE] Agutte?

[edit] Lodging
English Do you have any rooms available? How much is a room for one person/two people? Do you have single bedroom available? Transliteration bADigege ROOMS iveyA? khAli ROOMS ideyA/uNTA? obb'nig/ibb'rig ROOM bADige eShTu? SINGLE BEDROOM ideyA? SINGLE BEDROOM uNTA? SINGLE BEDROOM ideyA? DOUBLE BEDROOM uNTA? ROOM'nalli BEDSHEETS iveyA? ROOM'nalli ATTACHED BATHROOM ideyA? ROOM'nalli PHONE iveyA? ROOM'nalli TIvI(/TV) ideyA? hAsige hodike

cAdaru blanket cot chair May I see the room first? Do you have anything quieter? Do you have anything bigger? Do you have anything cleaner? Do you have anything better? Do you have anything cheaper? OK, I'll take it I will stay for _____ night(s)/day(s) Can you suggest another hotel? Do you have a safe? Is breakfast/supper included? What time is breakfast/supper? Please clean my room Can you wake me at _____? I want to check out kambaLi raggu manca kurci nAn modalu ROOM'anna nOD'bavudA? saddu-gaddala ildeirO aMthA ROOM ideyA? salpa niSabdavAg irO yAvudAdrU ROOM ideyA? doDD ROOM yAvudAdrU ideyA? salpa CLEAN'Ag'irO ROOM yAvudAdrU ideyA? cannAg'irO ROOM yAvudAdrU ideyA? innu kaDime bADige ROOM yAvudAdrU ideyA? sari, nAn idan tagoNtIni sari, nAn I ROOM'anna tagoNtIni illi nAn eraD rAtre/divasa irtIni bEre yAvudAdrU HOTEL [idd're] hELi nimmalli LOCKER ideyA? [rAtre] UTa, tiNDi [bADigEl] sErisi hELt'idIra? [rAtre]UTa, tiNDi eShT' gaNTege? nan ROOM'anna salpa CLEAN mADi (...)'gaNTege nanna[n] ebbisi; (...) hottige nanna[n] eddELisi; nan ROOM'anna khAli mAD'koNt'idIni

Do you accept credit cards? Can you change money for me? Where can I get money changed? Can you change a traveler's check for me? Where can I get a traveler's check changed? What is the exchange rate? Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? Cheque Money cash credit

CREDIT CARDS'anna iskoN'tIra; CREDIT CARDS'anna tagoN'tIra [nanag] I duDD'anna badalAysi koD'tIra? I duDD'anna elli badalAysi koDtAre? I TRAVELLERS CHEQUE'anna biDis(i)'koDi I TRAVELLERS CHEQUE'anna ell(i) biDisi koDtAre? EXCHANGE RATE eShTu? [(...) BANK'ina] ATM ellide; cek kAsOle duDDu rokka nagadu haNa nagadu rokka kAsu sAla udari

[edit] Eating
Taste buds Salty uppu Sour

[edit] Money
English Transliteration

AMERICAN/AUSTRALIAN/CANADIAN Do you accept DOLLARS'anna iskoN'tIra; American/Australian/Canadian dollars? AMERICAN/AUSTRALIAN/CANADIAN DOLLARS'anna tagoN'tIra Do you accept British pounds? BRITISH POUNDS'anna iskoN'tIra; BRITISH POUNDS'anna tagoN'tIra

huLi Hot (spicy) khAra Piping hot (temperature) bisi[-bisi] [] Sweet sI Bitter kahi " " Astringent

ogaru " cogaru Acrid kanaru " Tasty ruci Tasteless (insipid) sappe Cold taNNage

" unlimited meal " Breakfast lunch Tea (meal) " Transliteration obb'rig/ibb'rig ond TABLE [koDi] obb'rig/ibb'rig ond TABLE [uNTA?] MENU koDtIra? nAn aDuge mane oLag'hOgi nODala? nAn aDuge manEn nOD'bavudA? yAvadAdrU SPECIAL aDuge ideyA? illina SPECIALITY Enu? illina SPECIAL aDuge yAvudu? nAvu SAKAhAri; nAv kAyipalye tinnOru; nAvu mAmsahAri; nAv kaDi/tuNDu[/kempaDike] kaDiyOru [Note: kempaDike (figurative speech) => Red Arecanut => Red meat)]; nAn PORK tinnO'dilla; nAn handi mAmsa tinnO'dilla; nAn BEEF tinnO'dilla; nAn danada mAmsa tinnO'dilla; nAn MUTTON tinnO'dilla; nAn kuri mAmsa tinnO'dilla; nAn CHICKEN tinnO'dilla; nAn kOLi mAmsa tinnO'dilla; nAn halAl'Ada mAmsa aShTE tinnOdu; [DISH'nall(i)] salpa khAra kaDime irali [DISH'nall(i)] salpa eNNe-beNNe kaDime irali/hAki MINI MEALS I want a dish containing (fish) I want a dish containing (beef) I want a dish containing (pork) I want a dish containing (chicken) I want a dish containing (eggs) I want a dish containing (cheese) salad (fresh) vegetables (fresh) fruits bread toast rice noodles beans Curry Curry (lentils) Curry (soup) Dinner I want _____ I want a dish containing _____ I want a dish containing (meat)

MINI FULL MEALS FULL tiNDi; TIFFIN; madhyAnad UTa; tiNDi-tIrtha; cA-biskattu; rAtre UTa nanag [tinn'likke] (....) bEku nanag (....)'ina UTa bEku nanag (....)'ina aDuge bEku nanag [kuri] mAmsada UTa bEku nanag [kuri] mAmsad aDuge bEku nanag (mIn'ina) UTa bEku nanag (mInina) aDuge bEku nanag (BEEF/[danada]mAmsada) UTa bEku nanag (BEEF/[danada]mAmsada) aDuge bEku nanag (PORK/[handi]mAmsada) UTa bEku nanag (PORK/[handi]mAmsada) aDuge bEku nanag (CHICKEN/[kOLi]mAmsada) UTa bEku nanag (CHICKEN/[kOLi]mAmsada) aDuge bEku nanag (EGG/moTTe UTa bEku nanag (EGG/moTTe) aDuge bEku nanag (CHEESE/panIr UTa bEku nanag (CHEESE/panIr) aDuge bEku kOsambri SALAD; hasi tarakAri; haNNu; haNN'goL bann(u); BREAD TOAST; anna; RICE; SAvige; sEmi; NOODLES huLLi kAy; avare kAy sAru; sAmbAru bELe sAru; tovve; tiLi sAru; rasam

English A table for one person/two people, please Can I look at the menu, please? Can I look in the kitchen? Is there a house specialty? Is there a local specialty? I'm a vegetarian

I'm a non-vegetarian

I don't eat pork I don't eat beef I don't eat Mutton I don't eat Chicken I only eat kosher/halal food Make it less spicy, please? (add less spices) Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard) fixed-price meal

Chutney Pickles Milk Curds/Yoghurt Buttermilk Ghee (Clarified butter) Butter May I have a glass of _____? May I have a cup of _____? May I have a bottle of _____? Cofee tea Lemon grass Juice Buttermilk Lassi Yoghurt Water Cold Water Hot Water Beer Wine May I have some _____? Salt Black pepper Ghee butter Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server) I'm finished It was delicious It was not good

chaTNi; tokku; uppina kAy; hAlu mosaru; majjige; tuppa; beNNe; nanag ond glAs (....) bEku nanag ond CUP (....) bEku nanag ond bATli (....) bEku kAphi; TI; cA; cAhada ele cA'da ele jUs; majjige; lassi; mosaru; nIr; taNNIr; bis'nIr; BEER; WINE; ondiShTu (....) koDtIra? salpa (....) koDtIra? uppu; kari meNasu; PEPPER tuppa beNNe ivarE, ill'nODi; HELLO WAITER nandu mugItu; nanag sAku; [UTa] ruciyAgittu [UTa] cannAg'iddilla <be />[UTa] ruchiyAg'iddilla

It was worst Please clear the plates The check, please

[UTa] keTTad'Agittu [UTa] sariyAg'iddilla PLATES tegIri; TABLE svacca mADi BILL koDi BILL mADi

[edit] Grocery store items English turmeric powder wheat ragi finger millet red millet pearl millet great millet Jowar rice gOdhi rAgi sajje jOLa jvALa akki Transliteration arishina puDi

dosa rice; dOse akki a rice variety used to prepare dosa/pancakes split pigeon peas split black grams split chick peas split butter peas cow peas cow peas grams green peas bengal gram split bengal gram split bengal gram flour split black grams black gram field beans green gram whole togarI bELe uddina bELe kaDalE bELe avarE bELe alasande kAyi alasande kALu baTANi kaDale kaDalE bELe kaDalE hiTTu uddina bELe uddina kALu avarE kAyi hesaru kALu

split green gram horse gram split lentil lentil mot split red gram kidney beans Beans ground nut seeds; peanuts fried split bengal gram sugar jaggery dried coconut kernel rice flakes wheat flour rice flour ragi flour fried ragi flour coriander seeds coriander leaves green chillies red chillies red chilli powder black pepper Tamarind crystal salt powdered salt cummin seeds mustard seeds fenu greek seeds

hesaru bELe huruLI [kALu] cannangi bELe masUru bELe cannangi kALu maDake kALu togarI bELe rAjma [huLLi] huLLi kAyi kaDalE kAyi bIja; nelegaDale; bErugaDale; bammukAyi hurgaDale puTANi sakkare bella oNa kobbari avalakki gOdhi hiTTu akki hiTTu rAgi hiTTu rAgi huri hiTTu kottambari kALu dhaniya kottambari soppu hasi meNasina kAyi oNa meNasinakAyi meNasina puDi meNasina kALu huNise [haNNu] kalluppu uppina puDi jIrige sAsive mente

fenu greek leaves poppy seeds [white/Nylon] gingily black sesame; black gingily baking soda sago rice fennel seeds barley rice omam seeds ajwain seeds black cummin seeds cinnamon cloves cardamom dried Kapok buds pineapple flower nut meg mace dry ginger corriander powder jeera powder pepper powder Asafoetida Corn baby corn rice vermicelli Noodles soya beans sOya sauce tamato sauce

mente soppu gasagase [biLi] eLLu kari eLLu aDuge sODa sabbakki sOmpina kALu bArli akki Omina kALu ajavAna shA jIrige kari jIrige chakke lavange Elakki yAlakki marAThi moggu anAnas huvva jAkAyi jApatre oNa shuNTi dhaniyA puDi jIrigE puDi karimeNasina puDi ingu hingu musukina jOLa mekke jOLa goMjALa sI tene shyAvige sEmi nUDalsu tingaLa'huruLi kALu sOyA sAsu sOyA gojju sOyA sAsu TamOTO gojju

TamOTO sAsu chilli sauce lemon salt vinegar custard powder I ce cream mix saffron powder foxtail millet garlic onion anise seed mint leaves cashew nut raisin dates potato pop corns honey Almond seeds pista figs figtree sugar candy saffron Betel nut arecanut papad biscuits chacolate; candy fruit jam meNasinakAyi gojju chilli sAsu nimbe uppu vinEgaru huLitADi kasTarD puDi ais krIm miksu kEsari baNNa navaNe beLLuLLi nIruLLi IruLLi doDDa jIrige pudIna soppu gODaMbi oNa drAkShi uttatti kharjUra AlUgaDDe baTATe jOLada guggari jEnu tuppa bAdAmi bIja pista anjUra gOLi gOLi mara kallu sakkare kunkuma kEsari aDike happaLa biskattu biskETu cAkalETu haNNina beraTi candles Toilet soap detergent soap detergent powder shampoo talcum powder bulps cells soapnut powder dhoop matchbox fruit squash milk powder Tea powder cofee powder butter ghee; purified butter groundnut oil peanut oil gingly oil sesame oil castor oil palm oil olive oil coconut oil camphor incense stick agarbatti agarbatti

murabba haNNina pAka haNNina sharabattu hAlina puDi TI puDi cA puDi kAphi puDi beNNe tuppa kaDalEkAyi eNNe eLLeNNe haraLeNNe tALEeNNe AlIv eNNe kobbarI eNNe karpUra Udina kaDDi Ibatti kaTTu vibhUti kaTTu sAmrANi sAmbrANi benki poTTaNa benkikaDDi peTTige mENada batti mOmbatti maige haccuva sOpu baTTege haccuva sOpu sOpina puDi shAmpU pauDaru dIpada buDDi balpu shellu byATari sIgEkAyi puDi

arappu powder bleaching powder broom stick shoe polish blue liquid Guava Ash gourd drumsticks corn flour bottle gourd basil leaves lettuce leaves fresh ginger mango powder mustard oil Raw banana Refined flour walnut dried milk gourd cabbage Cauliflower capsicum bengal gram flour Carrot Brinjal Coconut kernel Green Peas Lemon

cigare puDi blIcing puDi [kasa]porake kasabarike baralu shU pAlishu baTTege hAkko nIli pEralE [kAyi/haNNu] sIbe [kAyi/haNNu] bUdugumbaLa nuggEkAyi musukina jOLada hiTTu mekke jOLada hiTTu sOrE kAyi tuLasi ele leTUs soppu hasi shuNTi mAvinakAyi puDi sAsive eNNe bALE kAyi maidA hiTTu akrOTu kOva hAl khava kumbaLa kAyi [ele]kOsu kOsu[gaDDe] hUkOsu DoNNu meNasinakAyi kaDalE hiTTu gajjari kyAreTTu badanEkAyi muLagAyi tenginakAyi baTANi baTTANi nimbe haNNu

banana Pineapple Mango Grapes Bay Leaf; Malabathrum Curry leaves Yogurt curds Rice (Raw) Rice (Boiled) Semolina amla; Indian gooseberry (emblica) Pomegranate seed coriander seed Rose water capers salt Dill leaves dill caraway seeds citric acid cashew nut gingily parboiled rice flaxseeds; linseed cotton apricot safflower lemon grass watermelon seeds Cantaloupe seed puffed rice

bALe haNNu anAnassu mAvina haNNu drAkShi tEja patta karibEvu karibEvina soppu mosaru hAlina heppu akki anna rave nellikAyi dALimbe bIja kottambarI bIja gulAbi pannIru marAThi moggu aDuge uppu sabbasige soppu sabbasigE bIja shA jIrige kari jIrige niMbe Amra gEru bIja acceLLu? hucceLLu kusubalakki kucalakki agasE bIja hatti bErIkAyi kusumbe majjige hullu kalangaDi bIja kharabUjada bIja maNDakki churumuri

blackgram groundnut tomato Brinjal/Egg plant Potato Bitter gourd Snake gourd Ridge gourd (sponge) Bottle gourd Tindoora/Gherkins Okra Cucumber Radish Jackfruit Drumstick Spinach Sorrel leaves Curry leaves Fenugreek leaves Coriander leaves Green chilli

uddu bammu kAyi shEMga takkALi gOre haNNu badanE kAyi muLagAyi uruLegaDDe AlUgaDDe baTATe hAgalakAyi paDuvalakAyi hIrEkAyi sOrEkAyi toNDEkAyi beNDEkAyi savutEkAyi mUlangi halasina haNNu nuggEkAyi basalE soppu paNDI soppu karibEvina soppu mentE soppu kottambarI soppu hasi meNasinakAyi

Dates Musk melon Cashew fruit Pomelo Cherries Apricot Tomato Pome granate Grapes Lime Jambul fruit Papaya Banana Butter fruit Peach Mango Bitter orange Bullocks heart Loquat Custard apple Guava Apple

kharjUra uttatti kharbUja kekkarikke haNNu gEru haNNu cakkOta cerri haNNu jinde haNNu TamoTo dALiMbe drAkShi nimbe haNNu nEraLe haNNu pappAyi bALe haNNu beNNe haNNu mara sEbu mAvina haNNu yeraLe kAyi rAma phala lakOTe haNNu sItA phala sIbe kAyi pEraLe bikke kAyi sEbu halasina haNNu bElada haNNu rAvaNa phala bErikAyi gujje kAyi beTTadanelli kAyi nelli kAyi nelamuLLi haNNu

[edit] Fruits English Cluster figs Pine apple Toddy palm fruit Figs Water melon Orange Transliteration atti anAnassu Icala haNNu anjUra kallangaDi baccangAyi kittaLe

Jackfruit Wood apple Soursop Pears Bread fruit Gooseberry Strawberry

[Garcinia gummi-gutta] uppage

Mulberry Star fruit Sweet lime Indian jujube

hippunEraLe kamaraka karamAdala mOsambi bOrE haNNu

[Orange] Juice Water Do you have any bar snacks One more, please Another round, please

[ORANGE] jUs nIr(u) tinnO'dakke EnAdrU [kurukalu tiNDi] ideyA? tinn'likke EnAra [ciradiNDi/SNACKS] uNTA? inn'ond koDi; mattond sutt Agali; innond suttu/ROUND [kuDiyONa]; [BAR]'anna eShT'gaNTeg mucctAre BAR eShT'hottig muccatte

[edit] Bars
English Do you serve alcohol? Is there table service? A beer/two beers, please. A glass of red/white wine, please A bottle (of wine), please A peg A pint _____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please Alcohol (informal, colloquial) Liquor (formal) Sake (alcohol made of rice) Alcohol made of jaggery Wine Whiskey Vodka Rum Soda Club soda Coke/Pepsi Transliteration ALCOHOL ideyA? LIQUOR uNTA? [TABLE]SERVICE ideyA? SERVICE uNTA? ond/eraD BEER koDi ond glAs RED/WHITE WINE koDi ond bATli WINE koDi ond kuppi WINE koDi ond' guTTi ond' hUji (....) matte (....) koDi (....)'nU (....)'nU koDi heNDa yeNDa yeNNe sArAyi kaLLu battada heNDa; bellada heNDa; vain(u)'; WINE; viski; WISKEY; rammu; RUM; voDka; VODKA; sODa; SODA; CLUBSODA; COKE/PEPSI;

When is closing time?

[edit] On the phone

English Telephone Mobile phone Telephone number Phone book Hello (only on the phone) May I speak to (....) Is (....) there? One moment, please. (....) is not here right now. I will call you again later you have got the wrong number I got the wrong number The line is busy What is your phone number? TeliphOnu phOnu dUravANi mobail phOnu sell phOnu TeliphOn nambar phOn nambar dUravANi anki TELEPHONE DIRECTORY halO; HELLO; nAn (....)'avara hatra mAtADa bavudA? (....)'avaru idArA? ond nimiSha taDIri Iga (....)'avaru ill'illa Iga (....)'avaru OFFICE'nall'illa nAn AmEl nimag PHONE mADtIni nIv tappAd nambar ottidIri nanag tappAd nambar sikkide lainu BUSY Agide nimm phOn nambar eShTu? nimm PHONE NUMBER hELi Transliteration

Who is calling? (Lit. who is speaking?) yAr mAtADt'irOdu?

I need a razor

nanag ond (BLADE) bEku nanag ond (Chatri/koDe) bEku nanag (SUNBLOCK LOTION) bEku nanag (ance'patra/POSTCARD) bEku nanag (ance'cITi/STAMPS) bEku nanag (BATTERIES) bEku nanag (bareyOdakke [biLi]hALe/WHITEPAPER) bEku nanag ond (PEN) bEku nanag (ENGLISH'ina BOOKS) bEku nanag (ENGLISH'ina MAGAZINES) bEku nanag ond (ENGLISH'ina NEWSPAPER) bEku nanag ond (ENGLISH-KANNADA DICTIONARY) bEku

[edit] Shopping
English Do you have this in my size? How much is this? That's too expensive That's inexpensive(cheap) Would you take _____? expensive Cheap I can't afford it I don't want it You're cheating me I'm not interested OK, I'll take it Can I have a bag? Please provide me with a carrier-bag Do you ship (overseas)? I need ____ I need toothpaste I need a toothbrush I need soap I need shampoo I need pain reliever I need cold medicine Transliteration id nann aLatEl ideyA? id nannaLate'yal uNTA? idakk' eShT'Agutte?; idara bele eShTu? tIrA dubAri; bahLa tuTTi Aytu; eShTu kaDime bele bahaLa sOvi; (...)'anna tagoN'tIra dubAri; tuTTi sOvi; savi; kaDime bele; nAn aShTu koDAk agOdilla; nang tagONAk AgOdilla; nanag id bEDa nIv nanag [EnO] mOsa mADt'idIra nanag iShTa illa sari, nAn tagoN'tIni; Agali, nA idan koND'koNtIni nanag ond cIla koDtIra ond' [PLASTIC] kaicIla koDi ond' CARRY-BAG (kyAri byAg) koDi horadESakke PARCEL mADtIra? nanag (...) bEku nanag (TOOTHPASTE) bEku nanag hallujjO ( BRUSH) bEku nanag Ond( TOOTHBRUSH) bEku nanag (SOAP) bEku nanag (SHAMPOO) bEku nanag (PAIN RELIEF mAtre/mulAm) bEku nanag (SItakke mAtre) bEku

I need an umbrella I need sunblock lotion I need a postcard I need poststamps I need batteries I need writing paper I need a pen I need English-language books I need English-language magazines I need an English-language newspaper I need an English-Kannada dictionary

[edit] Driving
What's that sign? ROAD dAri " " HIGHWAY heddAri " SMALL ROAD / LANE hAdi " " raste " " MAIN ROAD doDDa raste " " mukhya raste " " STREET / COLONY bIdi " " kEri " " BYLANE ONi " " AVENUE doDDa'bIdi " "


rAja'bIdi " ROUNDABOUT baLasu'dAri " " suttu'dAri " " BRIDGE sEtuve " " CROSS tiruvu " " FLYOVER mahaDi'raste " " UNDERPASS suranga raste " " SUBWAY suranga dAri " " English I want to rent a car Can I get insurance? stop (on a street sign) one way yield no parking speed limit petrol diesel


Am I under arrest? I am an American/British citizen I want to talk to the American/British embassy. I want to talk to a Lawer. Can I just pay a fine now?

nanna[n] ARREST mADta'idIra? nAnu AMERICAN/BRITISH; nAnu AMERICA/BRITAIN dESad'avanu/dESada praje nAn AMERICA/BRITISH EMBASSY'avara jote mAtAD'bEku? nAn obb' LAWER'avara jote mAtAD'bEku? nAn yArAdrU LAWER jote mAtAD'bEku nAn IgalE FINE kaTT'bavudA? nAn illE FINE kaTT'bavudA?

[edit] Typical Kannada formal expressions

English "yes it is, isn't it?" [what shall we do?] "I have made you wait (terribly) long." "I will receive." [Its my good fortune that, I am receiving (something/somebody)] Transliteration haud'alaa? [Enu mADONa?] nimm'anna tumba kAyisi'biTTe. Comments General agreement. [Used when acknowleding a mistake or disagreement on some issue] Used as an excuse after any amount of downtime, even just seconds. Often also used as a starter to get things going again

Transliteration nanag ond CAR bADigege bEku nanag INSURANCE siguttA? nAn INSURANCE paDi'bavudA? nillu; nilliri ONE WAY dAri utpanna; AdAya; phala; nilugaDe illa vEgada miti PETROL; indhana DIESEL; indhana

To yourself before nanna bhAgya (rarely receiving(welcoming) some one or when accepting something offered to used) you. To yourself before receiving(welcoming) some one or when accepting something offered to you. I am causing you inconvinience, sorry to bother you

"I will receive." [my pleasure to tumba santOSha do so] nimag ondiShTu tond're koDtIdIni [bEjAr AgabEDi] (informal)

"I will trouble you." [don't get pissed off]

[edit] Authority
English I haven't done anything wrong It was a misunderstanding Where are you taking me? Transliteration nAn EnU tapp[u] mADilla EnO tapp' tiL'koND'idd'vi nanna[n] ellig[e] kar'koND hOgt'idIra? "I have troubled you a lot." [pardon me] "I will trouble you." [pardon me]

When entering your superiors room or nimag ondiShTu an unfamiliar house, when trying to get tond're koDtIdIni someone's attention or generally when [kShamisi] (informal) interrupting someone nimage tumba tond're When leaving your superiors room or koTTe [kShamisi] an unfamiliar house or generally as

"Sorry to have bothered you, carry on." "Is it alright?" "[Its] Great!", "Incredible [it is]!" "How cute!" ellaa sari uNTA? ellaa sari ideyA? sakhatt[Agide]! eShTu muddAgide! For general reassurance. Generally a interrogative sentence to inquire if something or somebody is alright Very popular amongst youngsters Generally used when you come across very beautiful things/childrens generally used while thinking about something. Can be lengthened indefinitely and is hence useful to stall for time when thinking about a real answer Mom Father Mother A step mother A step father A paternal uncle Father's elder brother A paternal uncle Father's younger brother Father's younger brother's wife A maternal aunt older than the mother A maternal aunt younger than the mother Mother An Elder sister A Small sister (Addressing affectionately) A younger sister An Elder brother A Small brother (Addressing affectionately) A younger brother A sister-in-law elder brother's wife husband's elder sister wife's elder sister female cousin by father's sister or mother's brother A mother-in-law wife's mother husband's mother a maternal aunt a paternal aunt

avva (Usage: North karnataka) amma (Usage: South karnataka) tande tAyi malatAyi balatAyi savati tAyi malatande doDDappa cikkappa kakka kAka kakkacci kakki kAki doDDamma doDDavva cikkamma cikkavva tAyi akka akkacci tangi aNNa aNNayya tamma


unnn.. / ummm..

"Lie!" "Enjoy!"

Doesn't necessarily accuse one of lying, suLLe! (Usage: North usually used in the sense of Karnataka) "Seriously?!" majA mADri Have fun

[edit] Family
English Are you married? I am married I am single (Lit. I am not married [yet]) Transliteration nimm maduve AgideyA? nann maduve Agide nand maduve Agide nand [innU] maduve Agilla

I am all alone nAn obbaNTiga (Lit. I am aloof in this town nnAn oNTiyAgi idIni [i.e., no siblings/relatives to resort to]) Do you have brothers and sisters? Do you have children? nimage akka'tangIru, aNNa'tammandru idAra? nimage makk'Lu idAra?


[edit] Affinity and Relationship English Dad appa Transliteration

atte atyA

A father-in-law wife's father husband's father A maternal uncle A son-in-law husband's elder brother wife's elder brother A brother-in-law Sister's husband wife's younger brother A nephew A grandfather [a common mode of addressing oldmen] A grandmother [a common mode of addressing oldwomen] A great grandfather A great grandmother A relative The relation b/w the parents of bride and bridegroom The relation b/w the parents of bride and bridegroom A son A grandson A great grandson A step-son A daughter A granddaughter A great granddaughter A step-son A wife A husband parents An orphan [motherless or with no parents]

mAva sOdaramAva mAma aLiya bhAva maiduna sOdaraLiya ajja tAta ajji amma muttajja muttAta pijja muttajji pijji neNTa bIga bIgati [fem.] maga mommaga mari mommaga mala maga maga[Lu] mommaga[Lu] mari mommaga[Lu] mala maga[Lu] heNDti; heNti gaNDa hettavaru tabbali anAtha

An orphan [friendless and destitute] Madam [a common mode of addressing married women] Sir [a common mode of addressing men] Sister [a common mode of addressing women] (Usage: South karnataka) Sister [a common mode of addressing women] (Usage: North karnataka) Brother [a common mode of addressing men] (Usage: South karnataka) Brother [a common mode of addressing men] (Usage: North karnataka)

anAtha dikkilladava amma'avre [/ammaavre] mEDam svAmi sAr rAyarE akka'avre [/akkaavre] akkayya tangi avva aNNa aNNayya tamma

Son/Daughter [a mode of addressing young folks by the elderly folks] maga (Usage: South karnataka) Son/Daughter [a common mode of addressing young childrens] (Usage: South karnataka) [edit] Order food in self-service hotel You: I'd like one Dosa please. nIvu: ond dOse koDi. Cashier: What kind of Dosa would you like? kyASiyar: yAv dOse bEku? You: What are the options available? nIvu: yAv yAv dOse ide? Cashier: Plain dosa, Set dosa, Masala dosa, Rava dosa, Onion dosa are there. kyASiyar: khAli dOse, seT dOse, masAle dOse, rave dOse, IruLLi dOse ive. You: Hmmm! Masala dosa, please. nIvu: h~jU! masAle dOse koDi. puTTa mari

Cashier: For here or for parcel?[ / will you have it here ot shall I pack it for you?] kyASiyar: illE nA athava PARCEL'A? [/ illE tintIrO athava PARCEL mAD'bEkO?] You: For here. nIvu: illE. Cashier: Alright. That's gonna be 15 rupees. kyASiyar: Aytu. 15 rupAyi Agutte. You: You (pay Rs.15) : Please take it. nIvu: (15 rupAyi koDutta) : tagoLLi. Cashier: Thank you. please handover this token to get the food. kyASiyar: thyAnk yu. I TOKEN koTre dOse koD'tAre. You: whom shall I handover this token to? nIv: I TOKEN'(anna) yArig(e) koD'bEku?

Cashier: please handover this token at that Counter. kyASiyar: I TOKEN'(anna) [A COUNTER'nall(i)] koDi.

You: Alright. nIvu: Aytu.

You: (handover the token) : Give me one Masala dosa please. nIvu: (TOKEN'anna koTTu) : ond masAle dOse koDi.

Token Collector: Wait for a minute. TOkan kalekTar: ond nimiSha WAIT mADi.

You: Okay, but please make it fast. nIvu: Oke, Adre svalpa bEga mADi.

Token Collector: hello sir, you've ordered masala dosa right! Please take it. TOkan kalekTar: halo sAr, neev masAle dOse ORDER mAD'idd'ralla tagoLLi.

You: Thank You Mr. nIvu: thyAnks ri.