Building Your Nursing Portfolio

Gathering documentation of your current achievements in relation to learning is a component of professionalism. Once you have gathered whatever documentation you consider essential, you should store it with the other information that you want to record in your in Building your Profile™. The following list is provided to give you some idea of the documents that you might find helpful to begin building your nursing portfolio, however, these are only suggestions. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • RN Act, Regulations and By-Laws Standard for Nursing Practice and Code of Ethics current résumé transcripts of formal education courses diplomas/certificates course outlines job descriptions (paid, volunteer) performance appraisals/evaluation of performance on special projects letters of reference or recommendation (employers, colleagues, teachers, clients) letters of verification of learning (employers, colleagues, teachers) samples of your work (papers, videos, audiotapes) publications you have authored/co-authored business cards thank-you letters flyers, brochures, conference/workshop/seminar outlines photos awards, prizes, scholarships newspaper articles about you student evaluations records of continuing education, in-services, etc. (e.g., Delegated Medical Functions, Fundamentals for Practice, Duty of Care)

(Adapted from Professional Profile: A Reflective Portfolio for Continuous Learning, College of Nurses of Ontario, 1996, p. 13, Toronto, ON: Author.)

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