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Process Safety Engineer- JD

Process Safety Engineer- JD

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Published by: Chetan B on Jan 12, 2012
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Job Description

Job Title: Job No.: Department: Process Safety Engineer Health, Safety, Security and Environmental

SLNG Corporation PTE Ltd

Roles & Responsibilities The Process Safety Engineer as a member of the Integrated Project Management Team (IPMT) provides primarily process safety support, advice and guidance to company on the safe design of SLNG LNG Receiving Terminal and associated facilities. In addition, he is required to perform review of the design deliverables and participate in Safety Studies & Reviews. As required, will provide support to the company in the development of SLNG Process Safety Integrity Management System (PSIM) and associated procedures for operations. KPIs • Ensure safety design studies actions are as a minimum at 90% on schedule on a monthly basis

Principal Activities
1. Monitor EPC Contractor process safety design activities, following

SLNG FEED standards and procedures and applicable Singapore Laws & Regulations and industry standards for Safety Design of facilities.
2. Review the accuracy of process safety deliverables on the projects. 3. Review EPC contractor HSSE related design philosophies. 4. Verify and participate in EPC contractors Safety related studies and

risk assessments both qualitative and quantitative, e.g.: QRA, PHA, PCS, EBS, Hazops, Hazids, Major Accident Risk studies, etc. 5. Verify and participate in SIL Assessment & Verification, Marine Risk Assessment, Bio-Diversity Impact Assessment, Fire Hazard Analysis
6. Assist the project with hazard and risk management studies action

tracking and closure
7. Ensure the contractor has in place a Major Hazards Risk Register 8. Ensure safety standards and specifications are incorporated into the

project to ensure a safe working environment during the construction and operating phases 9. Ensure the Equator Principles Study environmental requirements are incorporated during the design phase of the project.
10. Provide support to the company and project in the development of

SLNG Process Safety Integrity Management System (PSIM) and associated procedures for operations. 11. Review of active and passive fire protection design Competencies & Experience

Good communicator in spoken and written native languages with the ability to translate into understandable English. Knowledge of risk assessment techniques 4. Standards and industry best practices 2. Regulations. and engineering safety review gained through project execution 3. Good computer skills and report preparation 8.1. Knowledge of process hazards analysis techniques 5. 7. and a background in QRA. Knowledge of Fire Protection Systems 6. Professional bearing and ability to be assertive Work Experience & Education Background 1. Proven relevant design safety experience. reliability. Bachelors of Science in Engineering 2. Experience working in Process Safety Engineering Reviewed by HSSE Manager: Approved by Project Development Director: Date: Date: . Excellent knowledge of Singapore design safety Laws.

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