In a ____ database such as those maintained by Access, a database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject. a. dynamic b. relational c. static d. linked


A unique identifier also is called a(n) ____ key.

a. important b. first c. secure d. primary

3. Each field has a data ____, which indicates what can be stored in the field. a. type b. property c. tag d. flag

4. A field with the ____ data type can store a unique sequential number that Access assigns to a record. Access will increment the number by 1 as each new record is added. a. AutoField b. AutoNumber c. AutoRecord d. AutoProperty

5. Fields whose data type is Number often require you to change the field ____, which is the storage space assigned to the field by Access. a. size b. width c. depth d. length

6. The ____ contains a list of all the objects in the database. You use this to open an object.

tags b. Navigation Pane d. a. Status bar c. and reports in the Access ____ area. work 8. fields d. table d. a. The simplest approach to recovery involves periodically making a copy of the database (called a ____ copy or a save copy). 9. a. can include such information as the file¶s author. d. You work on objects such as tables. a. ____ orientation means the printout is across the height of the page. Landscape b. Portrait c.a. vault b. flags c. neither a. archive . backup d. Start menu b. forms. restore c. Database ____. nor b. Access Pane 7. either a. title. datasheet c. or b. or subject. also known as metadata. report b. properties 10.

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