giraffe is the tallest animal on the planet, they can reach 5.5 meters, weighing 1360 kg, or about 20 times heavier than an adult man, wow! Just so you know giraffes tongue length is about 53 cm, and the giraffe is able to run about 55 km / h time in attacking the enemy. Giraffes sleep about 1.9 hours per day. Giraffes communicate with the issuance of sound variations. Giraffe's long neck which has 7 pieces of bone equal in number to the neck bones of humans. A long neck serves to take the leaves on the trees are high and also as a form of self defense. With a height of up to 5.5 meters, the giraffe can see clearly the areas where pastures are for compounds. If there is an enemy like a lion giraffe can see it and he will give the sign on for compounds. There are nine subspecies of giraffe discriminate based on color and pattern variations, but the difference was very small. Habitat giraffes live Giraffes live in the desert safanah in Africa, they do not like to live in dense forests because of difficult to see his enemy. Giraffes live together in one flock, even though the herd come and go one after another as to form a flock of other herds. Food giraffe With a long neck giraffe eating leaves from the trees around it. To eat the leaves, giraffe tongue of about 53 cm in length helps her to grab foliage.

A few hours after birth the child's walking giraffe.8 meters. Giraffe born child weighing 68 kg and height of 1. prominence only 25 -50% of children giraffes can grow to adulthood. . When drinking is weak due to self-defense giraffe neck lower. Once giraffe can drink 40 liters of water. so the predators more easily attacked.The leaves contain high levels of water helps the giraffe to not drink in a long time after they drink. A giraffe can live to 25 years in the wild and 28 years in captivity. In the first week of growth in child-mingu giraffe can one centimeter per day. Children are very vulnerable to predators giraffe. The life cycle of the giraffe Giraffe females give birth after about 15 months pregnant.

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