The 2025 Local Resilience Action Planning & Implementation Process
presentation by Susan Guy for Sustaining Dunbar


How ?
Local People & East Lothian Council Scottish Climate Challenge Fund

Resilience Mapping and Action Planning

Natural Resources Human Resources Resource Flows Change over time

Local people are the experts

Building upon local capacity to facilitate, analyse, plan, monitor and evaluate change

Getting out and about to make it easy for people to map their views and ideas for the future...

Community Mapping: Starting where people are at and where they want to be in the future

Interviews with farmers

Tracking who has had a say by map and age gender... Getting out to fill the gaps.

Our findings so far: People do want to make changes but«
Barriers to change: 1. Cost 2. Availability 3. Lack of time 4. Lack of ownership 5. Planning regulations

What we are learning...
‡ Awareness of climate change is already high but not a particularly strong driver in behavior change. ‡ Awareness of Peak Oil is much lower but is likely to be a much more potent driver in encouraging behavior change. ‡ Most people feel that there is a need for more information about the local implications of peak oil and climate change.

Ways forward...more enabling infrastructures for positive change
‡ It is difficult for people to act in more sustainable ways unless the infrastructure is in place to make it easier and possible to make positive changes.

Situation now

The Future

veg pasture arable

³How well does our Local Resilience Action Plan align with East Lothian Councils Single Outcome Agreement?´

³How well does our Local Resilience Action Plan align with East Lothian Councils Single Outcome Agreement?´

What next?
‡ facilitate strategy alignment with East Lothian Council s Single Outcome Agreement and our Local Resilience Action Plan ‡ work with ELC and local people to identify and reduce the barriers so people can make positive change ‡ use social enterprise to create employment whilst becoming financially self- supporting as an organisation ‡ facilitate and support the implementation of the Local Resilience Action Plan ‡ demonstrate and enhance local democracy ‡ enthuse and maintain momentum ‡ monitor change to 2025+

Current Sustaining Dunbar & District projects

The Dunbar Community Energy Project

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