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Mobile Or Telephone Landline Based Industrial Load Control

The objective of this project is to design an embedded system which can control appliances remotely. This project is designed to study the basic implementation of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). The DTMF signal is composed of high frequencies & low frequencies. Each key is assigned a low frequency and a high frequency. When a particular key is pressed, the frequencies those are specific to that particular key are transmitted. Therefore, no two keys will have a same set of low & high frequencies. We use DTMF encoder & decoder to develop this switch. The DTMF encoder transmits the set of two frequencies related to a particular key and the decoder on receiving the set, converts it to related digital signals. These digital signals are fed to Micro controller, and can be used to control appliances or nodes remotely. The embedded software for the controller is implemented using C language.

Block Diagram:

In this project you will learn about 1. Micro controller 2. interfacing a. DTMF b. REALYs to controller 3.PCB DESIGNING

Tools required:
Micro controller Ide and KICAD.