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Olympic Grid

Olympic Grid

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Published by: GreekKoukla on Nov 07, 2008
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Exploring the Olympics ..

Term Three Homework Tasks
Six week project … you are required to complete at least one task a week. • You will hand in your completed task each Monday. • Each task must show evidence of at least 1 - 2 hours of focused work. • You will be required to complete a work plan in your diary each week. You may choose from the following tasks (or negotiate others with your teacher) Choose at least one task from each COLUMN You’ve won GOLD – write a page about the events, your feelings and abilities Choose at least 20 Olympic sports and sort them in some different ways.
(eg team/individual sports .. equipment used ..)

Design an item of clothing for a sport in the year 2500 Olympics. Label your design explaining your design choices. Design a poster that highlights friendship within the Olympics. OR Design a poster that highlights the importance of healthy eating for sports people Combine any two Olympic events. Rename the event and provide the new rules. Investigate an after school /weekend sport that you could participate in. List sport, team, cost, uniform, venue, time, coach and any other interesting information.

Find an article about the Olympics in the Newspaper. Read the article and make notes
(skinny notes/model map/highlighting)

Rewrite the article in your own words.

Make up 10 challenging quiz questions based on equipment used in the Olympics. Provide answers. Make a list of everything you know about China. Find out five interesting facts you didn’t know.

Draw your own Olympic Rings using a tool to draw them. Make them between 58cm in diameter. Explain how you drew them. Write 5 facts about the Olympic Rings *** Choose an event where the winner is decided by measuring the distance. Find the distance for the top 5 competitors. Represent these in a graph. Research and record 10 Olympic number facts. OR Graph the medal tally for the Australian, Chinese and a team of your choice for the Beijing games *

Complete a PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) on being an Olympic Athlete Choose an interesting Olympics photo

List three sports beginning with each letter of the alphabet. *** Design a ticket for entry into an

from a newspaper or a magazine or the WWW. Complete a detailed: • I see • I wonder • I think *** Complete a mind map or model map on the Beijing Olympics

Olympic Sport of your choice. OR Select your favourite 5 sports from the Olympics and make a poster justifying your decision
Make a FACTS chart for an Olympic athlete OR an Olympic sport. Find out at least ten facts. ***

Create a response for the 2008 Opening Create a collage/scrapbook of ‘Olympic Ceremony. Comment on colour, highlights’ movement, music and cultural significance.

3 *=Accomplished

1 *=Half Done

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