This work is not a solo effort,infact a synergistic product of many minds. For the accomplishment of this work i feel a deep sense of gratitude: to my guide MR(x). It was privilege to experience a sustained enthusiastic and involved interest from his side. to my fellow lab mates and seniors who were ready with positive comments all the time, whether it was offhand comment to encourage or a constructive piece of criticism. to faculty & staff members in general for always being co-operative and extending a helping hand at every juncture of need and without whom this work would have been a distant reality. to prof MR(x) (my co-guide) Dept .of skims ..for his detailed and constructive comments and important support throughout this work. His kind support and guidance has been of great value in this study. to dept. of for the use of facilities in lab and assistance in reviewing the patient files in terms of this study. to my parents and well-wisher for their support and faith in me. Their unconditional love and prayers remain my unremitting source of strength Lastly i offer my regards and blessings to all those with whom I collaborate during my research and supported me in any respect. I dedicate this work to the people of Kashmir.

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