Sivarajayogi Thycaud Ayya Swamikal (1813-1909) The Guru of • Chattampi Swamikal • Narayana Guru • Ayyankali • Swathy Thirunal

• Kollathamma etc…… (Total 51)

Satheesan (Raju) (1963-2007)
• Vice President KVMS Kanjirappally Union • Thenganamattom Chirakadavu

Castes & Tribes of South India Edgar Thurston & K.Rengachari VII Reprint 1993 Asian Educational Society,N.Delhi pages 361-389

• The word “Vellalan” is derived from “vellalnmai” (vellam=water, • anmai = management) meaning cultivation, tillage

Edgar Thursten
• --- the vellalas by the effect of their ploughing maintained the prayers of the Brahmins, the strength of the King, the profit of merchants, the welfare of all charity, donation, the enjoyment of domestic life and connubial happiness, homage to the gods…. Things of good report or integrity ,the good order of the caste and the skill of all these things came to pass by the merit of the Vellalan plough. So there is a saying-”Agriculture is no agriculture unless it is performed by the Vellalas” --------Castes & Tribes of South India(1907)

“The Tamils 1800 years Ago” V.Kanakasabahai Pillai 3rd AES Reprint 1979
• • • The Farmers occupied the highest position They formed the nobility or the landed aristocracy of the country. They were called Vellarar, “lords of the flood” or Karalar-”lords of the clouds”.The Chera, ,Chola and Pandian Kings and most of the petty chiefs of Tamilakom belonged to this community The Vellalas have no other calling than the cultivation of the soil
• • • • • • In the cultivation of rice,betel,tobacco etc have perhaps no equals in the world Some are well educated and employed in Govt Services as clerks,merchants,shopkeepers In Tanjore Mannual it is stated that most of the karnams or village accountants are Vellalas As accountants they are unsurpassed They used to write on cadjan or palmyra leaves with iron styles Coimbatore manual: Vellalars are truly the backbone of the District

V.Kanaka Sabhai Pillai
Author “The Tamils 1800 Hundred years ago” (1855-1906)

The Tamilians 1900 yrs ago
• • Agriculture is no agriculture,unless it is performed by the Vellalas The Vellala ruined himself by gaudy dress,the courtesan ruined himself by coquertly and affection Though you may face an evil star ,never oppose a Vellala Though apparently the Vellala will not ruin you,the palm leaf , on which he writes about you,will certainly ruin for ever

• •

“Tamil Sudras” according to Dictionaraies of Prof. Gupthan Nair & ? C.Madvan Pillai (DC.Books)

• “… is impossible to imagine that the Vellalas…. should have had to render services to the three higher classes, for the very idea of service is … revolting to the Vellalas whose profession teaches him perfect independence… Hence a Vellala cannot be the sudra or servile class.” -------Thurston (1909) p36

Viraminda Nayanars of Chenkuntoor
• Custodian of Chenganoor Temple (for 1000 years)
“Nayanar Thiruchenkintoor kovil”

Later founded Saleeswaram temple in Ranni

Saleesvaram Temple

Biography 2nd Edn 1977
publishers: Ayya Mission Tvm • 1st Edn in 1960 published by Kalady Parameswaran Pillai • Written by son Pazhaniya Pillai • Published only after the death of Pazhaniya Pillai

The chapter on“Ayithothadanaomi seen in 1st Edn of 1960 is found missing in 2nd Edn of 1977 Why?

Elangulam Kunjan Pillai
The Historian

Iravikutti Pillai
The Hero of “Kaniyamkulam poru”

Chempaka Raman Pillai (1890- 1934)
• About 120 years back there lived a Vellala couple Chinna Swami Pillai and Nagammal • in Trivandrum in a house where the present Accountant Generals office is situated. Chempaka Raman was born to them on September 15,1891.Even during school days he was a revolutionary. Strickland an

About 120 years back there lived a Vellala couple Chinna Swami Pillai and Nagammal in Trivandrum in a house where the present Accountant Generals office is situated. Chempaka Raman was born to them on September 15,1891. Even during school days he was a revolutionary. Strickland an European lived in Trivandrum send this brilliant boy to Germany in 1908 for higher studies. He continued his studies in Italy an d Switzerland.H etook Doctorate in Political Science Economics. He lived in Germany for 20 years.He carried campaign against British rule in India,
With Hardayal, Raja Mahendra Pratap, Dr. Prabhakar and A.C. Nambiar he founded Indian Independence Committee.

V.R.Parameswaran Pillai
Author “Dravid aSamskaram Sahyadri Sanukkalil”

To learn about Viraminda Nayanar
• By Adv.Kallor Narayana Pillai • Publishers • Cultural & Developmental Society, Chenganoor • 2nd Edn KV 111

Thodupuzha C.K.Narayana Pillai
Swami Narayanan Founder Mukkali School (NSSHS) Anickadu (C.K.Narayana Pillai) Freedom fighter

Kanjirappally Ganapathy
• Temples renovated • under the leadership of Anickadu P.K.Sankara Pillai • (Stalin >Ganapathy)

Vallalar-Ramalinga Swamikal (1823-1874)
Born in Marudur near Chidambaram. Father Ramayya Pillai motherChinnammayyar Father died when he was 6months old. No formal education

Dharmasala for feeding poor
• In 1867 Swamikal started Dhramasala at Vadalur for feeding the poor.(Annadanam mahadanam) • His prose work-“Jeevakarunayam” • In 1872 founded symbolic shrine “Sathya Jnansabha” • He dematerialized himself in 1874

Saint Vallalar
• He was attracted towards Shiva Bhakthi. • His knowledge came from Divine Grace. • He stayed alone in a room with only a lamp and a mirror. • At the age of 27 he married Danammal. Marital life did not distract him He established Jana Sabha & Dharmasala in Vadalur. He had no regards for Puranas, vedas and agamas. • He worshiped god as light. • He introduced “anna dana” (free food for needy)

Vaikom Padmanabha Pillai
• ADC of Veluthampi Dalava • Companion:Chempil Valiya Arayan • Kannezhathu Padmanabha Pillai

Dr.K.A.Arumugham Pillai LMP Thodupuzha
• 1st Geneartion Doctor in Modern Medicine • Fathe rof Dr.K.A.Sukumara Pillai • Rtd Supt GH Pathanamthitta

P.K.Sankra Pillai
• Once known as Stalin Sankara Pillai • Now Ganapathy Sankara Pillai • Historian of Malanadu • Reconstructed the ancient temples in Kanjirappally • Expired on 2nd oct 2007

Vaikom C.K.Narayana Pillai
Founder of LPS Chirakadvu& Cheruvally Sanskrit School Asramam in Adoor ( Sadanada Swamikal)

Dr.P.N.Krishan Pillai LMP
• 1st Generation Doctor • Son FRCS • Grandson MDDM(Card)

Neela Padmanabhan
The Bilingual (Tamil& Malayalam) Novelist Master piece: “Thalamurakal” Pallikondapuram

Mr.Nanjil Nadan (G.Subramaniam)
• • Mr.Nanjil Nadan (G.Subramaniam) Tamil Novelist In his credit he has many Tamil novels and short story collections. His novels like • Enpilathanai Veil Kayum, • Thalai Keezh vikithangal (SOLL MARANTHA KATHAI) are well received by Tamil readers. He is presently living in Coimbatore. In his latest book " Nanjil Naatu Vellalar Vaazkaium Varalurum" best explains ups and downs of Nanjil Nattu vellala history

Nayattuvili Perumal Pillai
• Koyikkamannil Punnamoottil • Perumal Pillai • died on 1st Nov 2006 • At 87 • He conducted Nayattuvili for 42 years • He was head Master

Neelakanda Pillai
• KSE Board

Dr.K.B.Pillai, FRCS
• One of the Founders of • Santhinikethan • Hospital,Ponkunnam

Kamalalayam P.N.Pillai
• • • • Founder KVMS KVMS Trust KVMS Hospital Kamala Bazar

Adv.Mulavelil Neelakanta Pillai
• One of the Founders of • KVMS

Founded in 1997

Late P.N.Radhakrishna Pillai

Kalloor family of Elampally
• Family of Late Dr,Kallor Gopala Krishan Pillai • Pattazhi

Manakadu Devi temple

Anakulangara devi Temple,Palai
• Palai from Palathu family


Kavukattu Krishna Pillai

1957 September 21&22 Kamalalyam,Ponkunnam

KVMS Hospital 1977

Adv.K.P.Gopalakrishna Pillai
• Kottarathil

Vaidyalingam Pillai

Vakil Vaikom neelakanta Pillai
• President KVMS

Aklathu Chellappan Pillai

• PresidentKVMS

Adv.Cherthala Subramanian
Defeated by Gowri Amma for a very few votes in 1952 Quit Politics after the failure

Prof.P.Sundaram Pillai.MA
• “Manonmaneeyam Sundaram Pillai” • MS University Thirunelveli • National song of Tamilnadu • Archiology Dept • Harvy Bunglow

P.S.Nataraja Pillai
10th March 1891 10th Jan 1966 Finance Minister (TC State) M.P Editor The Popular Opinion,Vanji Kesari • Peroorkada Boy’s HS • • • • • •

Reghu Pangapattu
• Editor “Karunalayam”

P.Subbayya Pillai
• Born in Punaloor • DOB: 9.11.1099 • Rtd Joint Secretary Finance • Writer ,author ,Editor ( Kumkumam, Chiro Chiri) • 33 books)

Dr.V.C.Velayudhan Pillai
• Chelsa Hospital • Son in law of Adv.Vaikom Neelakanta Pillai • (President KVMS)

Vellalala Mithram

Ammi Chavittal
ABCD of AIDS • Abstinence Be faithful Condoms Die with AIDS

Customs of Vellalas
• M.Chidambaram Pillai • Cherthalai

Ayya’s prediction

Ayya Guru Maha Samadi Temple
• Thycaud cemetary

V.R.Parameswaran Pillai

• “Kappalottiya Thamizhan “

Surya Krishna Moorthy
• Born in Kottayam on 11th April 1951 • Father- T.Nataraja Pillai • Mother -C.Saraswathy Amma • Studied in Model School Trivandrum • TKM engineering College Kollam • Joined ISRO in 1972 • Worked with APJ Abdul Kalam

Surya Krishan Moorthy (Contd)
• Founded Surya Festival • “Limka Man of the year 2003” Awards • Central & Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy • Voluntary retirement in 1996 • Founded Theatre of Freedom ( presented 7000 artists for national Game

• President,KVMS


Dr.Murali Krishnan MD DM(Card)
• S/O Dr.K.N.Neelaknata Pillai • Grandson of Dr.P.N.Krishna Pillai

Neela Padmanabhan
• Thalamurakal

Dr.Beena,M.D IAS
• Dist Collector • Trichur • The One & Only Vellala Collector (Both male & Female)

BrahMos Sivathanu Pillai
• “Order of the Peter the Great” • Life time Professor of Moscow University of security • CEO &MD • BrahMos Aerospace Ltd

Brahmasthra of India
• • • • • • • • • • • BrahMos-the Indian Brahmastra BrahMos is the world’s fastest cruise missile Speed 3times that of sound. It is a joint venture of India & Russia started in 1998 Initiative of APJ Abdul Kalam Named by Kalam by joining Brahmaputra with Moskva First venture on equal partnership between India & a foreign country. Alexander Leonov (Russia) is Chairman A.Sivathanu Pillai (Kerala) is CEO & MD The only cruise missile that can be launched from field launcher on land, Mobile launcher on land, ship, air,

V.Surendran Pillai,MLA
President KVMS

Nasraniyum “Paradesi”yum
Cartoon by Gopeekrishnan in Mathrubhumi daily

Temples bui t / owned / manged by Vellalas Rameswara Temple ,Kochi Annamala Nayanar Thiru Chenkntoor Temple, Chengannoor Saleeswaram Temple Ranni Selva Vinayakar Kovil, Palghat Temple , Thodupuzha Puliyanoor Mahadeva Temple, Palai Thidanadu Temple, Palai Ankalamman Kovil,Poovarani,Palai Chooti Mahadevar temple, Mudakkayam Erattupetta Devi temple, Palai Madura Meenakshy Kovil, Kanjrappally

Ganapathiyar Kovils,(2)Kanjirappally Kotchampalam ,Erumely Perunadu Kakkatukoyikkal Ssastha Temple Ranni Sundra Ganapathiyar Kovil , Kollam Manakattu devi temple, Chirakadvu Sankara Narayan Temple , Chirakadavu Gandhari Amman Kovil, Puthenchantha,Trivandrum Amman kovil , Chali Ayyappa Tempe Kanam Olassa temple,Kottayam Moonilavu Mankompil Temple,Erattupetta 28 other Mmankompu Devi temples

Vakil S.Ramanatha Pillai Pangappat


S.Ramanatha Pillai

Raja sekhara Pillai