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0. © SAP AG 2006 © SAP AG AC990 1-2 .2 Course Goals This course will prepare you to:  Find information about special topics in Management Accounting relating to integrating and proce ssing large volumes of data.

6 to S AP ERP Central Component 6.0 Use worklists in the schedule manager Use detailed information relating to the SD and FI interface to CO-PA for reconciliation De scribe the effects of activating the NewGL for Management Accounting Control large data volumes in CO-P A     © SAP AG 2006 © SAP AG AC990 1-3 .3 Course Objectives After completing this course.0. you will be able to:  Set up the most important delta information from SAP R/3 4.

4 Course Content Preface Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Course Overview Delta Information Special topics in CO-OM Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Unit 7 New GL and Management Accounting Special topics in CO-PA High Data Volume in CO-PA Course Summary Appendice s © SAP AG 2006 © SAP AG AC990 1-4 .0.

Summary Appendice s © SAP AG 2006 © SAP AG AC990 1-5 . High Data Volume in CO-PA 7.5 Course Overview: Overview Diagram 1. Course Overview 2.New GL and Management Accounting 5. Delta Information 3.Special topics in CO-OM 4.0.Special topics in CO-PA 6.

© SAP AG 2006 © SAP AG AC990 1-6 . After a short implementation period.6 Main Business Scenario  You have finished implementing an ERP system. Management wish to di scuss certain topics in order to determine which technical settings the SAP system offers to help you avoid individual programming.0. it has been decided to optimize and fine-tune the system.