Six people were arrested on drugs charges resulting from a police operation in the Cayo district this morning. The anti-drug operation was carried out jointly by the police’s quick response team and its CIB counterparts. The first drug bust occurred around four o’clock this morning, when officers searched the home of twenty seven year old Esperanza laborer Anthony Goff. The search resulted in the discovery of one gram of marijuana in an ash tray in his living room. Goff was arrested and charged for the crime of possession of controlled drugs. A half hour later, also in Esperanza village, sixty three year old William Montejo was busted with three grams of marijuana. A search of his of his home led to the discovery of the marijuana in a plastic container under his bed. When the search party moved to Bullet Tree Falls village around six o’clock this morning, the stopped in at the home of thirty three year old Miguel Mendez. He was home at the time, along with a minor. Police say that as they approached the house, Mendez attempted to dispose of two black plastic bags. Authorities say that one of the bags containing 34 grams cannabis fell on the house verandah and the other containing 226 grams of cannabis fell beside the house. As a result both, Mendez and the minor were arrested and charged jointly for the crimes of “Possession of Controlled Drugs” and “Drug Trafficking”. The drug busts ended around seven thirty this morning in Santa Elena hotspots. Police say that when they went calling at the corner of Bishop Martin and Requena St. they encountered twenty three year

old Kareem Lotiff and twenty three year old Jose Cal both of Santa Elena town. They were searched and police say they found Cal with 4 grams cannabis in his right hand and while Lotiff attempted to dispose of 4 grams of marijuana; but the weed fell beside him. As a result both Kareem Lotiff and Jose Cal were arrested on separate charges of “Possession of Controlled Drugs.”

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