Meet The Composer 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Steps

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Register at the group Majina klasa. Access Group Code: 0de4pc You will post links for your works in this group. Listen to music by Mozart, to familiarize with the classical music style and the personal style of the composer: Visit this list of concerts: Use Ctrl+F and type Mozart to find the concert with Mozart's music on program. Listen to it carefully. Search for info and materials: music & video:
sheet music:,_Wolfgang_Amadeus Take a look at some pictures from: Choose one of these sites for making your presentation: What did you know about Mozart before your search? What new have you learned? What do you especially like about him? What is his piece of music you like the most? What is your favorite picture of him? Give some answers in your presentation. Create it as ppt and publish it on slideshare, or make it on animoto or prezi. Share your link in the group Majina klasa.

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Time frame: Finish this project till the end of January, 2012.

Have fun!