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For Sales System: Royale Staff (Product Assistant)

A. General Analysis Parang same lang ng mga system na ginagamit sa elizabeth, vercons and all other not so big time supermarkets. It monitors product going out for market, since may mga dealers and distributors kame, monitored ung products na kinukuha and its quantities and ung price totality ng mga products na kinuha nila. We have this feature ng system na each dealer and distributors can access their own accounts for them to know how much debt they will need to pay the company after getting the ordered products from them to us and ung percentage ng kikitain nila. Each dealers and distributors are tracked, hindi nila kame matatakasan because we have their personal identities and recorded thumb marks (included in their own account). Sales System is really a big help mostly hindi kami yung company na tipong pupunta lang yung customer tapos magbabayad lang tapos wala ng problema. Our system was downloaded over the internet and then we paid for someone who can add the feature that Ive just said earlier. Its an A++ and it really works just fine.

B. Specific Analysis As far as I can remember there was no incident na nagkaroon ng problem ung system. Before namin siya ginamit the people who we paid for really gave as assusrance that it would really work without problems at hindi kami magkakaroon ng problema. In-charge for maintaining our system is yung mga taong nag-add ng features dahil they were the only ones who knows how to check it if there is something wrong or what. Once na bumagal kasi yung takbo ng system, or may naghang or nag-exit ng kusa,pinapatawag namin sila agad.