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The Benefits of Training

The Benefits of Training


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NEWSTALK Volume 12 Nº 3

March 2004


Build The Future The benefits of training …for you, and SMB.
By Imon Ghosh (MD's Office)
It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained. ~ Queen Elizabeth employees by encouraging them to identify with the mission and objectives of the organization. LHelps create a better corporate image. LAids in organizational development. LAids in understanding and carrying out organizational policies. LOrganization gets more effective decision making and problem solving. LAids in development for promotion from within. LAids in developing leadership skill, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes, and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display. LAids in increasing productivity and/or quality of work. LHelps keep costs down in many areas, e.g. production, personnel, administration, etc. LStimulates preventive management as opposed to putting out fires. LCreates an appropriate climate for growth. Benefits to the individual which in turn ultimately benefit the organisation: groups. LMakes the organization a better place to work and live. … Similarly, avoiding training opportunities works against you, by:

Creating a learning organization that provides our employees with a supportive work environment and career development opportunities is a priority at SMB. The importance that SMB places on training is seen in the creation of a spacious new conference facility located in the HRA block, as well as in the formation of a new Training Committee comprising of Mr. Darwin Athanase (SM - HRA), Ms. Marymonde Matatiken (HRDO), Mr. Jeffrey Appoo (SM - CMU), Mr. Amitesh Banerjee (Communications Manager) and Mr. Imon Ghosh (Manager, MD's Office). Regular training and learning opportunities are an investment that allow employees to prosper and develop their careers, while giving the organisation a highly skilled workforce, and a competitive advantage in the market. Studies of training reveal that organisations with lower staff turnover spend the most on training and education. Minimising staff turnover benefits the organization: replacing staff is a costly process - skills are lost, resources are disrupted, and recruiting new personnel takes time and money. Training increases the skill-set of the workforce, enabling it to engage in a

wider range of tasks and responsibilities. The benefits of a trained workforce have been shown to flow through to customers who become more satisfied with the improved level of products and services (not to mention greater production and output !). Training is also a perfect opportunity for staff to get to know each other better, and develops teamwork. So why does SMB invest in training, and in your future ? How training benefits the organization: the job knowledge and skill at all levels of the organization. LImproves individual, team and corporate performance in terms of output, quality, speed and overall productivity. LImproves operational flexibility by extending the range of skills possessed by employees (multi-skilling). LImproves the morale of the work force. LAttracts high-quality employees by offering them learning and development opportunities. LIncreases levels of competence and enhances skills, thereby enabling employees to obtain more job satisfaction, gain higher rewards and progress within the organization. LIncreases the commitment of

LHelps the individual in making better decisions and effective problem solving. LAids in encouraging and achieving self-development and self-confidence. LHelps a person handle stress, tension, frustration and conflict. LProvides information for improving leadership knowledge, communication skills and attitudes. LIncreases job satisfaction and recognition. LMoves trainee toward personal goals while improving interaction skills. LDevelops a sense of growth in learning. LHelps a person develop speaking and listening skills; also writing skills when exercises are required. LHelps eliminate fear in attempting new tasks.
Benefits in personnel relations, and policy implementation:

LMissing promotion opportunities. LLimiting your skills. LWorking with outdated knowledge.

LMissing opportunities for personal growth.
All knowledge has a half life or useful 'shelf-life' of around seven years (unlike radioactive substances that usually last a lot longer !), which is why professionals in all walks of life believe in constantly upgrading their skills. The world is rapidly changing, and new opportunities are constantly emerging. Organizations and individuals need to adapt to this changing environment through training. While SMB recognizes the need to invest in training and development, and will provide learning opportunities as well as the latest training facilities, the primary responsibility for attending and participating in training sessions rests with you. In this regard, you will be given the guidance and support of your manager, as well as members of the HRA department. Make the most of the training opportunities that are available to you. You will benefit, and so will SMB.

LAids in improving organizational communication.


in handling conflict, thereby

helping to prevent stress and tension.

LHelps to manage change by increasing understanding of the reasons for change, and providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to adjust to new situations.


LHelps to develop a positive culture
in the organization, which is oriented towards performance improvement.


higher levels of service to

LImproves communication between groups and individuals. LAids in orientation for new employees and those taking new jobs through transfer or promotion. LImproves interpersonal skills, which is a key for career and personal success. LMakes organization policies, rules and regulations viable. LImproves morale. LBuilds teamwork and cohesiveness in

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