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A Campaign Against Girls in India 4.12.11 By:Nilanjana S.

Roy Human Rights Analysis This article is mainly based on a sex/gender human rights violation in India. In India instead of giving birth to girls now there is a preference for boys. In 2001 basically for every 1,000 boys there are there were 927 girls but in 2011 there are only 914 per every 1,000. This is due to the fact most mens families are pressuring their wives to abort girls. For example an Indian local Ms.Rani was pressured into aborting 3 girls. It also talked about the evils of dowry deaths which are when husbands or in-laws harass them to a point of murder. This articles issue only affects the ppl in India only . It affects India because the fewer girls there are the less women there are to have babies which will cause a population decrease. It affects pregnant women because they cant have girls and they cant be outspoken or they will die possibly. Also it affects boys because they wont be able to reproduce with the decreasing of girls. This article has caused me to have many generalizations and make a lot of conclusions. One conclusion is that in many

undeveloped parts of the world such as India gender discrimination is still alive. For example all those Indian women were killed and Ms.Rani couldnt have any baby girls. Another lesson is that most undeveloped countries like men more like most of the Middle Eastern, African Islamic and South Eastern countries. Afghanistan had killed many women, Somalia threw stones at women and look at India. Who this affects This affects women mainly in india. Conclusion/What I think My opinion on the Indian human rights in this article is that it is a shame that the men are forcing women to have boys instead of girls. If women are the one that reproduce why are Indian men violating their rights and not even letting female children be born and killing them . Also I think it is wrong other figures are telling pregnant women to abort their female children.