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human squander

human squander

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Published by Jan Oskar Hansen
war crimes
war crimes

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jan Oskar Hansen on Jan 13, 2012
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Human Squander Cold day on my walk I needed to pee, it happens often when you are old, but there

were ants about I couldnâ t pee on them, lowly as they might be they are still living things and one has to show respect; the unspoken logic of dignity. But not all human evacuations are wasteful, as a child on the farm we used human waste to fertilize potatoes and carrots fields and reaped great abundance from a grateful soil. But I did pee up against an olive tree a pale looking tree that needed all the help it could get. Self-respect is vital it is an unwritten law and those who breaks lose their humanity the thin line between man and beast, I think it is more worthy to chop a manâ s head off then urinate on his corps; as death is self perpetuating and does not help to accentuate the point.

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