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In the sams\Old Testament, to which Kua A.M.Turing’s ae ( instance of a theological argument refers, there (ase eo cuostion of one who, declaredslion sortdant we noreupon this person got hinself aul tudo ne tiation: (Eno,zeviii-16) « St.Thomas, Z explains (that the ———~ (ar. activity of the Bearer-of-light,averted “gz fron the First One,was bont upon the many of Mintorior ngs,and it was their primacy that he coveted” Wibetalog,qai Seas?) Thought and action were fot Fitted forsee ths cokabtntiom nova mits tedinousand the ccaftered for-thelr ‘own-sakee| Now the sophist, oe in-his-elaborate-ratiocinations} unrestrained by truth, 2 draws at will upon the infinite’ store of ens per acoldens al Blateesh (including an: infinity of logics);thus contriv the 4 worst appear the better reason and make~t fi that which is nostjeccthet/whatever there is most of appears what nore fruly is, and nothing is but shat is not, For instance,of lir.Smith not to montion. the events-composing they bundle, there’ are far moré particles than mon on earth.The {f ghoice'will therefore be simple,soeing that the many conveyed by) “~ _ 'anore bundle’ of fleeting Pocgurrences’ have far wore the (> nature of sheer many than havo the integral parts of a Me ow” totum per se. Hence,to meet the new standard of being, at _cow nore guitable than to father the rational 7, anima as g mere bundle of occurrences rather than as.a B substance or substances 36” -Lord-Russell_ence. ToL J ¢-from-the-geltery;se| a "hopelessly dies nuddle-headed notion? ny Seusieainernemwe. chat fo 1 has in oD ak whidewweing that word,we Yght to agree with-him). { Accordingly, Yaa ‘Mr.Suith? becomes’ a collective ters; yas in 'Hy name is-Legion.’ On the other hand,man,in the 1 | order of operation,is lowered to the level, of, a nore * tool,and thus can do no more than serve;a tool,like any instrunent,being of its nature movens motun,(A’ rather, strange tool, at that instrument without a prinefpal like’a sign dos not sloniiycot & relation adrift, without terms; for the maker and agent is buried when one tool : gives birth to another, seeing“tussell has shown itkuck something to the effect that wa hay havo tools of tools and nothing but tgols without endyso that everything nay vell be ip the, service of nothing. )—hether or not we believe in Sacred Yoctrine is not at present to the point. The plain fact remains that the literature to which Turing refers sets forth a strophe for yal which we have provided an antistrophe: we have echoed the welt) yon servian) and the attending desire of primacy for the shoerest many; not In the romantic way of Karl Marx quoting Aeschyles’s Pronetheus,nor by merely enslaving “sone of these infernal machines’ as E.TSell calls them) to do the repulsive drudgery; | but in identifying science with the mechanical process itself making what goes on in the computer to be one and the same wi: the highest form of life,namely,thought. And it is worthy of note that the keenest joy is éxpressed when such reductions are male. Sinilarly,the scattering thought finds an entitative counter-part in the nere bundles that are Mr.Smith,Barl Russell,etc.; a Sis zeke that should be carried on and extended to the universe as a. the supfene heap of bundles that outbundies them all. Russell, has said that we may one day blow up tho universe,and he is appalled at the horrible mem prospect. Yet,it being by nature already so much out of joint,one can hardly seo what there is of the universe to explode, or that it could nate, mich differonca;nor why any one should, relly Gare,sceing that,to whatever there is’in the universe it wilt bo as fz it had never been.Besides,it would all happen most leg To gy es aA] 38 te Db Mi TINY og? WE yn op er wyi4 sf a uo Loe u ai quésec, Po. sly 7h PP vt ooh “fei = <6 a3 EE o 8 co u 5 a zé 5 yh, fy ep paths 0 PY rer foul az Ley nt gr Ty wy vaales tap toed sie 2 z “er 4s" igh pray bas iiy ip need ‘uA 1 ripe engl Oe * Peal) | on Tad wheal ; Coun 209 20; 4 2 a CABINET DU DOYEN ieanre Crcuhiee Hatt i Ctfeteny Resarter 50 Ho. decly? | Coc parte Mtl