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Troubleshooting and Repair of Microwave Ovens

Troubleshooting and Repair of Microwave Ovens

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Published by: wasabi1scribd on Jan 14, 2012
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Microtech maintains a web site with a large amount of information on microwave oven repair
including an on-line Tech Tips Database with hundreds of solutions to common problem for many
models of microwave ovens. There are also an extensive list of microwave oven related links to
other interesting sites (including this document!). The comprehensive Safety Info is a must read as
well. Not entirely coincidentally, I assume, some of its wording appears remarkably familiar!
Microtech also offers instructional videos and books on microwave oven and VCR repair.

It is quite possible your problem is already covered at the Microtech site. In that case, you can
greatly simplify your troubleshooting or at least confirm a diagnosis before ordering parts. My only
reservation with respect to tech tips databases in general - this has nothing to do with Microtech in
particular - is that symptoms can sometimes be deceiving and a solution that works in one instance
may not apply to your specific problem. Therefore, an understanding of the hows and whys of the
equipment along with some good old fashioned testing is highly desirable to minimize the risk of
replacing parts that turn out not to be bad.

Jim Bryant's Microwave Ovens page is another site worth visiting. While he deals mostly with
models in the UK, he will answer questions via email and includes links to many USA microwave
oven manufacturers and parts suppliers.

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Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Microwave Ovens



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