• • • Subway prides itself in being a healthy fast food chain offering a variety of sandwiches and subs Founded in summer of 1965, by Fred Deluca and investor Dr. Buck As a growth strategy, and in effort to increase profits, they embarked on the idea of franchising their business

• Be the no 1 Quick Serving Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience

• Delight every customer so that they want to tell their friends- with great value through fresh , delicious made –to-order sandwiches and an exceptional experience

• To build our business relationships by serving each other i.e. our customers & our communities, much as we do within our families

• We challenge ourselves each other to succeed through teamwork, against shared goals and to be accountable for our responsibilities

• • • • Formulating a unique value proposition Targeting an underserved customer segment Structuring an aggressive franchising model Expanding Internationally


000 for McDonalds ii) Makes it appealing to investors • Doctor Associates Inc. (DAI) is the trademark holder and franchisor of SUBWAY MARKETING: • • • • “EAT FRESH” (slogan) Higher perceived value against competition Custom sandwiches tailored to customer Appeal to young professionals COMPETITORS: • Subway uses its own products against the competition in their quest to elevate themselves. oven.000 Vs $45.e. Subway says look at how bad McDonald’s or Burger King is for you and look how great our food is for you. The names. refrigerator & microwave. Small area is needed and real estate costs are low • Lowered operating costs which therefore raise margins: i) $12. and health information of different brands are listed right on Subway’s packaging and marketing material.• The team offers a diversified portfolio of new and promising ideas that will improve the subway experience for franchisees and their customers • Franchising involves low start up cost in which less equipment is needed i. products. SWOT ANALYSIS: STENGTHS: • • • • TEAMWORK: We challenge ourselves each other to succeed through teamwork. against shared goals and to be accountable for our responsibilities FRANCHISE BRANDS: this team offers a diversified portfolio of new and promising ideas that will improve the subway experience for franchise and their customers Higher perceived value against competition “EAT FRESH” (slogan) WEAKNESS: • • Location Product saturation OPPORTUNITIES: • • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Many of the franchise owners and their employees help support their local communities through monetary and product donations The J Curve principle of upward growth of subway indicates its high profitability in future . countertop.

THREATS: • Strong competition BALANCE SCORE CARD FINANCIAL PRESPECTIVE • • • • Increase market share Faster production & delivery time Cost leadership Efficiency & delivery CUSTOMER PRESPECTIVE • • • • • No of new customer Retaining existing customers Speed Pricing Quality Service PRODUCTIVIY & SALES INTERNAL BUSINESS PRESPECTIVE • • • Order delivery time Production Globalisation • LEARNING & GROWH PRESPECTIVE • • • • Knowledge based Training & Development Technology Investment in FACTORS LEADING TO ORGANISATIONAL CAPABLITY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE .

It includes research & development which develops test markets for the food that is being served. higher perceived value against competition WEAKNESS: Location. SYNERGESTIC EFFECT: Faster growth.responsible for creation and placement of commercials and print ads. customs & ordinances . military bases. amusement parks.ORGANISATINAL RESOURCES: Franchisee ORG BEHAVIOUR/WORK CULTURE: Teamwork & Family Note: Subway maintains its core value by building business relationships by serving each other customers & communities much like a family STRENGTH: Teamwork. 3) Operational Capability .It enforces standards and provides training and operational assistance to franchises and field staffs 4) Legal Capability.) 2) Marketing Capability. hospitals. Franchise Brands. profit generation COMPETENCIES: Franchisee. unique store location Note: Unique store location includes such as airports. FAF (Franchising Advertising Fund). organising and reporting on the financial activities with DAI (Doctor’s Associates Inc. stadiums.responsible for tracking. supermarkets and truck shops ORGANISATIONAL CAPABILITIES 1) Financial Capability. colleges.This department is responsible for ensuring DAI & SUBWAY comply with rational and international laws. & Universities.

This team supports company wide operations at Subway’s headquarters in Milford. CT and includes departments like customer care and the business process team 6) Administrative Capability.5) Executive Capability.This team is responsible for DAI employee management and grounds & shipping centre oversight 7) Franchisee Brands.This team offers diversified portfolio of new and promising ideas that will improve the SUBWAY experience for franchisees & their customers COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Franchisee Expansion VRIO APPROACH Are the capabilities valuable YES Are the capabilities Rare Are the capabilities costly to imitate NO Are the capabilities organised for uses YES Are the capabilities strength or weakness Strength and distinctive competition YES ASSIGNMENT ON STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF SUBWAY .

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