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The project emphasizes on following major points:The project provides the member with online blocking of books capabilities . Our project ³online library management system using RFID³replace today¶s monotonous library management system.REASON FOR CHOOSING THE PROJECT ‡ Library management system is an integral part of an educational institution.

‡ The system provides log on facility to the users as well as provides option to check their account and/or change the option like password of the account when ever needed. . ‡ The system lets the library staff to check which all members have blocked the books and whether they can borrow any more books or not.

new journals and also any books updated to the library. ‡ The system also provides an advanced search option for finding books effectively .‡ The system also provides information about ebooks .

PROJECT DETAILS INTRODUCTION 1. . Library employees and Users. The system provides books catalog and information to members and helps them decide on the books to borrow from the library. 2. The Online Library System is a package to be used by Libraries to improve the efficiency of Librarians.

. 3.1. 2. Billing System. The product has to interact with other systems like: Internet. The librarian can get the information about the members who have borrowed or returned or reserve the books. The billing system is connected to the Online Library System and the database used by the billing system must be compatible with the interface of the Online Library System.

AIM OF THE PROJECT ‡ To implement this project in each and every Institution of India. . ‡ To make it commercialize for the future use.

Hardware Used: ‡ computer .

‡ 2-Gb RAM .

‡ 360-Gb Hard disk ‡ 4-Gb Pendrive .

net(2008) ‡ ‡ SQL server(2005) ‡ Teracopy .Software Used: ‡ VB.

HOME page .Photographs: Admin.

Student details: .

Book issue: .

Book return: .


Home page for USER .


.Similar project done else where and result: ‡ As far our knowledge this project is never implemented in anywhere else.

Future Scope: ‡ The product provides the members with online blocking of books capabilities and the Online Library System is up and running all day. ‡ The system provides the members with the option to check their account and/or change their options like password of the account whenever needed all through the day during the library hours. . ‡ The system provides logon facility to the users.

add/delete books and maintain the books catalog. ‡ The system updates the billing system as and when the member borrows or returns a book. .‡ The system allows the members to block the books 24 hours a day and throughout the semester. ‡ The system lets the library staff to check which all members have blocked the books and whether they can borrow any more books or not. ‡ The system allows the Librarian to create the books catalog.

Where project was carried out: ‡ In college ‡ In friends house .

Conclusion: ‡ The initial layout has been designed with all the analysis work. ‡ we are sure to come up with a website which will satisfy all the needs for a library member in easy and efficient way. design phase. The member can verify his/her library account any where having the connection of internet and anywhere in college computer having LAN connection. design diagrams.etc.UML diagrams. srs document. .

‡ In our major project we are going to automate the Library System by incorporating RFID. ‡ Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method. relying on storing and remotely Retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders .

asp.programmersheaven.Bibliography: ‡ Rajib Mall(software ‡ ‡ http://www.) ‡ VB-NET-School ‡ http://www.

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