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The Big Picture for Artists by RD Riccoboni

The Big Picture for Artists by RD Riccoboni

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Published by: dianepascual on Jan 14, 2012
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1. Write a one or two page letter to yourself from the future about all
the cool stuff that happened to you on your journey. Don’t forget to
thank yourself now for that magnificent life.

2. Write another one or two page letter to the public about you and
your life one hundred years from now and how you changed the
world for better.

Start the letter with: One hundred years ago there was a (woman or
man) named ___________. The world today is a better place
because of this person and here is their story. Proceed from there
and just let your imagination flow, this is your chance to shine.
So dream big.

Did you have any new insights from the previous two exercises?

Did you have any new and unexpected developments that will
create new goals?

3. Did you take time to enjoy yourself today? Did you spark any new

4. Apply the 20/20/20 rule of self care with Meditation, Visioning and
Physical Exercise.

5. Write a script of your perfect life as if it is happening right now.
Start the script with an account from the moment you wake up in the
morning until the evening when you go to sleep. Describe precisely
what you do, where you go, how you live, travel, with whom, your
finances, your fun time in public, your home, personal and private
time. It’s your life; tell it like you want it!

What have you learned so far?


Stories sell! Tell happy rememberable stories about your art in three

Find peace in forgiveness, both in yourself and others.
You’ve learned to take ownership of your Big Picture and you can have
fun with others doing it, too.

Make decisions by, and focusing on, the solutions.

You have a magical mind and you can train your mind and use it to attract
what you want. It will begin to attract more and more, like compound
interest; whatever you put invest or deposit comes back to you.

You learn to serve the world from your heart first by identifying with
gratitude what you love and by showing appreciation and kindness.

You do make the world a better place through your thinking and
associations and what you are in harmony with by what you resonate to.

You must take care of your mind and your body through a balance of
meditation, physical exercise and eating right.

Find and live your passions, following your inspirations to make a

You can have fun and play games with yourself, others and the Universe.

You’ve learned you are responsible for your relationships and it’s up to
you to take responsibility to surround yourself with love and support.
Do it now.

You can magnetize prosperity through added value and thankfulness and
give back with a loving, open heart.

You can play.

Creative Activity Points

Act as if You are the Success You Desire and put it out there; have fun
with it!


The good you can do by yourself is small compared to what can be
accomplished in a positive, goal-minded group. Link up with other
like-minded folks to create new possibilities.

Play and have fun at work and home.

Write a script for the perfect business plan you desire.

Include friends and colleagues in your fun time.

It’s okay to say NO and relax.

Create balance and harmony between work and play.

Success is a sales point that will differentiate your art from others.

The solution to one problem often presents another problem.
Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your inner artist to find a way to tackle
these challenges and watch your artist living grow tenfold.


Studio Five

Be Illuminated

Meditation and Illumination
Take Care of Your Mind and Artist Spirit Self.

“I believe that painting should come through the avenues of meditation rather than the
canals of action.” Mark Tobey

Chapter Sixteen

Affirmation and Emotion Feeling


Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives
and we obey them without realizing it.
Vincent Van Gogh,

You may not know it, however, you were born to thrive and prosper. You
may be thinking yes, but how? Or, you've got to be kidding! Well, I for one
am convinced that you were born to thrive and I'm not the only one that
believes this. Many times others can see our potential way before we can.
However, like an unplanted seed, sheer potential does no one any good
unless it is nurtured. It’s important to move away from simply being a
person with great potential and toward being a person of manifested
purpose and service.

Breathe in the air, there is plenty for you. It is abundant evidence for you.
Enjoy the daylight; it is also abundant evidence for you. Enjoy the evening;
it is abundant evidence for you. The natural abundance in nature, of which
you are a part, is evidence that there is plenty for you and it is
unconditional. There is more than enough air, there is more than enough
sunshine, dirt, rocks, and on it goes. There is also more than enough
money. There are more than enough venues for your art, there are more
than enough ideas, customers, clients, walls, rooms, halls, spaces, riches
and on it goes. Can you picture more places awaiting your artistry?

Seeing pictures and thinking thoughts can evoke emotions and feelings.
Simply thinking of holding a loving puppy or kitten and the unconditional
love feeling it evokes, creates strong feelings inside me. Does it do that for

Here’s a fun exercise: Think of holding a loving puppy or kitten and that warm
and fuzzy feeling you get inside. Now, RELAX and transfer that same feeling
into attracting the thing you want. If puppies or kitties don’t do it for you, think
of something loving that makes you melt and do the same thing.

We live in a natural Universe and a world of abundance. You can
naturally develop a mentality of abundance. Do not allow the illusion of
limited resources or scarcity of others to become part of who you are or
what you think. There is always more of everything you want or need and
it is actually closer than you think. No matter if you are just starting out in
your art career or starting over, you must believe you have thriving
abundance in your Big Picture.


Sometimes you get a taste of success and then lose everything, or at
least this is the perception. Build new dreams when you feel you’re down
to nothing. You build success first through your dreams, desires, and
passions, and then by focusing on them. You may attract help and
knowledge along the way as there are people who want to and can help
you. However, you must ASK. Why? BECAUSE they’re not going to call
you! They don’t know who you are. YOU HAVE TO REACH OUT. You did
that at least once before through the vibration you put out into the world.
You can recover, build new dreams and do it again. Keep the faith. Every
day is a new beginning, and you can start that day over. Every moment
offers a new beginning.
You are a powerful being; you have the ability to comprehend, think about
and bring about your reality, happy or sad. So, choose your thoughts
wisely. Polar opposites exist. If you don’t like something, change your
thoughts about it.
Everything in your life that has happened, good or bad, has been
absolutely essential to prepare you for what you are going to do. If you
could go back in time and change anything, you wouldn’t be the person
you are today. Make sure your experiences from now on are going to be
big and wonderful.
Allowing your success is an art. Honor your integrity and choose the path
of most light. Love getting to the Big Picture as much as being there.
You can be as creative, rich, wealthy, abundant, prosperous, as your
contentment level is. This is why most folks just get by, that is where they
are content; you do have to work to get there and that is a choice.
Choose to uplift and expand your conscious thinking while physically
working toward financial independence. Always apply working with
unlimited creativity and a good attitude. Do this in both your working and
personal relationships. As people in California say, grab the “the whole
enchilada.” Release through gratitude the abundance that is already
YOU. Look around and see what you have to be grateful for. There is
always someone who has less than you, so be grateful for what you do
have. When I was a little boy, I saw an artist with no arms who painted
amazing pictures with a brush in his mouth. Nothing stopped him from
being the artist he wanted to be! Nothing opens the door to success like a
thankful, smiling heart. Love and drive can overcome big difficulties.
Talent and ability are hardly ever what’s lacking, but rather, it’s doubting
your ability to have what you want. Get rid of the doubt and affirm your
belief in your Big Picture. Every thought and feeling you create permeates
your entire body and the energy field around you.


When you doubt your ability to generate the thing you’re dreaming of, then
you really don’t know much about yourself. You are an amazing creation
with amazing power flowing through you! Breathing, blood-pumping
energy going in and out. Think about all the energy it takes just to reach
out and pick up this book, pick up a pencil and write with it, all the
electrical charges that must flow through you constantly, You’re truly an
amazing miracle! Think about that. There is infinite power flowing through
you; you can do many things with your talent and ability. Think about that,
analyze that for a minute. Use affirmations out load to express what you
are capable of accomplishing. Stop doubting your ability and talent.
Replace doubt with belief.
What is success? Big Pictures vary and can be vastly different. To some
it is prosperity, exciting living, peaceful life, great health, enjoying living to
its fullest; a well-balanced life in all these areas. The key, of course, is
living a harmonious life balanced with love.
We basically have three viewpoints in life. First, a material (external)
viewpoint, secondly, a spiritual (internal) viewpoint and third, a thought
viewpoint. Many concentrate exclusively on the third thought viewpoint
only, however, to be truly successful is a balance and we must heal all
three levels of being.

We are all different and on different paths, what’s good for you may not
apply to others so be patient and kind to others. Offer assistance when
asked for it, don’t jam it down anybody’s throat, no one likes a zealot.
Remember to work on YOU and the right persons, associations and
opportunities will be attracted to you naturally, and you to them.
To start that attraction is to know what you really want in the first place.

What are your expectations of the persons, companies, galleries you are
doing business with? Once again be clear with them.
Chapter Sixteen – Play Sheet

What is your Material (external) viewpoint of success? Write it down.

What is your Spiritual (internal) view point of success? Write it down.


What is your Thought viewpoint of success? Write it down.

What are you happy and grateful for right now? This is your Big Picture
right now. Write everything down.

Creative Activity Points

Professional rejection is not personal rejection. Personal rejection is not
professional rejection. Do not confuse the two.

The more joyful action you take, the more likely your success will
permeate, mix and meld with professional mutual respect; this energy will
be attracted to you, as well.

Everything in life gets better when you get better and nothing gets better
until you get better. To get better, you have to think positively, release old
thoughts that no longer serve your artistic success, do the work,
investigate, emulate, read, research and take action to improve your Big


Reaching out cures loneliness and creates new bonds in business and

Reach out to local charities that need your artistry and inspiration.

Reach out to artists who know more by asking for advice.

Reach out to artists who know less by giving appropriate advice.

Seek a mentor and be a mentor is taking care of your mind and artist spirit


Chapter Seventeen

See Yourself in The Big Picture

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so
regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
Alexander Graham Bell

Are you afraid of the past? Probably not; the past is over with. Are you
afraid of right now? Most likely no, because you’re in it and experiencing it
right now. So, what are most people afraid of? They have anxiety over the
future. Take fear and anxiety out of the future and have some fun creating
pictures of how you want your story to become. Then, begin to be grateful


for it before you even have it. Nothing cures anxiety and fear like

In 1974, as a teenager in art class we were given an assignment to make
a collage. One of my dreams had always been to move to California when
I got out of high school. So, on a collage board I pasted pictures cut from
magazines of beautiful places in California, sunny beaches, majestic
mountains, beautiful homes, exciting restaurants, cars, and things that
made me feel good in general. I posted my collage behind my door in my
bedroom. When I came home at the end of the day, I would see my
collage board and look at the pictures on it. I did not realize at the time
that I was affecting my subconscious mind. By 1980 I was living in
California, living where I wanted, on the beach, driving my new car, and
working in a fun job that I had envisioned. I had accomplished everything
on my collage.

Today many people use these collages, called vision boards, to instill in
their subconscious mind the things they would like to have in their life. I
suggest making one. When you look at the picture of the thing you want,
on the picture board or even in your mind, think of holding a soft loving
puppy, kitten, or fuzzy baby chick and concentrate on a feeling of
unconditional love, both given and received.

Create that feeling of love and appreciation in order to attract without
putting up invisible walls of which you may be unaware. Make a collage-
vision board. Invite friends over and create them together. This creates
great energy and excitement. Remember, you are setting up the vibration
that calls you and others to action. Think warm puppy and kitty when
looking at it. Nice! Feel as if the things on your board are already yours.
How does that feel? Are you grateful for even the possibility of knowing
that the object of your desire can be yours? Does that feel good? When it
does, anxiety goes away. Gratitude and anxiety will not co-exist together.
Which one do you prefer?

This book can help you to begin see the Big Picture, but it can’t create it
for you. You have to do that and, the more you do, the more your art is
worth, and the more you are worth. This is where your value begins to
accumulate. Now that you know, work with this.

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