Enochian Entities

‘The Ohorela Papers’

“The Key [Note] Of It All”
[Volume #4]

By –SaToGa
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whatsoever. [I think that is fair] My only hope. is for my name to go down in the Enochian annals of time. THE ONLY FAVOR I ASK OF YOU IS TO PLEASE KEEP THESE BOOKS IN CIRCULATION. I will not yell from the roof tops: “This is how it is done!” Rather. They have initiated yet another project. There were no fees for these Volumes. -SaToGa Salvatore ‘Tommy’ Ganci 2 . these books. For Free These writings are not my invention.mage@yahoo. Yours Truly. UPLOAD THEM AND DOWNLOAD THEM. My small. That is my Magickal Legacy. COPYRIGHT©1995-2011 –SaToGa enochian.The “Ohorela Papers” were named by the EE.com I WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME CREDIT FOR ALL THE WORK I PUT INTO THESE.IF YOU COPY & PASTE FROM MY BOOKSKINDLY INCLUDE: MY NAME.I upload. I am a scribe. an EE conduit. EE download . Again for wide and quick distribution &. PRINT THEM AND COPY/PASTE THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE! …INTERNET & BEYOND! PLEASE.. That’s the ‘arrangement’ This & All Prior Volumes Previously Releasedwere works of Altruism. and to leave as my contribution. Nor did I ask for any type of Contribution. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION AND EMAIL ADDRESS. nor my teachings. but personal addition … to the archives of Enochian history.

Figure #1 3 .

4 . They were shuffling around.. on top of their heads. * This ‘scene’ flipped over. but to convey it. [See My Other Volumes] A simple ‘getting to know you ritual’ lasting only a little more than couple of weeks at the beginning [of the Enochian Preparation] is enough to initiate a person into the Enochian Current-Stream. every time someone yelled “SHUNT” …Shunt!. reciting small sequences of letters is all that is needed to Summon! Again. To watch the vision. is almost impossible for me! * Motherboard with ‘electronic relays and gadgets’ passing and swapping current [Step-down & Step-Up Transformers] Recall.. it makes so much sense. Shunt!. the Enochian Calls [Keys] are not necessary to Activate/Summon the WatchTower Entities. under it: It appeared as a circuit board* with electricity traveling from one letter to groups of letters.“In the Vision [Figure #1 & #3] I seen little people[Reminiscent of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’] carrying square boxes with letters.. No Enochian Calls… nor anything else for that matterto ‘activate’ the Enochian Stream.or attempt to draw it.. From there.

Figure #2 5 .

2nd Level consists of 10 Letters 3rd Level consists of 36 Letters 4th Level consists of 40 Letters [Black Cross] The whole WatchTower tablet itself revolves on an axis that is aligned to the Zodiac belt. with wires connecting the letters. 6 . underneath.Figure #2 explains the following: 1st level consists of 20 Letters. Think of that small board as a circuit board. That rotates in conjunction with Liber Loagaeth.

Surgery: -to divert blood or other fluid by means of a shunt. switch. Railroads: -to shift (rolling stock) from one track to another. as in a railroad yard. Electricity: -to divert (a part of a current) by connecting a circuit element in parallel with another. -to place or furnish with a shunt. [of a locomotive with rolling stock] to move from track to track or from point to point. -the tube itself. switch. get rid of.Figure #2A: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th [4th=Black Cross] Levels *Shunt: -to shove or turn (someone or something) aside or out of the way. -to move or turn aside or out of the way. -to sidetrack. 7 .

Power passes along the Paths. In other words. even… Multi-Dimensional” 8 . Liber Loagaeth works the same way.to and fro. this signifies “Thickness or Volume” and that each “page” is 3D.maybe. The path going to Tiphareth from Yesod is different than the path going to Yesod from Tiphareth. Recall from my other Volumes: “Liber Loagaeth are 49 gold sheets with a differing front and back.This “Shunting of Energy” is similar to how the Tree of Life glyph operates… The fountain of energy passes and overflows/showering from one Sephiroth to the one under it.

Figure #3 9 .

I can ‘view’ scenes for instruction somewhere in my ‘mindprojection’… “ [How do you explain this stuff???] 10 . The synchronicity was uncanny.Figure #1 is a page from MY EE Grimoire. white bird. I looked behind this spare refrigerator afterwards and [it is an older model]. Figure #3 are the results from that Ritual. Sure enough. I feel like my spine is a Guitar. “I see what appeared as a big.it had a grill of skinny pipes running vertically… like a Harp made of tubes rather than strings. and being taught the following… I am looking down. I eventually knew when the refrigerator would ‘knock’ right before it did because I realized the cadence and patterns of energy in those lumbar regions of my spine. “The Vision” [Figure #1] “I feel the temple floor shaking. This happened for about 15 or 20 minutes. There’s a lot of info there… That was the preparation. with the head of a man.” For some odd reason. every time the energy ‘plucked’ around Lumbars 2. and my root charka creates intense heat. as various items are being displayed on a desk. Then I was seated in a class room. as I can literally feel ‘strings’ being prodded and waves of intense energy vibrating upwards.flying towards my left. 3 & 4the refrigerator in the other room kept clicking and knocking. plump.

-Similar to Ley LinesEach Intersecting Plasma-Chord resonates at different frequencies. Itself.Harmonically. The Names of the EE are the receiving Conduits. These Tones radiate LUX. Each frequency is an EE Signature.“…Like two Harps-intersecting: The Chords are ‘super-imposed’ vertically and horizontally. Each Grid composition are lines of Longitude & Latitude. is as a Music Scale. These Chords are composed of etheric [invisible] filaments… ’plasma fibers’ that run in 90 degree angles. 11 . They transmit and intercept/receive radiating Acoustic *Plasmid vibrations. occurring in bacteria and yeast: used in recombinant DNA procedures to transfer genetic material from one cell to another. The Tones transmit. In turn. intercept. they vibrate intersecting chords [Grids] which form a Nexus. mutant/change… and become a new vibration…forming an EE Signature *plasmid –noun Microbiology . a segment of DNA independent of the chromosomes and capable of replication. Thus the Enochian Language. The Shunt: This Series of Oscillations Pass throughout the Grid Patterns.

most of the EE materials. This is why the Grid Formation is so important. including Liber Loagaeth.Black Cross.Each of the ascending scale levels are higher frequencies. ending in the Table of Union. The EE wanted this Grid Compositionthis is the ‘Blueprint’ behind it. 12 . are all in grid patterns.

When Reciting.Vibrating [Literally!] an Enochian Entity NameThe corresponding Chords are Pluckedcreating a chain/chord reaction. 13 .

Ministers and of course. In other words. Think of the WatchTower as a telephone directory.is as the –Macrocosm The EE Infrastructure: “Knitting Together” 30 Aethyrs are “of” the Cities of Loagaeth Liber Loagaeth are 49 gold sheets with a differing front and back. the EE explained it as: *This is the Analogy of Correlation* (This Volume: “ZAX Vision: Get Thee Behind Me. the 18 Calls is it’s Declaration of Independence. The 7 Ensigns.maybe. this signifies “Thickness or Volume” and that each “page” is 3D. We see this as an interest because the EE Hierarchy is composed of a “Theocracy”.Satan!”) “Think of the 18 Calls as The Keys that Open the Tumblers of the Loagaeth cities. [‘Directives’] The EE were very interested in the World’s Kingdoms. I wrote: “Dee’s diaries are vague in establishing a direct link between the Enochian Keys/Calls and the Watchtower tablets.Book B” – By SaToGa Volume #2: “In the “ZAX Vision”. Find the occupant and dial it in! The 18 Calls/Keys [including the 19th] are directly related to Loagaeth. & the Governors of the 30 Aethyrs” [the 19th Key] The Holy Table.like the 12 Tribes of Israel. Seniors.is as the -Loagaeth & 30 Aethyrs. even… “Multi-Dimensional” The 19th Call is a Trumpet that Calls the 91 Governors The 91 parts are ‘etheric counterparts’ “of” the 30 Aethyrs Heptarchial Mystica is the ‘Cosmology’ and ‘Calendar’ system of the EE MultiVerse(s) Previously. 91 Parts and Loagaeth.is as the -WatchTowers Microcosm. EE has Kings.“Enochian Entities . The WatchTowers contain It’s occupants. 14 .” The WatchTowers contain the ‘Census’ [inhabitants] of the 30 Aethyrs. Princes.is as the -Heptarchial Mystica Sigillum Dei Aemeth. If Loagaeth was a Nation.

“9996”. Watchers & Princes” “As an instrument of the thrashing…This Doctrine is a Flayle” “Therefore you may do anything” –Mapsama As the Grid Pattern was very special to John Dee [see his Book of Soyga]…the diagrams consisting of boxed squares proved nothing unusual in Dee’s current Understanding… The Vertical and Horizontal Lines form Latitude and Longitude Lines. the Lord gave unto the world Her time.God(s)…and a God of Justice (Scales of Balance) The purpose of Loagaeth: Circulating it’s Energy Matrix/Theocratic Kingdom . Some of the context from these Keys make these numerical sequences appear as ‘Zones or Districts’…” 15 . aligning the Zodiac. Planets and Elements I believe some of the familiar number sequences in the 18 Keys refer to this: “456”.. etc. and placed over Her Angelic keepers. Celestial/Cosmological Spheres.. “3663”.then“The End of the World”. Again… “But in the same instant when Adam was expelled.

Enochian Entities .Ohorela Papers #3 Talisman By -SaToGa ISBN 978-1-257-09390-8 16 .

_____________ is how we came to that conclusion” “What drugs do you have to take to do tis kinda stuff?? 17 . I hope people are appreciating all your work.I had some room for Email correspondence Spelling and Grammar left intact. Don Tyson and Lon Milo DQ all said in their writings that someone would come along and get this system all figured out. That’s a lot.” “You want to be known in enochian history and you made your mark deep in to it! Congrats!!!” “Intensity!” “You have almost the same amount of pdf files as Ben Rowe.Names removed for Anonymity Excerpts: “I just want to say thanks!” “You take alot of time to make these I know you do. I think that would be yourself.” “Your ben row reincarnated!” “How come you don’t charge for your books satoga? Do you have a motive like your ee do?” “You really are trying to end the world hmmm?” “Crowley. I think you rank right up there with him.

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