1. Is coaching a one-time activity or a developmental process through a series of one-on-one meetings with the employee? A.

One time activity B. Series of one-on-one meetings 2. The GROW model is a A. Model to calculate growth B. Questioning model C. Feedback model

3. Coaching is an activity which facilitates development through A. Pushing B. Pulling 4. Mentoring is one way of developing protégé s skills. True or False

True. It should be used in conjunction with many different approaches to development, including job shadowing, developmental projects and assignments, formal training, and self-study. 5. For mentoring to be successful, there must be chemistry between the mentor and mentee? True or False False. Chemistry is what brings informal mentoring relationships together, but in a company sponsored formal program it is compatibility rather than chemistry.

6. A mentor can sponsor and coach activities that will foster and promote growth. True or False

Name one of the other famous model of Mentoring (except Grow) Ans: SAGE .True. in fact that is one of the primary outcomes of the relationship. 7.

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