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Published by: Dany Man on Jan 14, 2012
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he switchover to digital television
broadcasting took place according to plan and was completed in October 2010. Market

trong position, which is shown for

instance by its 79% of the broadband market revenues.

ing permits for mobile infrastructure

continue to be slow, despite past efforts on the issue.

needed in order to develop
the agency into a strategic player endorsing the policy goals of a level playing field, including

ent national actions relating to the European Digital Agenda
is being developed. Interest in organising a 'going local' initiative has been expressed.

endments to the Media Act and to the Electronic Media Act, aimed at ensuring
transparency of ownership in the media, were adopted in July 2011. Also amendments to the

4.10. Cha

Croatia has made good progress with aligning its policy, legislation and regulations with the
acquis on electronic communications and information technologies. Amendments to the
Electronic Communications Act were adopted in July 2011 aimed at aligning with the EU
2009 electronic communications reform package. T

analysis procedures and regulations are well advanced. However, repeated delays in
introducing cost-model based prices are raising concerns.

Croatia has now reached a broadband penetration rate of 25.52% (18% in fixed, mainly
ADSL, and 7.5% in mobile), which compares well with the EU average. While companies of
all categories are well connected, especially those with mobile broadband, households are still
slightly below the EU average. The incumbent retains a s

The 'crisis tax' introduced in 2009 on mobile operators' revenue remains in force. It mainly
affects the latest entrant on the market, as well as any possible new entrants on the market.
Despite requests, no analysis of its non-detrimental effects on market liberalisation has been
published for public review. Procedures to obtain build

Further progress has been made on strengthening the administrative capacity and transparency
of the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency. Training has been provided,
and significant investment in the further education and training of the employees is planned in
the course of 2011. However, continuous management efforts are

increased transparency and stakeholder dialogue. Overall preparations in this area are well
advanced. However, major efforts are needed in order to increase competition, in particular on
the internet broadband market.

Preparations in the area of information society services are well advanced. Croatia plays an
active role in many of the related EU initiatives. An electronic business council was
established to provide private sector input into government policies. Furthermore, a national
structure to monitor and implem

Identified shortcomings in the legal alignment with the e-commerce acquis need to be

Good progress can be reported in the field of audiovisual policy. A new Croatian Radio-
Television Act was adopted in December 2010, in line with EU State aid rules. Several by-
laws implementing the Electronic Media Act have been adopted by the Electronic Media
Council. Am

Act on Audiovisual Activities were adopted in July 2011, introducing a new financial
incentive for the production of audiovisual works in Croatia as a production site. The
administrative capacity of the Electronic Media Agency has been strengthened through the
recruitment of new expert staff. Continued efforts are also necessary to ensure and promote
the independence of the public service broadcaster and to increase its transparency. Attention
must also be paid to maintain the decriminalisation of defamation.




tions markets, to further
lopment of an information society and to promote competition on the
market and the independence of the public service broadcaster.

o complete the
tment to implement a system of
olicy in 2012.

s and software.

control system and on the common market organisation. Overall,
are on track. Croatia needs to sustain efforts in all these areas in order to have
pliant systems in place. Additional efforts are also necessary


Croatia has made good progress in the field of information society and media and has
achieved a high level of alignment with the acquis in this chapter. Further efforts are needed
to sustain liberalisation of all segments of electronic communica
facilitate the deve

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