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Colegio de San Juan de Letran
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Natural Science Area Scie101 (Physical Science)


Five Different Ways
What you should be able to do At the end of the activity, you should be able to 1. differentiate a scalar from a vector by giving examples; and 2. define the determinants of motion formula-wise and by words. What you need meter stick yarn calculator marking pen tape measure timer masking tape

What you should do 1. On the floor, measure a distance of 3 meters. Using the masking tape and marking pen, mark the starting point as A and the end point as B. 2. Think of five different ways to get from A to B. Use the yarn to mark the paths. Sketch the path that you traveled on the table below. Make sure that you will also get the time it took you to travel from A to B for each path. Record them on the table below.

Data and Results Path (Sketch) 1 Time (s) Distance (m) Displacement (m) Speed (m/s) Velocity (m/s)




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Follow-up Questions 1. Explain how you were able to determine the values of distance, displacement, speed and velocity. Give your own definition of each.

2. Which of the quantities mentioned above are vectors and which are scalars? Justify your answer.

3. What is (are) the similarity (ies) and difference (s) between vectors and scalars?

Give your Generalization (individual)


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Let’s take it further 1. Give an instance where a. the magnitude of distance and displacement are equal

b. displacement is zero but distance is not zero

2. The figure below shows the path traveled by a car. It took the car 2 hours to get from A to B. Determine the distance, displacement, speed and velocity of the car. Each curve is half a circle and is congruent to one another. A 20 km B

3. We can apply the concept of vectors and scalars to our life. Right now, is your life all scalars, only magnitude but no direction? Or are you a vector, can’t live without direction?

______________________________________ Source: Adapted from Saint Pedro Poveda College (SY 2009-2010). Compiled Activity and Experiment Sheets in Physics. Quezon City: SPPC. -3-

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