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MD SHAHIDUL HAQUE Brigadier General Defence Attache

Dear Brig Gen: Shahid, We hope you are enjoying your tour at our remote area. Our side have discussed with various organizations and government departments about the visit of your B.N.S . Most of the activities in tentative program have been cleared except the tour on BNS by 100 Students from MMU. Since 26th Dec is Sunday the

school will be closed. MMU proposes on 28th Dec (Tuesday) from 1200-1300. We'd like to confirm the change from your side. The fees for hiring 45 seater bus is 120,000 kyats per bus per day. We'd like to know how many days you want to hire. We are waiting your reply.

With regards, Capt: Htun Lwin Oo

D/Bangladesh/Tentative Programme