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SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS SENIOR MANAGER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What do you know about the job that you have applied for? If he appears to want to brief you himself then let him go ahead – tell him you have not been briefed about the job in detail. Otherwise, you can describe the job you are applying for, as you understand it. 2. What do you know about our company? Make sure you know how to answer this question – use the web, find their annual report in the National Library or ask for a copy and get to know them. 2. What can you tell us about your role in your previous company? See Mind Map or Your Resume 3. What achievements did you make during this job? Mind Map or Your Resume 4. How important was communicating with others in you previous job? Vital – see coaching, counseling & team building 5. Have you managed teams before? Yes – see past work history – cover main aspects of one or two examples. Use Examples of Leadership as a strong case in point for your confidence in this area. 6. Why are you leaving your current job? Career and professional development

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7. What would you say are your special characteristics that you will bring of relevance to this position? Technical:… Managerial:… Other aspects…innovation, dynamic,… 8. Do you consider yourself successful? Can you give us some examples please? I let others tell me that – I am too busy trying to do the best I can. In the past they have commended me for … give recent examples one or two is enough, fit examples to target job 9. How do you go about motivating your staff? I listen to them, explain their duties and the procedures and work with them to build their own performance and confidence. I check their work to ensure it meets standards. 10.What do you see are the important things that a company such as ours should be concerned with in managing our IT program? Meeting business objectives through effective IT development and upgrading as well as extracting the best performance from current systems and procedures. (put into you own words) 11.What salary are you expecting for this job? I will need some time to look into this aspect – I guess that you will offer close to the market rate or better to attract the best candidate? Try to avoid mentioning a figure at all. Wait and see if they will reveal their ideas first! It works! Don’t even mention your current salary if you don’t absolutely have to – and I say there is no job worth being pushed around at interview for…

©What Career Next! 2000

HR MANAGER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Can you outline your IT experience for us please? See Mind Map or Your Resume 2. Can you elaborate your promotion history please? I have risen through the ranks from XXX through YYY and ZZZ where we dealt with clients directly to a senior role managing the DDD function and the work of a team of other credit control staff. Etc. try to show your past employers their companies as good ones… 3. What do you think might be the keys to success for this position? Learning about the specific needs of the company for DDD and creating good relationships with internal staff and clients…expand 4. How do you remain effective when you are faced with competing priorities or difficult situations? I always apply company rules as a guide to my behavior at work. These are put in place for a purpose and I feel that they must be obliged. If I need direction I will approach my immediate superior first or if they are unavailable then my senior manager to get their advice. 5. How do you deal with conflict with others? I listen very well to what they have to say, I relate only factual information and avoid emotional responses at all times. Usually if you listen well, they will calm down and you can solve the problem together. 6. What do you think are the keys to management success? Team building and team work – no man is an island and I must get the best out of my staff so that we can all prosper. Having the necessary skills and techniques to support us is vital – we cannot function unless we know what we are doing and can do it efficiently.

©What Career Next! 2000

Building relationships is vital to management downward with staff, upward to top management and outward to our customers and other departments. 7. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of management in this job? What strategy would you use to overcome these factors? Correct staffing is vital – without adequate staff resources we cannot carry the workload and make prudent decisions about risk. Attracting and retaining adequate staff in this area is a key problem. My strategy is to be a good manager and support our staff one hundred percent, whilst expecting and helping them to give us the same in return performance. 8. Describe your working style? Methodical, precise and thorough, I care about my work and work hard to ensure we perform above expectations. I am open to contact with others and prefer to operate not only an open door policy but an open relationship practice so that I will go to where my staff work and check on their progress in their place. 10. Give us some examples of work you enjoy doing the most? Go ahead give them some examples that relate to the job application. 13. Now you have spent some time away from mainstream IT – why did you chose this path? I was interested in exploring the potential of the special area of ERP systems. I learned a lot from the experience including…

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