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This fine officer and secular socialist who overthrew the corrupt King Idris I, is ... Muammar Gaddafi

. Mother Theresa .This beautiful heiress of a wealthy family Vlachs of Albania.. Agnes Boiagiu is .

This studious Xhosa prince. is ... of royal lineage. Nelson Mandela .

asking too many questions and not learning quickly. considered "stupid. inquisitive. Thomas Edison (inventor of the incandescent bulb and other devices) .. restless.This mischievous schoolboy.. " is .

..The proud captain of paratroopers particularly skilled in the anti-guerrilla force. Hugo Chávez . is .

Bill Gates .. he laughed again ...This student was always partying ... is ..

. who was destined to become a social worker is . Barack Obama ..This black student from Honolulu.

despite its British origins. Mohandas Gandhi .This lawyer from an aristicratic serious family.. is .. was Indian.

..This revolutionary who fights for his life against the dictatorship of the Pahlavi is . Ruhollah Khomeini .

Albert Einstein . although good at mathematics. flunked the entrance exam in Polytechnic is . slow and dreamy" and that...This self-taught high school dropout. considered "lazy.

the young Democratic lawyer fighting the Batista dictatorship mafia: it .. Fidel Castro .. brought up by the Jesuits.Born of a wealthy ranchero and his cook.

. and hated by his comrades. Vladimir Putin . consdered a cockroach. is ..This young pioneer withdrawn.

This small suburban thug known to police for shoplifting.. is . Nicolae Ceausescu ..

Joseph Djougashvili.. past bank robber and police informer.This defrocked seminarian. is . who became Stalin ..

darling of his sisters and his schoolmasters.The favourite son of his father. is .. who became Lenin . the son of an imperial inspector of schools. Vladimir Oulianoff..

an excellent comrade. brave. son of customs offficer.. a volunteer. single proletarian. Adolf Hitler . became a corporal..This modest soldier. gassed in the trenches and decorated. loved painting watercolors is .

This student shouting in anger against social reforms increasing the choices in education (understandably... by the way . Nicolas Sarkozy . is ..)..

. are.This couple of hippies. Hillary and Bill Clinton ..

. . disobedient and unbearable³ is .And finally. this high school student judged by his teachers: "turbulent. Charles De Gaulle.. quarrelsome.