Mariah Andersen Pastry Chef, Mother (one child) David Bai Logistics Research in Military Amy Chen (one child) Business Person (in a really good way) Allen Chen Physicist or Epidemiologist (new cure!) Stephanie Chen Teacher, Mother Alvin Chiang Boy Scout Leader, Emergency Room Doctor Chris Chung Lawyer/Attorney Skye Curtis (professional Asian) Actress, Published Author, Mother (several kids) Jason Gong World-famous Carnegie-Hall Pianist/Piano Teacher Rachana Gudipudi Pediatrician, Mother Annie Huang (several kids) Eye Doctor/Violist Yoon-ji Kim (good relationship) (successful) Manga Artist Rachel Lee (fluent in Chinese) Full time mother (happy & smart kids), Missionary David Li World-famous Carnegie-Hall Pianist (Jason’s rival) Alice Liang ??? Jennifer Liu Newspaper/Magazine Editor, Mother of one child Vicky Liu (busy marriage—multiple kids) Fitness trainer/Mother Irene Suh (one of the first to be married, happy marriage) Teacher or Successful Artist, Mother (several kids) Joyce Tsao Pediatrician Edgar Wang (minimal communication in relationship) Health Teacher Annie Xiao (Harvard Alumni) Rocket Scientist, World-famous Author & Musician, Mother Mulin Xiong Lawyer, Mother Jessica Xu (one of the first to get married) Businesswoman, Mother (several kids) Feifei Yan Camp counselor, Elementary teacher Stephanie Yang Scientist, Mother William Yau Olympic Runner Julee Yee Counselor, Mother Xinxin Zhou (one or two children) Christian Therapist

Lily Chen C.E.O. Grace Fu Fashion Designer (NYFW!) Claire Jiang Doctor, Part-time Artist Janani Kumar Medical Researcher Dooeun Lee Multilingual Translator Allison Li Engineer Alice Liu Scientist or Math Professor Mary Liu Doctor or Zoologist Alice Shang Commercial & Catalogue Model, Magazine writer

DISCLAIMER: THIS WAS NOT MEANT TO HURT ANYONE IN ANYWAY. Tell me if you have an objection to your job. But I can see you like that in the future. *** Actually, who knows what the future has? We’ll be successful in anything we do— Why? We’re Asian. (Just Kidding. Kind of.) All we can do is to live our lives. The point of this is just for fun. Let’s open it SENIOR YEAR— Are things still the same? And at our twenty year reunion— How have we changed? Was I right for ANYTHING? It’s hard to see into the future, Maybe ten years from now. People change, things change.

♥ Alice Liang (still remember me?)

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