Welcome to Green Gables

Orientation August 2007

The ABC’s of Kindergarten Policies and Routines
(More about learning in Kindergarten will be explained at our Curriculum Night in September)

by: Mrs. Shehan and Ms. Lazarte

If you want to place an order. you must call the school’s attendance line at (303)982-8300. please make checks payable to Scholastic.is for Attendance. a Birthday Bear to cuddle and enjoy for a few days. Regular attendance without tardiness is critical. They will be clearly noted as such. Arrival . notes.A successful school experience is the responsibility of the child. In class. and the school. If you do miss school due to a family vacation.The Pizza Hut Book-It program begins in October and ends in March. Arrival. and a special treat bag. both academically and socially. Your child should be dropped off on the west side of the school and then walk to line up on the sidewalk in front of the school. Your child will soon be getting a “Star Folder” which will go home throughout the week. A letter will be sent in October explaining the program. Lazarte’s class. Book-It . Shehan’s class and one for Ms. and books to and from school. there is a pre-arranged absence form in the office that you will need to complete. Allergies . and several books to enjoy with your family about birthdays. Your child's progress.Excessive absences hinder a child’s progress. Book Orders. a card. the parents. and Backpacks Birthdays . School policy does not permit treats or party invitations to be brought to school and shared. If your child is going to be absent. is influenced to a great extent by daily participation. and some will need to be returned to school. is for Birthdays.We will send home Scholastic book orders each month for you and your child to look over. It is hard for your child to make up work missed in kindergarten since most work is hands-on and is done in class. Absences . a song. one for Mrs. Your child must read 20 books a month in order to receive the pizza coupon. It will contain reading books to practice at home and other important notes and projects. Some books going home will be theirs to keep and add to their Treasure Box.M.Kindergartners should arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 A. they may still pick another day to celebrate their birthday so as not to miss out on this fun school experience.If your child has any allergies please make sure that we are aware of them.Birthdays are very important to children. Absences.Backpacks help your child carry folders. we will celebrate your child’s birthday in a special way: a crown. You may also place your order right on line. Make two lines on the sidewalk in front of the school. and Allergies Attendance . If your child has a summer birthday. Book Orders . . Directions will be given. projects. School begins promptly at 8:10 A.M. Book It. It may take up to two weeks for the orders to come in. Please check your child’s backpack DAILY. They will also be able to bring home the Birthday Bag for several days. Please plan family trips during our scheduled breaks. Backpacks . Included is a writing journal to write about how they celebrate their birthday. We especially need to know about food allergies and insect bite reactions.

Shehan can be reached by email at mshehan@jeffco. as we do go out for recess everyday. Be sure the school always has updated numbers to reach you. Be sure to be thoughtful about footwear. and Clinic Aide Curriculum Night . As cute as sandals and flip-flops are. or Dental Health. Green Gables will have 12:50 early dismissal days. We will walk them out the front door and you can meet them on the sidewalk in front of the school. All medications.k12. Cuddle Packs – Cuddle packs are an optional activity for your family. On this night. and 2:50 P. . Firefighters. The purposes of these are to enrich your child’s interests and extend their learning. These will be on display at Curriculum Night and more information will be sent home.M. for example: Princesses.Green Gables will be having an all school Curriculum Night on Wednesday. Dinosaurs. She will take care of your child until you can be reached to pick him/her up from school.Going home in Friday folders is the Green Gables Discipline Plan and the Jeffco Public Schools Conduct Code and Related Policies. Your child may check out a cuddle pack each week and enjoy the many quality books and activities that are included.is for Curriculum Night. Lazarte at hlazarte@jeffco.us We check our emails several times throughout the day. Clinic Aide . please be sure they know the designated meeting spot. Palmer will also administer medications to students during school hours. then sign and return the blue form. Clothing. If Full Day Kindergartners are walking home with an older sibling. If you have to get an important message to your child regarding an after school change in plans. we will go over our daily schedules and explain the Kindergarten Curriculum and yearly plan.Several times a year.co. Be sure to make arrangements and tell your child care providers. Please be sure to read and discuss them with your child. Dismissal . Mrs. Each pack has a theme. is for Email and Early Dismissal Email – Mrs. including cough drops.M for the Full Day Kinders. Clothing . AM Kindergartners will be dismissed at their regular 10:50 time. is for Discipline and Dismissal Discipline . must be kept in the clinic and a form filled out. so it is really the best way to reach us. they may not be the best choice for children who like to climb on the playground equipment.k12. please call the office and they will notify us directly. September 5.Lois Palmer is our school Clinic Aide.co.Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for Kindergarten. and Full Day Kindergartners will dismiss with the rest of the school at 12:50. Early Dismissal .us and Ms. Cuddle Packs. Please do not come to the classroom to pick up your child.Dismissal for the AM class is at 10:50 A.

Problems will be dealt with one on one. We will spend time learning class procedures and practicing them. Important concepts can be learned by doing meaningful hands-on activities. Homework in Kindergarten is a good habit that when started early and supported by you. we will schedule field trips to enhance our curriculum. All of the homework has a purpose and is related to what we are working on in class. If you are not able to come into the classroom to donate your time. Parent volunteers will be chosen on a first come. and send the item back to school with your child in a timely manner. Fire Drills . This year we hope to plan a trip to Berry Patch Farms.The best way to help children learn is to make activities fun.is for Field Trips. and to the Jeffco Planetarium. our classrooms will be active learning environments. These items are things that are needed in the classroom (like snacks and craft supplies) and can be easily donated. We will collect the homework calendars at the end of each month. completing two a week will meet standards. No siblings may accompany us on our trips. to a play.Posted by our classroom doors are trees with a “wish list” of apples. Permission slips and requests for fees will be sent home prior to each trip. School buses will provide the transportation. homework. a monthly calendar of suggested activities will be attached to the newsletters each month. Friday Folders . we will contact you for support. Other family projects will have the due date indicated on each one. There are times when seatwork at the tables is required and necessary. is for Good Behavior and The Giving Tree Good Behavior . Thank you so much for your generosity. but for the most part. however. and Fire Drills Field Trips .Fire drills are held on a monthly basis throughout the year. first served basis. Friday Folders.Family homework projects are an important part of our Kindergarten program. If misbehaviors continue. We are a classroom family where teamwork and good relationships are expected. Each student is expected to act within our standards of behavior. will last throughout your child’s academic career. There will be daily activity suggestions. You can drop by before or after school and check to see what is there. All notes copied on blue need your immediate attention.Throughout the year. We will practice and become familiar with procedures before our first scheduled drill.Notes. It should never take more than 10-15 minutes. Friday folders must be returned on Mondays. is for Hands-on Learning and Homework Hands-on Learning . this is a great way to still help us out! Just take an apple off the tree. Giving Tree .Our Kindergarten is a safe and happy place where lots of learning happens. and completed work from the school or from class will come home in these folders. In addition to these assignments. . Please help your child build responsibility by making it their job to put it back in their backpacks once checked by you. Homework . We frequently add new items as we move on to different projects and need new supplies. and will require a signature and the form being returned to school. All students will participate and are expected to walk quickly and quietly to our designated exit.

color.Internet Usage Internet Usage .Please respect that teachers are not available before or after school unless you have a scheduled appointment.) We will also be posting pictures of activities and events on our website. or other committee work and school obligations. we are not able to meet with you unless you have a scheduled appointment. Our classrooms build a feeling a mutual respect. as well as others in society.We have a scheduled library time every week. Children in groups of 10 or more are allowed. with kindness and respect. We also have supervision duties before and after school.Kindergartners will have many opportunities to use the internet. . Kindergarten students will check out books and listen to a story.Children learn best when they are feeling loved and encouraged to try new things.) Please be sure to sign and return the Internet Usage consent form (blue. As you can imagine our schedules are quite full with weekly staff meetings. is for Joyful Learnings Joyful Learnings . During that week. School policy is that you stop in the office and ask Mrs. is for Meetings and Duties Meetings and Duties . We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. they will have the opportunity to pick a special classroom job they would like to do. Happy faces are so important! is for Kindness and KinderStars Kindness .Students in our classrooms are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class. Bothering others. and supporting each other even when we make mistakes. There will also be many other opportunities to use the library for collaborative lessons with Miss Ertelt. KinderStars . They may also bring in some special items from home to share. Appelgate to call our room to see if we are available to speak with you. is for Library Library . bullying. Chavez or Mrs. Smaller groups or individual photos of your child require your previous consent. Each Monday. Be sure to help your child remember to bring them back each week. Be sure to look for that blue form in the Friday folder. Because of this. and cut out “themselves” and bring in a favorite outfit to “dress” the outline. staff development trainings. including our wireless laptop cart referred to as the COW (Computers on Wheels.Every Kindergartner will have one week to be our special KinderStar! They will take home a large sheet of paper for you to trace. and interrupting learning will not be permitted. being risk-takers. A schedule with more information will be sent home in September. and sign and return. our Teacher Librarian.

Mrs. Chavez. Open Lines of Communication . and Mrs.All parents are encouraged to join the school’s PTA. Clinic Aide. Mrs. Lazarte’s is (303)982-. It will contain information about our thematic units. If you have an urgent message and you want to be sure that we get it before school is out.A monthly newsletter. Your reading aloud to your child is just as important as your child practicing their independent reading. and upcoming school events. Requests for help will be published in our monthly KinderStar newsletter. and they will be sure we get your message. Parties. Their first meeting is September 5 before Curriculum Night begins.We love Parent Involvement! Please be involved in your child’s Kindergarten year as much as you can. called our KinderStar. (303)982-8314. we will work on many reading comprehension strategies and we will share those with you to practice at home as well. is for Parent Involvement.Please let us know if you have ANY concerns or questions regarding your child throughout the year. Principal. It is important that they respectfully learn their proper names. please call the office. Also included will be the homework calendar and a volunteer sign up calendar for working in the classroom. . Mrs. We feel that it is our job to work together as partners to help your child have a successful first year.is for Newsletters and Nightly Reading Newsletters .Please help your child learn the names of the office staff. classroom activities. Attendance and Records Secretary. enrichment activities. In addition. We really value your right to keep informed and hope you take advantage of all the opportunities will give you to know what’s happening in our classrooms. student achievement support . In class. announcements. is for Office Staff and Open Communication Office Staff . Your support of school activities makes your child feel important and sends the message that you value school! We are always happy to have your help for special activities in the classroom. PTA. Nightly Reading – Nightly reading is essential for future success. there are times when we are unable to. Shehan’s voice mail is (303)982-8285 and Ms. and get involved in all the great things they support! Come to meetings and find out more about community outreach. fundraisers. All students at Green Gables are expected to read nightly. The books we send home for their Treasure Box should be practiced over and over. is sent home in Friday folders at the beginning of each month. and not call them by their first names. This is a great way to meet other Kindergarten parents. Building fluency is an essential part of successful reading. Mrs. but of course. and Parent/Teacher Conferences Parent Involvement . we will also be sending weekly “Kinder Updates” in Friday folders. Financial Secretary. We will try to let you know at least one week ahead of time if we need help. Palmer.and of course all the fun social events like the Family Dance and the Community th Picnic. We hope that you can come and join in the fun! PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) . We try to check messages at least once a day. Chandler. Appelgate.

We’ll get these on the calendar as soon as we can so you can plan accordingly. cell. Q is also for Quick goodbyes …leave dry eyes! is for Report Cards. and our Kindergarten Graduation. we also do Moms and Muffins. we will discuss your child’s accomplishments. P/T Conferences . although not encouraged during a directed instruction time. It encourages them to become good readers.We are on a trimester reporting system and report cards will be sent home three times a year. . Questions and Quick Goodbyes Questions .Your child’s safety is top priority. and Author Celebrations. The room parents organize these events and coordinate volunteers and donations. and overall progress. please call the school. or email us to make arrangements. and home) and the numbers of your emergency contacts in an event you cannot be reached. Reading. Celebrations for the 50th and the 100th Days of School. Please be sure the office always has your updated emergency contact numbers (work. In the spring. Reading to your child is the single most important thing you can do. Midterm reports will also be sent in the middle of each trimester. we are sure that even after today’s orientation you will still have some unanswered questions. Christmas. three times a year as well.We will have various parties throughout the year. accidents will happen and we will make sure that your child is sent to the nurse’s clinic for a change of clothes. Unfortunately. Since so many of you are new to Green Gables this year. At these conferences. Restrooms – Children are allowed to use the restrooms as needed.Green Gables schedules fall and spring parent-teacher conferences.Halloween. Dads and Donuts.Read to your child daily and let your children see you reading daily.Parties . Reading . and Restrooms Report Cards . Please feel free to call us at school (office hours are 7:30 to 4:00) or email us anytime. strengths. Keeping an extra set of clothing in your child’s backpack is optional. send a note. PTA organizes our room moms and volunteers for our three main parties . We take every precaution when your child is in our care. All are welcome to participate in the festivities! We will also have some other celebrations that we will organize such as a Thanksgiving Feast. is for Safety and Snacks Safety .Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s education. If you feel the need to have a conference other than these times. We will make every effort to meet with you and discuss your concerns. and Valentine’s Day.

Green Gables has a policy that ALL GUESTS (including familiar faces) are required to check in at the school office and wear a visitor’s pass. A snack schedule will be sent home monthly. Some examples are: Goldfish. a monthly sign up form will be attached to the KinderStar newsletter. In addition. it is the goal and responsibility of the school to create a safe learning environment.One way to build relationships in our classroom family is to learn about all the special occasions in our home families. Tardies.) are considered tardy. . In kindergarten. a new pair of shoes. or the birth of a new family member. a new haircut. is for Water and Web Site Water Bottles . is for Visitors and Volunteers Visitors .Each child in our class is unique and wonderful. Tardies .Volunteering in the classroom is encouraged and welcomed! Beginning in September. Volunteers . we learn about how we are unique and special. Please only send healthy snacks.We will take a quick snack break every day. students will behave very differently when their parents are helpers in the room. an “Ouchie”.M. You are asked to donate one large box of something around every other month. They will need to receive a pass before coming to the classroom.Snacks . please. We also learn about the different cultures within our class. It is important to remember that while this may seem inconvenient to frequent visitors.Students late to school (after 8:15 A. and we celebrate our differences and similarities. animal crackers.No toys are to be brought to school. and Toys Take Home Journals . is for Take Home Journals. Toys . younger siblings will not be permitted to join you on your volunteer day. Occasionally in Kindergarten.Please do not send water bottles to school. Be sure to walk your child into the office and sign them in. Students may get drinks as needed from the water fountain. and snack bars. we will ask that you help prepare projects in the teacher workroom instead of helping in the classroom. Excessive tardies is disruptive to the class as well as your child’s learning. is for Unique Unique . We will celebrate these special moments by sending home a Take Home Journal for you to help your child write and draw about this important family happening. If this becomes a problem. pretzels. The school keeps a record of these tardies and they will be documented on your child’s report card. Nothing that needs a utensil. These include birthdays.

Kindergarten is such an eXciting. “What did you work the hardest on?”. All newsletters. “What did you learn today?”. is for X-tra Special and eXciting! X-tra Special and eXciting .Please remember that YOU are your child's first and most important teacher. and other homework will be available to download from this site as well. Thank you for sharing them! is for YOU! You! . Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give to your child. Ask questions like. We will frequently be posting pictures of the students working on projects or during other activities and celebrations. or math work. story time. reading. “What was the best part of your day?” or “What are you getting better at?” These questions cause children to reflect on their learning which in turn helps them remember new information. It will help them to be attentive and prepared to learn each day! Don't forget to read a book before bedtime! .” Ask your child about centers.co. magical year! Each child is eXtra special to us and we will guide them gently and consistently all year long.jeffco. Don’t let them tell you “nothing.Web Site . No one can influence your child's life in the way that you can! You can help to make your child feel successful this year by discussing your child’s school day with them.Our class has a website which can be accessed at http://sc. Be sure you have signed and returned the blue Internet Publication Consent Form. Set a bedtime and be consistent.k12. The way your child perceives your feelings about his/her school and teachers will have a direct effect on how he/she feels about them.It is so important for your child to be alert and ready to learn each day.us/KinderStars. It is contagious! is for Zzzzz’s Zzzz’s . Family Projects. Show an enthusiasm for learning.

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