1. What is revelation?

is the revealing or disclosing, or making something obvious through active or passive communication with supernatural entities 2. Using Salva Vida, what are the areas where we could find God's self-revelation? (2 answers only) According to the Salva Vida we can find God s self-revelation through person and events. 3. Using Avery Dulles' "Models of Revelation," identify the five models of revelation and their concept of God. (expected output 5 models, 5 concepts of God ) Revelation as doctrine-Is found in clear propositional statements attributed to God as authoritative teacher. Revelation as History It is God revealing himself primarily in his great deeds. Revelation as Inner Experience- It is considered as a privileged communion with God. Revelation as Dialectal Presence God encounters the human subject when it pleases him by means of a word in which faith recognizes him to be present. God s word simultaneously reveals and conceals the divine presence.

Revelation as New Awareness God is mysteriously present as the transcendent dimension of human engagement in creative tasks.

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