Fuzzy Sets

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Fuzzy Sets
‡ Fuzzy Difficult to perceive clearly or understand and explain precisely; indistinct or vague. ‡ Set We have studied since secondary school. It s a collection of well defined and distinct objects. ‡ Fuzzy Sets in a fuzzy set, it is not necessary that x is a full member of the set or not a member. It can be a partial member of the set. For any set A, it is possible to define a characteristic function µX = { 0 , 1} . i.e. the characteristic function takes either of the values 0 or 1 in the classical set. For a fuzzy set, the characteristic function can take any value between zero and one. Fuzzy sets show membership degree of elements within set.

Temperature of Room Example

Classic Set We exactly determine what s hot, cold, warm etc. We are being more machine friendly.

Fuzzy Set Some humans may perceive 5 Celsius be cool while some may feel it warm so we assign degree of warmness and coldness to 5 Celsius.

(OR in Boolean)

Operations On Fuzzy Sets
(NOT in Boolean)

(AND in Boolean)

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