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Mysterious quotes from famous banned Head-Fier Merton.

you need a spanking.. thankfully others may be willing to do it

i had put one up earlier... just a few minutes ago that had her holding her boobs
with her hands.. but i guess someone took it down..

i have a very good sense of humor.. adn why did you take up so much space just for
that? :eyesburnwithlameness:

"Well, I just lost my job..." put a stink bomb yer bosses pants.. heh.. it would
be soooo funny

i personally like nodachi swords.

sorry bout yer wallet.. i fiinally got one!!!

is there anyway to have more power shooting throught the ra-1?

i really am rather unexposed to porn.

i asked grado about it and he said We have no idea what you're talking about.

what's the albert?

being dumb as you are you couldn't possibly even fathom your own simplicity and
that must be why you think you're not.. you did fall into that simple trap i laid
earlier... to say i'm moronic is to say you're idiotic

just cus i'm crazy doesn't mean i can't understand things... and i thought you
were a girl? how can magusg have gay sex with a girl? a nerdy dildo?

just cus the factory happens to be two horny dimwads means nothing to me.

i'm glad i found something new to be good at

why do you like gay nerd sex, magusg? and can i have sex with jesica00 *wonders
what she looks like and hopes she ain't short*

put a shock collar on the cat that can detect a bowl movement... if it does this
in a certain are then it gets shocked

they're noisy.. and they poop and pee all over everything... and they jump on
you.. and some even rip off your limbs if your wearing the wrong deoderant.

"Worst product ever introduced to consumers?" dogs

i hate marketeers... why have they no concience? they steal our money they do.

"[...] says something intelligent." something intelligent.

grado pads... the torturer of the most horrible kind

i will send that fool grado pad designs till he has night mares about them!!

it's nice to see your finally saving up for something else... like retirement

airconditioner!!! everyone must have one!!! cold good!!

man.. i wish they made vibrators for men..

nuter it!

the fumes from the burning could make you quite high.

it looks like a deformed mutant jungle show from hell's mental facilities.

why don't they just lift weights and get a little stronger? not man like... but
... like jery ryan or something... that way they don't have to get cut on.

my city''s water suply has white flakey crap in it.

why didn't you break his legs? he needs to be in jail!!!

IS IT LEGal to take the check i get from her insurance and buy other things with
it? like some college..

is it legal to carry a holstered gun where you live? i would.. as much a

possible.. or you might just wanna move.

lawn mower handles!! (they break like plastic!!! this is supposed to be steel for
freaking's sake!!!)

*puts foot up bluesaints ass!!!* nice and yummy!!!

is a meet with me in it really all that unapealing?

i got's plenty o grado luvin'... wait... that sounds kinda funny. *runs away in
fear while coverin' his rear*

what is pork hash? pork brains? i am confused... why eat pork brains? is there mad
pork desease? isn't that how cows got mad cow desease?

he's an angry black midget that runs around here yelling at people... and a lot at

i am confunsed.


nik... one of these years i will come over to your house... and i will bring my
video games.... and then.... i will be very very very happy man... i wonder what
the sound effects from vagrant story would sound like.... all the magic spelll
sounds and the sounds of ancient weapons slicing or crushing opponents and the
moody music... ooooohhhh... the bliss...

my day ended up with me going to the post office only to return home to get my
checks and then locking myself out of my house and then having to break on of my
windows to get back in and then finally mailing the damn thing i needed to mail
and then getting a haircut and spending too much on splitfires and a fuel filter
and then ending up here. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
my uncle is an architect and his house is like a car guys car is to a car guy...

i juwst bought i nice chair there!! no more laying on the ground for me *holds
head up high*

man.. that cloud guy has a nice avatar.

grado really needs an acoustical engineer.

welcome to head-fi... now we must start the cerimonial burning of your wallet and
bidding of your soul.

what's so great about american colleges? why not a spanish one?



stupid senile old people shouldn't be on the damn road!!! if they are they should
be on scooters so i could just smash them and be on my way!!!

nothing like lil' lego's fornicating.. ahahahahaha

waht the hell!? *says like hank hill* heh.. i sed to love legos.. i had mountains
of them.. but no more

i could easily just turn one of you upside down and use ya as a pencil holder.

they can just milk that geico for all it's worth.. they can charge geico all they
want.. and if i ain't satisfied with the repairs i can sue.. as i did get hit in
the rear and in the state of tx... he who hits the ass gets the bill.. it's law!!!

i wonder how much a bullet cost?

i won't be any mor carefull.. i just track that ole hag down and sue!!! sue!!
sue!!! sue!!!

okay.. so i was driving to my granny's house..

i hate feeling out of control of myself.. oh.. i must post a my first car accident
thread!!! i just had on earlier!!! but the lady hit me in the ass!! but her
insruance was nice!!!

i wonder who gets to eat the lamb.. i want a lamb po boy.. man i'm hungry

heh... bang... kok... kok... bang...hehehehehe

i'd just rather have a vasectomy... no whiney little money suckers runing round me

who is bobo? and why would nike buy converse? can't they just make different
versions of nike's?

bah! any true hifi lover can do without the poon!!!

i keep reading posts where the grumpy ole hag interferes with the good, kind,
headphone loving head-fier... why!!! whyyyy!!! why do you have such EVIL women?

'sup wit' yer bitchy ole bitty's?

i was trying to mock him, you dolt!!

what's a "bastich" ?

i have to live indoors... the heat... it is here... and it is.... EVIL!!!!! AIR

pre-amps are worthless and for the lazy

i've discovered that if you put your fingers in your ears that you can hear the
movie perfectly and build up your biceps at the same time

that glass head is wearing his headphones backwards.

who are silf and olly?

i feel like fondling myself *goes nuts at the sight of all the insanity*

eating is very important.


i was hoping angstrom could design something trully innovative... anyway.. this is
just an idea for now... it was that "research" part in angstrom resaerch that got

i've had the $14 koss.. and they stabed my ears.

you could really work on your typing, you know?

*pats rizumu on head* good rizumu *LAUGHS LOUDLY!!!*

i wonder if we have more gay dudes of girls here... heh.. they'd probably be all
dorky girls anyway.. but wait.. that's waht i want!

you like men?

bah!! be quiet!!! to be so self obsessive! as though i would be interested in

being around you!! you weirdo!!

why do aim9x and others keep spamming all over the place trying to annoy me?

can i have some cash? jsut put it in vida's thong.

i didn't even know there was a head-fi store. i wonder if any of the ladies here
own that thong.. it is seriously sexzy!

man.. i hate holidays with fireworks.. they're too noisy!!! people being
assholes... they're not even supposed to have fireworks in dallas county!!! i'll
sic the police on them again just like last year.. damn morons!!!

WHY DID YOU PUT your head in a toilet bowl all the time? is your mom a bich?

now i am 150lbs at 5'9" and i would be cut if my skin weren't loose.. and my butt
weren't fat (why is it fat?).

and i would also take occaisional really long bathroom breaks to go crap.
i think magusg should be in a movie... about the merton obsessed weirdo that
stalks merton and gets killed in the end.. and then merton parties with vina!!!!

what a shit... how dare someone foul my name!!!!

i don't know why.. but don't ever use exclamation points here.. when i did it
everyone started crapping on me... maybe they have some sort of issues with
exclamation points or something.. but whatever it is.. it sure is weird.

who is this scott guy from specialty forrest? and why does he want to send me a
virus? he says i e-mailed him last week.. but i don't recal e-mailing anyone by
this name.

how dare you shun the refined grado!!!

eat allllll of your fat in the morning.

i like my ms2's around my neck.. it's like i can go around sayin' i gots that
alloy bling bling!!!!!

i never answer my phone anyway.. i just let the machine get it... that'll teach
that machine!!!

they really should have a grado cartoon style comercial on tv. .. it could be so
funny yet true- istic at the same time.. some crazy ole man sellin' "weird" phones
out o his house.. heh.

cost doesn't matter!! only... THE SOUND!!! ... matters!!! hahahahhahhaa!!! ....
.... ... ahahahahaha hmmmmm yes... indeed!!

that is the dude.. the light is just inverted and the dude is just upside down.

i want one that love me and is kinda nympho.. but only with me...

mine smell musky.. is it grado musk? has grado been getting... "freaky"?


folks folks folks.. just realx... and go get addicted to game music... it has
stuff for all type and it's in no way homoginized...

HAH!!! my orthopedist is one of the best there is!!!

and they have them thar fancy mOhogOnay treeays that they use to make them there
gradO's.... and mOhogOnay coes cost a bit..

man... they need to make a pill where we don't want sex so much.. damn that vida
guerra!!! why my my desire be so hot!!??

someday merton shall have some mspro's... and he shall grado with that vida lady
in the babe thread... then merton's life shall be complete and very very cosy!!!
... ooohhh how i evny merton!!!

the only drugs i've ever done is this narcotic the doc gave me when i smashed my
finger with a hammer..

headphone specs wont tell you nuthin but how hard the phones are to drive.. that's


i just spent $120 on the xenogears ff7 and 8 OST's.. and i already have the
vagrant story and ff9 OST's... that's my whole cd collection right there.

i like deep detail bass and i like everything else to be detailed as well and i
like proud mids and seering soaring highs.

the whole man machine thing.. and the kid not wanting his metal pal to die.. it's
so sad..

awwww... i can't wear depends? DAMN YOU!! YOU HORRID HYGENIST MAN!!!

i only use cash and my bank of america military banking debit card (i was in the
iar force for 27 days and they let me go cu si didn't like it ) and i also use my
moms shell card for gas.... i need a new air filter and so on now.. damn
money@!!!! get in my pocket!!!

yeah... i'm a badass... man... i didn't even notice that lady until she sounded
her siren.... then she asked me why i didn't pull over sooner...

i was only doing 75 in a 60... and now i gotta pay $60 in 25 days... and is a
citation the same thing as a ticket? man... they really need to raise the speed
limits. but man... i'm a guy who like to do 80 or 90 (literally) on country roads
even.. i will of course slow down now.. but how much will this raise my inusrance?
i've only been drving for maybe 3 months... dgah!! dumb ole police lady!!

just tell yer teach to f off the next time you see her in public (that way you
don't get in trouble and if she harrasses you for it you can sue).

man.. i don't think i can stand any thing other than a grado now... cept for when
i need isolation... i soooo need a ppa and a rs-1 top o da line setup... DIE

i'm paying my granny for a custom made case... it'll hold my meta and everything,


stop hashing me!!!

headphones, given their shapely nature, are capable of producing euphoria in other
ways than through sound...

i use yahoo mail.. i never get any spam eccept the occaisional ad from yahoo... i
want porn spam

NO!!! them damn women will take you for everything you have and then take your own
house hostage and make you sleep on the couch!!! no one but me runs my life, god

man.. if i really wanted to put some fear in the enemy i would use that seek and
destroy song from metallica.

hey.!!! i 'm at the library here!!!

i always have to have moving pics for some reason.... things just flow better that

you're all insane.

why do the rednecks here have to be so.. pungent?

maybe i should lay off the ice cream... i've already ate a gallon or so this
week... but i'm still cut somehow... weird...

i would prefer some shorts.. i need more shorts... it's hot here.

*cries* i don't have $4000.. some one please donate to the "SAVE A MERTON
FOUNDATION!!!!"... oh please.. pretty please...

man... poeple sure do like to yell at you.

GOD!!!! THAT DAMN GRADO!!! WHY DIDNT' HE TELL US??!!! I got pissy on his ass in a
few e-mails just now.. and i told him he better hold me over a pair till i can pay
for them!!!! damn fool!!! why didn't he tell us!!?? *almost cries, seriously*

but they're gorgeus!!! how could he not tell us? i told him he better send me a
catalog and gave him my address.. damn headphone nazi!!! that's just cruel!!!

i'm realaxing a bit now.. some sezey pics on the babe thread calmed me down.

enough of the pissy.. i've done enough for the whole dern forum!!!

i want grado!! i want my collection of phones to be very select.. and rare... i

wonder if he'll sell me the amp by itself.. i'll go ask real quick.

what is cowboy beebop about and why is it called caowboy beebop and what does
beebop mean?

why does the intruction booklet tell you that you can fold them in a certain way
when it breaks the phones?

are there really any women out there witha headphone fetish? i sooo wish there
were! they'd love my ms2's!... all i'd have to do is wear some sezy phones and i'd
be happy as can be!! *dreams*

waht about the theme to carmen sandiego?

so i... THE MERTON!!!! know everything, eh? DAMN STRAGIHT I DO!!!!

hehehehehehehe!!! morans!!! heh!!!

i have to agree with the not getting married one... human nature so opposes such

NO NO NO!!! it's called "your a dumbass!!!" sheesh!!! it's not modeled after any
particular headphone... sorry to flame.. but what are you on?

ms2's!!! get the ms2's , baby!!! oh yeah!!! they'll make a mess in yer pants!!! in
a good way, baby!!! you'll like it, baby!!!! oh yes you will!!!
............................. BABY!!!
i wanna birbe!! gimme gimme gimme!!

21... and that toooooo damn old!!!! god damn old *shakes fist at old!!!!!!*

how do i use my debit card on team digital? is it wire transfer or bank draft?

cus i was kinda just sitting there in my room playing with that once while
watching t.v. ... it doesn't seem to have hurt it thought.. and i didn't bend it

150 mg of effexor a day!!!!.. that's what the doc put me on.. and it purked me
right up!:)

i posted about a dallas meet!!! go to it!!! i wanna meet!!! once i get my meta 42
from fiddler!!! i'l just!!! i must make others listen to it!!!!

the music that played on the final battle with kuja on ff9.. man.. that song
started off SCAAAAARRRY!!!! I TELL YOU WHAT!!!

why do they gotta hate? damn... that's just wrong.. ya can talk on the phone and
eat a damn hamburger at the same time while driving .. but noooooo.. we mustn't
have anyone enjoy some good music.. you can blow yer eardrums out bassing... but
man.. them headphones... they're just REAL trouble!!! (damn sarcastic) batsards!!!
*shakes fist*

maybe i just missed it.. but i did skim over this thread.

i'm poor and need a pc.

what's the 0-60 speed?

bah.. i'm just going to send john some drawings of what i want and get him to make
them and experiment a bit..

what? is that a site or are you telling me to make a site? cus i don't know how..
and i have no money to... sucks.


i wish i could have some hp-1's.. and then have the diaphrams and any other wear
out able parts replaces with new ones... i like new parts.. they make me happy...


can i have some o that money? sheeeeesh!!! how can you just impulsively spend that
much? won't you go to jail?


i jsut wanna see how rare my purchase is.

they should have free porn.. then they'd get more than just geeks. i like porn
*daydreams of erotic joy *

SHOOT!!! that damn will only allow 2 day or faster shipping and i
ended up paying $7 just to ship a $14 straightwire mini to rca cord!!! DAMN
i told grado to make something like that and he told me to start my own audio

i listen mostly to video game soundtracks and love detail and bass...

music series 2'!!!! *does headphone dance with maracas!!!* get 'em!!! they be good
and purdy!!! get em at!!! free shipping!!! better than sr
325!!!! get 'em now, baby!!!!

*DruNK!!!* i.. luuuUUUVV alLLL ofFsh you gUYs... *erp!!* !!! :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

put glue on yer window.. that way the bird will stick to it and it can't go back
to ram the window again... it will slowly starve to death but you wont hurt it.

alright.. lets get back on topic.

want me to play with your doodle?


why did he say i ahd to ride the short bus? stupid ole fart!! *shakes fist*

"Zeus on eBay." where's the zeus?

SHOULD i have trusted mike when he said stax was the best for any price that it

WHY DID i get some ghost in a jar earlier?


i take that in pill form.. not nasty.. got for getting rid of fat. buy it at sams.


oh.. now i see it.. i thought you were a freak or something.. i had been wondering
about tha for a while..

why is barry white sucking on that microphone?

THE IMP 550 is $249 at audiocubes i think AND ONLY 13.7 mm thick (stupid caps!!!)


so how much will he get? is he for real? a ghost? and why is it in a jar? can i
eat the "black thing"? i am rather hungry... and he said the fbi will get all
false bids.. and put them in jail.

bahh!!! i can do it.. i know it will take lot's of tinkering and stuff.. but i
used to love legos when i was little..

HMMmmmmmmm... you think he's on vacation? i just wrote a very pissy e-mail to him
preaching about the values of customer service... maybe that will get his cracker.
i want to be able to do everything there is in audio and invent anything i desire
to... so ... what do i take?

it's like the north is full of people and the south has those dead weird people
from that dark city movie....

how much money does he have? can he buy me some omega 2's and a proper amp and a
linn? or maybe could he just buy me a civic and some college? and some food too!!!

we all need to get free computer masterbation machines!!!...

i am obviously a dumbass compared to all you folks...

what would someone that makes headphones and headphone equipment and cd players
and so on be called?

i was actually trying to sound like a pirate (i was bored)...


just tell your wallet to shuddap and relax while you disembowl it!!! ahahaha!!!!

whose crooks? i don't want no stinkin' crooks!!!

meta 42 wanted!!! don't tell me to go to tangent or JMT... i know they're good and
all but i wore tangent out e-mailing him 3 times a day every day (that sort of
behaivior from me is dying off) and i turned down JMT and blah so one blah!!! so
i've finally humbled myself and my meta dreams of grandeur and decided i want
these things!!! some one must have them to sell to me!!!

i like tigger... he put up with my very very VERY!!! finicky nature without
getting mad even once... o' course it was only one days worth of my finickiness...
but that's still a lot o' mind changing!!!!...

heh.. b!!! you can have more fun with it... make her some nipples with l.e.d.'s!!
hhahaha!!! man... it's like on that episode of freinds when phoebe and monica
bought that van... hahaha!!!

i rather like the name 28b... anyway howabout the phonehead? or headamp? or the
lighthead? or.... liteamp? or the beltamp? or the bubbleblaster? or the roaba? or
the hrah? hrab? or the prah?

stretch that wallet o' yers $70 more and ye can have the best thar is!!! yargh!!!
the er4p from etymotic... they be the best thar be for working out a portable with
no amp... YARGH!!!

is it possible to use more than 1 op-amp in an amp and combine both of their

what's a troll?

grado needs to make a pcdp, circumaural pads, and open his own chain of grado


I JUST CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE PPA AMP comes out!!! come on wallet.. it only $500 or
more... you can do it... you think you can.. you think you can...HOOT HOOT!!!!

why do people like to go def listening to loud boomy annoying wake you up in the
middle of the afternoon or night sound? i wonder if it slowly liqifies their
brains over time... it's so sad...

I WROTE a letter with some ideas for circumaural pads to him and he just wrote me
a sarcastic letter back to me about how i should start my own audio company...

stupid money... i wish i were in iraq.....

i have to say that my earlier comments on the build quality were just me expecting
the phones to be made of gold and covered in jewel.

make sure the L is on the left side and the R is on the right side.

another good way to test leakage is to put the phones on yer leg.

what would happen if you listened to speakers and open air headphones at the same

there's nothing sick about being horny.. it's very very natural.. and messy... be
sure to properly protect the phones before you git bizay!!!! rrroooowwwwlll

delta has dirty crappy planes.. i was in this thing that had jets and 14 rows of
seat... and the bathroom was weird... and i thought the wings would fall off.. it
lookes sooo muddy... man..

what would be the most neutral recorder i could get to use with my all out meta 42
and music series 2's under $100 to record game music through the rca outs on the
back of my t.v.?

i know i went to the doc a few months ago cus my ears were hurting and it was cu
there was sooo much ws in them... i mean... sheeesh!!!>.. i had like 4 marbles...

does it really matter what cd palyer you use if you have a good amp?