Q1.How often do you come across the advertisement of durable goods?

Often Frequently Very Often Seldom

Q2.From which Media source you are able to get the information about durable goods? Durable Goods T.V. Advertisement Outdoor Media Newspaper

Q3.How long does the impact of TV advertisement lasts on you? Few Hours One Week One Day More than one month

Q4.What is your perception regarding TV advertisement? Decider Purchase same brand Q5.Tick the brand you are aware of? Samsung LG Sony Panasonic Onida Q6.Can you recall if your family members influence you to buy the product shown in TV advertisement? Yes No Switcher No Effect

Q7.Do you feel that the more advertised product on TV are of better quality? Yes No Q8. 5.Do you shift from the product by seeing the celebrity in TV advertisement? Yes No Q9.Which aspect of advertisement attracts you the most? Slogan Punch line Theme Celebrity Ranks .Do you feel to experiment new products shown in TV advertisement? Yes No Q10.Do you believe that TV advertisement plays an important role in creating awareness about the product? Yes No Q11 .which affects the least) Factors Price Quality Brand Image Retailers TV Advertisement Q12.Please rank the following factor that influence your preference for durable goods? (1 ± Which affects the Most.

____________________________________________ .Does advertisement effects demand for necessity product? Yes No Demographic Details:Name:. No 1 Do you think that design of TV advertisement helps to increase the demand 2 Frequency of TV advertisement Factors Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree increases the demand 3 TV advertisement gives more information about the product 4 TV advertisement motivate the people to buy the product 5 Do you think the Brand Endorser in TV Advertisement change your thinking for particular product Q14.Q13.Relationship between TV advertisements in consideration to sale of durable goods in rural market? S.________________________________________________ Age:.18±25 Years Sex:Male 25-35 Years Female 35-45 Years 45-55 Years Above 55 Years Occupation:.

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