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Thus Saith Son Ahman, Redeemed AU Mankind, Peoples of Nation of Coming Forth to



Savior Who the Leaders and of:r\1y Will

ways to power among you; 6. For I am

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i,bman to the


of ]';'icaragua

of this nation, of your immoral and and corrupt ways. know that I shall reveal the secrets men's lives, and judge all men, women, in the day of resunection power; shall be hidden, and all secrets shall Imown. 19. There cannot be secret combinations and immoral intent, for it shall ·>",",,,,,,",·,,,rI upon your heads unto an eternal
TY'ln,rrnlP thy laws. Guarantee proper freedoms, that agency maintained without oppression and fear

of government intervention, whether it be in civil or religious matters. 22. And let there be peace in thy land in preparation for my messengers of salvation to come among thy people; 23. For I am sending you this warning, that a judgment of sweeping destruction shall render many no longer part of this life, a judgment of thy God upon those who continue in these wicked ways, and preserving the more righteous unto a greater light of Zion shining forth upon all nations. 24. This is the word of the Lord thy God. Amen.

undersigned, bear witness to the peoples of this nation of Nicaragua, and all peoples that these are verily the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who loveth the of souls; and we seek only to be servants of God, to do His will who hath redeemed us, is the Creator of this earth and upholds all peoples in their place. Thus, we give our names as that these are verily the words of God; and as He has spoken, so shall He fulfill. Amen.

Vaughan E. Taylor Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter·day Saints

John M. Barlow
Counselor in the Bishopric of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Warning of Son Ahman to the Nation of Nicaragua

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