.9% compared to 2010.OVERVIEW OF AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY ‡ Largest industry in the Indian economy and 9th largest in the world. ‡ The Automobile industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. ‡ Domestic market sale increment of 44. ‡ Major contribution in increasing the country's GDP by 9% every year.

. ‡ 4th largest commercial vehicle producer.‡ India is the largest tractor and three-wheel vehicle producer. ‡ 11th largest passenger car producer.5 billion and a consistent export growth rate can be estimated in the years ahead. ‡ 2nd largest two-wheel vehicle producer. ‡ India's automobile exports had reached $4.

Division and Market Share of Automobiles. .

‡ Combined capability to produce over a 1. ‡ Established in 1981. ‡ Leader of the Indian car market.9%.2 million vehicles annually. ‡ Rated first in customer satisfaction among all car makers in India. .Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. ‡ Market share of 44. ‡ Wide range of cars across different segments.

‡ Company's growth over the last 65 years. ‡ Development of electric and hybrid vehicles. ‡ Industrial joint venture with fiat group automobiles. ‡ Emerging as an international automobile company. ‡ The leader in commercial vehicle. .TATA MOTORS ‡ Established in 1945.