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WSJ Revelation July 22 2011

WSJ Revelation July 22 2011

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Published by: proud_texan on Jan 15, 2012
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Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

p,o, Box 840459
HiJdale. Utah 84784

Thus Saith Son Ahman, Even Jesus Christ, to the Leaders of All Nations Through Ambassadors in United Nations:

Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ
Given to President Warren S. Jeffs

Eldorado, Texas
Friday, July 22, 2011

1. Thus saith Son Ahman, even Jesus Christ,

Jehovah, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End, He who was of the full power before this earth was created to bring forth worlds, even the God over all peoples: 2. I have caused my word to be of a legal filing, calling on leaders of the nation of where my Church is now of an attack by governing powers, to make all know that I have carried that nation of the United States, and "vill carry her no longer, and shall increase my judgments upon that nation; which will continue until my holy land of Zion is cleansed of all evil. 3. Let all nations now bear influence with the leaders of the United States of America to let my Priesthood authority on earth go free; for my holy law of Celestial Power of Eternal Union is of me, even your Lord Jesus Christ, who is over all peoples, nations, kindreds, tongues, and governing powers. 4. I am fulfilling my will sent to you in previous publishings, even to leaders and ambassadors of every nation now represented in the United Nations assembly; and now I shall fulfill my will. 5. I have allowed the events to commence leading to war among all nations; as you witness great unrest among many even in their own borders. 6. If you will survive the day of my glorious appearing, even the judgments of whirlwind nature before my coming in the holy power of eternal Celestial Glory, repent ye, repent ye, and be peacemakers among your own peoples, and among nations. 7. If the nation of the United States
Warning of Son Ahman to the Leaders and People of the United States

America does not heed my warning, that nation shall feel my chastening hand in the judgments I have pronounced upon them, and they shall know thy God hath spoken. 8. Lct all nations now read my word sent to you, calling on the deliverances of my people in a land of freedom yet being as persecutors to my people. 9. Let laws be just. 10. My Celestial Law of Eternal Union in the holy pure Maniage Law is ofme, your Lord, only to be received by my word through my servant, among my Church on earth. 11. Be of diligent cleansing of thy own nation, each one. 12. Let just laws of religious and civil freedoms be upheld in every nation. 13. Overthrow these evils I have named are in most nations to my previous publishings; even the murder ofunborn children, as also Sodom and adultery and immoral ways, lest a just God come out of His hiding place and humbles all peoples in every land on earth. 14. r see all things; nothing is hidden from me. 15. Your secret acts shall all be revealed. 16. Repent ye, is the will of your Lord who hath redeemed you from death unto a resUlTection; to stand before me to be judged for deeds done in the flesh. ] 7. None can escape. All must account for their time and blessing upon the earth. 18. I have the right to rule by reason of creation; for none could exist except by my grace and mercy. 19. Now bear influence with the United States of America, lest my judgment cleanse the land,
Copyright 2011 by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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and all lands, of wicked men and women, though they deride their Creator; 20. I shall bless the obedient in this world and with eternal life in the next. 21. Let all beware how they treat this, my word; and now be ye believing unto my word and will being done. 22. Let all parents look deep. Some children, when with other children, still forget their Lord and turn to light-minded ways, thus losing the

Spirit of God, and getting the spirit of that evil one, who tried before to get the Kingdom of to compromise with ways of the world. 23. Hasten to prepare, 0 ye my people of my Church, and also all ye people on earth in every nation, lest my judgments come to leave you individually with neither root nor branch. 24. I love all, and call upon all everywhere to repent. Amen.

We, the undersigned, do testify to all nations this is verily the word of the Lord. We yearn for the salvation of all souls, giving our names to all nations, of these words are of our Lord and Savior, and are true, and shaH be fulfilled.

Vaughan E. Taylor
Patriarch in the
Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

John M. Barlow
Counselor in the Bishopric of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Copyright 2011 by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Warning of Son Ahman to tbe
Leaders and People of the United States

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