Europass Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s)
Address(es) Telephone(s) E-mail Nationality Date of birth Gender

Ana Maria / Gutiérrez Baena
61, Vallès, 08172 Sant Cugat del Valllès, Barcelona Spain +34935755758 Colombian 07/06/1995 Female Mobile: +34659680996

Desired employment Student / Occupational field Work experience
Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities Name and address of employer 2009-2011 - Volleyball trainer in school.

Education and training
Dates Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Name and type of organisation providing education and training 2011-??? – High School, Sciences. 2007-2011- ESO 2001-2007- Primary School

Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Other language(s) Self-assessment Understanding
Listening Reading B2 C2 B1 A1

Spanish Speaking
Spoken interaction B2 C2 A2 A2 Spoken production B2 C2 A2 A1 B2 C2 A2 A1


English Catalan French German

B2 C2 A2 A1

Social skills and competences Organisational skills and competences Computer skills and competences Other skills and competences

Gift for adapting oneself in any place. Excellent organisational skills and initiative.

Know how to use Microsoft Word, Power point, Excel. School classes.

Perseverant and responsible person.

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