He befriended with Raja Kulambu who ruled Limasawa that time and guided him to Cebu on April 7. .Magellan landed on the island of Homonhon on March 17. not as enemies. Magellan told his Malay slave Enrique. with Magellan. 1521. who he had brought from Asia all the way through Portugal and Spain and who therefore. was the first man to circumnavigate the world to assure the people of Cebu that they had come as friends.

With the assurance of being a friend and not as enemies. Rajah Humabon which was the Cebu chief that time. . A blood compact was then made between Rajah Humabon and Magellan and gifts were exchanged. welcomed Magellan as his friends.

. A cross was set up where in Cebuanos could clearly see it. Among these were Raja Humabon himself. the first Philippine queen to espouse the Catholic faith. Humabon s wife. On that day. 800 Cebuanos were converted into Christianity. a mass was held on the shore of Cebu. who received the Christian name of Carlos in honor of the King of Spain.On April 17. To her. Magellan gave an image of the Holy Infant Jesus. was baptized Juana in honor of the King Carlos mother.

Why did Magellan interfere in the quarrel between the two Mactan chieftains? Was he right in doing so? Give your reasons. .

offered the help of his warriors. . Magellan with some sixty men. Upon hearing that. refused to recognize the King of Spain as his king. embarked to Mactan to punish Lapu Lapu. Rajah Humabon. but Magellan refused down the offer saying that the Spaniards could handle the Mactan warriors. Rajah Si Lapu Lapu.y Why did Magellan interfere in the quarrel of the two Mactan chieftains? On the same day that Magellan was converting the Cebuanos into Christianity. Rajah Sula asked for Magellan s help to defeat his rival. who Sula said. a quarrel between the two chiefs of the neighboring island of Mactan occurred.

and Magellan and some of his men then waded ashore and attacked the Mactan defenders. .Magellan demanded that Lapu-lapu and his men pay him tribute to show that they recognized the sovereignty of the Spanish king over them. Lapu-lapu refused to do so.

arrows and spears with fire-hardened bamboo tips. Lapu-lapu s men swarmed over Magellan and showered him with spears. .With bolos. Lapu-lapu and his men fought them and wounded Magellan. the first man to go around the world. The Spaniards retreated. leaving their wounded commander. Seeing this. Thus died Magellan.

. In place of the fallen Magellan.With his brilliant victory. the Spaniards chose two new commanders Duarte Barbosa and Juan Serrano. they were no longer feared or respected by the Cebuanos. The Spaniards hurried back to Cebu after their defeat in nearby Mactan. Having lost face. He was the first hero to repulse Western aggression against the Filipinos. Lapu-lapu rose to fame as the first champion of Filipino freedom.

.A feast was held in Cebu on May 2. including Barbosa and Serrano. went to the feast and were massacred. The Cebuanos killed them because some of them not only robbed the Cebuanos but also raped some of the Cebu women. Twenty-seven Spaniards. Those who remained in the ships sailed away when they learned about the fearful massacre. 1521.

Magellan assured the people of Cebu that he came here as a friend and not as an enemy yet he still broke what he said. y Give your reasons.y Was he right in doing so? No. If he didn t interfere in the quarrel. First of all. Magellan wouldn t die because at the first place. . Rajah Sula and Rajah Si Lapu-Lapu were the one who has the argument and he shouldn t get in it.

The route he took to reach the Philippines was entirely new. Spain became the supreme power in the building of a colonial empire. and the Venetian monopoly of the trade route to the east was thus broken. Magellan´s voyage can be considered as the greatest single trip ever undertaken. Magellan s maritime exploit has perhaps never been surpassed. In terms of the hardships the men endured and the courage they displayed.What was the importance of Magellan s expedition? Considering the inadequacy of marine instruments at the time. Magellan s voyage vastly increased the geographical knowledge of mankind and proved once and for all that the earth is oblique spheroid. .

although Magellan himself did not complete the entire voyage. .Magellan's expedition of 1519-1522 was first to sail from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean. It also completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth. and to cross the Pacific.

. The later voyages of Fernando de Villalobos and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. the voyage paved the way to Spanish colonization and Christianization of the Philippines.Finally. owed their success to Magellan s epochal voyage to the Far East. Magellan s expedition was significant because it paved the way for contacts between the Philippines and western civilization. to a certain extent. From the point of view of the Filipinos.

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