The Social Justice Movement in Israel J14: update

Today, Sunday the 15th of January, marks a historic day for the State of Israel. The Tel-Aviv municipality ordered its police force to evacuate a protest tent-camp made up of homeless citizens. Those homeless individuals occupying the tents were displaced by the lack of public housing available to them, a direct result of the deliberate abuses by a government that continues to break the rules of its own law. Those persons thrown to the streets from their fragile tents with no where else to go were made up of working folk, elderly, children, and the sick. This heartless action takes place in the middle of winter and no contingency plan has been made for any of these citizens. In the aftermath of the evacuation a non-violent protest ensued, made up of regular citizens, evacuees, and dedicated members of the social justice movement. Hundreds of people arrived on the scene in solidarity. At this time, 14 people were arrested, many of whom assaulted physically, and some injured by the police. Up untill now there has been minimal coverage by the local and state media, and even less about the police brutality in the matter. Soon after, in the exact same location as the first and largest tent-camp protest of its kind this past summer, 2 new tents were pitched. This marks 6 months to the day from when the first tent protest began, the day on which the social justice movement was born, and currently there are over 150 persons who have arrived to occupy the original site. Most importantly, we will not be stopped and we will not be deterred until we establish a socially just state, a New State of Israel.

Or-ly Barlev 15.1.12

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