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Personnel Selection


less commonly.) the most common meaning focuses on the selection of workers 2 . promote) individuals. hiring. selection. acculturation. etc. Personnel selection is the process used to hire (or. Although the term can apply to all aspects of the process (recruitment.

3 general reasons) 3 . As management tools.PERFORMANCE STANDARD  Performance Standard are established as measures of accountability that can be used by management to control the organizational productivity. 1-4 just introductory terms don¶t need to know the reasons«we will never be able to make perfect selection decisions even given an excellent selection system. controls can be used by the organization to reduce cost yet increasing its productivity. (Start with SO5.

performance standard are used to measure how well an individual is doing his job. Franklin define standard as a unit of measurement established to serve as a criterion or level of reference for performance. Terry and Stephen G. This indicates that the conditions and operations of the organization should be standardized so that work measurement could be meaningful 4 .  Essentially.What is Standard?  George R.

Problems of Performance Appraisal     Shifting Standard Rater Bias Different rater pattern The Halo effect 5 .

abilities and responsibilities required of the employee for successful performance. 6 .JOB ANALYSIS  What is Job Analysis? Job analysis is defined as the process of determining by observation and study of pertinent information relating to the nature of a specific job. and acknowledges. the skills. It includes the determination of the tasks which comprise the job.

and counseling of employees.  3. selection. The job analysis serves as a guide in the recruitment.What are the uses of the Job Analysis?  1. It serve as a good basis for evaluating or classifying jobs so that employees can be compensated involved equitably on the basis of skills required. complexity of duties and responsibilities. placement. 7 .It serves as a tools to develop channel of promotions and transfer along lines.  2.

 5. 8 . unpleasant or unhealthy. since a job analysis indicates the duties responsibilities inherent in the various positions in the organization. It is also important tool in employee counseling and in the settlement of grievances. 4. The job analysis enables management to institute corrective measures against working conditions that are hazardous.

 6. 9 . and given guide in establishing productive standards simplifying work procedure and improving methods. It is a big help to Supervisors since they are provided with precise and detailed descriptions of the job under their respective jurisdictions.

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