Aztec Passing Game Chuck Long – Head Coach – San Diego State University Aztecs • • • • • • • • • Looking for a 70%

+ pass completion rate 7 to 8 yards/attempt Want to keep the ball to the outside o Middle is the INT zone Throw screens 2 in a row Uses 1-second video clips to help QB’s get used to reading coverages, etc more quickly Don’t have a set yard number for your red zone o Use your kicker’s ability to determine your red zone Inside receivers become more important into the red zone Drops become shorter in the red zone o 3-step drop becomes a 1-step, etc. Self-scouting is a major component Chart for Self-Scouting Oppone nt Penaltie s Sacks Fumble s INT’s Droppe d Balls Total Plays Percenta ge Total W/L

Add penalties, sacks, fumbles, INT’s and dropped balls and check what percentage of the total plays that hey add up to o Looking to be under 12%

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Spread Offense

Dwight Lundeen – Head Coach – Becker High School Bulldogs Ten Musts for Making the Spread Offense Work for You 1. Must 2. Must 3. Must 4. Must 5. Must 6. Must 7. Must 8. Must 9. Must 10.Must be good at QB have a good protection scheme have an audible system take advantage of what the defense gives you complete passes be good at fullback have a “go to” receiver use your personnel call plays that build on each other call plays with no fear Base Formation 7 yards 2 yards 2 yards

• • • • • •

Throw about 20 times per game Almost always a 7-man blocking scheme Give 3 seconds of blocking time to get the play off FB gets the ball 20-25 times per game Wings are used in trap & lead blocking schemes 15-20 audibles/checks per game

Pre-Snap Reads Cover 3

Cover 2

Dive Series FB Dive

Gopher Trap

Bootleg Sideline

Bootleg Backside Post

36 Shuffle

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Developing a Defense Using Fundamental Drills Randy Shannon – Head Coach – University of Miami Hurricanes Four Tackling Stations 1. One Knee Up a. Aim for “V” of neck b. Bow your neck (shrug shoulders) c. Shoot one hip through d. Grab cloth 2. Both Knees on the Ground

a. b. c. d. 3. Stand a. b. c. d. 4. Stand a. b. c. d. e. Pursuit Drill RB

Aim for “V” of neck Bow your neck Shoot both hips through Grab cloth in Front of Runner Aim for “V” of neck Bow your neck (shrug shoulders) Shoot one hip through Grab cloth in Inside Out Leverage on Runner Aim for “V” of neck Step over towards ball carrier Bow your neck (shrug shoulders) Shoot one hip through Grab cloth


Coach Defensive Players

• •

Run this to the outside and the inside Also pass with this drill & do screen pursuit

String Out Drill • • Close down the running play & string it out Player fights through one or two blocks & then makes the tackle

Bag Drills 1. Two feet through – lateral 2. One foot through – lateral 3. Low man shed cut blocks – shuffle laterally & punch the bags with both hands 4. Back pedal through bags 5. Shuffle through bags Ball Stripping Drills 1. 2. 3. 4. Club Rip Punch through Ball recovery

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Four Verticals Passing Game Tim Brewster – Head Coach - University of Minnesota Golden Gophers • • • You must install your vertical plays with the thought process that you are attacking the defense You must be aggressive in mindset and make them react to what you are doing Once vertical is established you can pick them apart underneath

Principles of the Vertical Passing Game • • • • Stretch the field Protect the passer Confuse the defense Create big play “momentum changers”

QB Musts • • • Protect the ball Do not force throws Take the check down to the running back

Ways to Protect the Passer • • • • 7-man blocking schemes Play action passes Nakeds and bootlegs Make sure to sell the run on play action, nakeds & boots

Confuse the Defense • • • Make the defense adjust slower Use new motions, formations & shifts Wide receivers must be taught to sell the vertical on every play

Vertical Pass Game Components • • • Receiver alignment spacing o 3X1 & 2X2 Attacking safeties o 2 high vs 1 high Throw to the backs

Attacking 2 High Safeties • • • • Always look to the vacated zone in the middle of the field Critical that the inside receivers attack the safeties hard Safeties will be forced to work off of the hash Inside receiver reads at 10 yard o If the middle is open he breaks inside to a post (bender)


Attacking 1 High Safety

• • •

Use proper spacing to put the safety in conflict Force the safety to pick a side to cover, allowing the QB to throw opposite of him QB’s eyes help make the safety declare what side to cover

Throw to the Running Back • • • The RB is always open The RB in the vertical game is a source of hidden yardage and first downs “All Go – HB Option” is a call used to get the ball to the RB

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NDSU Wide Receiver Play Reggie Moore – Wide Receivers Coach – North Dakota State University Bison Eye-Hand Coordination • • Use globetrotter drills Receivers do these as a warm-up

Stance and Starts • • ¾ weight on front foot Work on this at least once per week

Cone Drills Speed cones

Back pedal

Practice various hard cuts

Ball Drills • • • • One Hand Drill (warm up) – look the ball in o “Where your eyes go, your hands will follow.” Low Ball Dig o Throw ball low & let the receiver drop to get it & roll Open Hip Drill o Throw the ball behind the receiver o Receiver must swing his hips open & reach back for the ball Sideline o Make sure inside leg drags to keep in bounds

• •

Wrong Shoulder o Make sure to flip head & re-accelerate Knifing Through o Split the defenders

Separation Techniques • • • • • • Throw By or Slap Through o Push through with inside hand on DB hip & swim over with outside arm Stacking o Fight to get behind the DB – deep ball over the shoulder Shake o Get on top of DB – fake with 1-2 step & make cut Opposite Shoulder Stem o Try & open DB’s hips to opposite side of the cut – run right at DB & force him Ladder Step o Make move to look like receiver is going straight up field & then make cut Press & Fade o Push in on DB to “save grass” on the sideline to run a fade route

Ball Security • • Five points of pressure on the ball Use the gauntlet drill

Double Moves • Sluggo o Sell it – look back at QB on 1st move Comeback Stutter step Dancer Stutter step

Blocking Drills • Push Pull

• • • • • • • •

Lock up with a partner & try to keep squared up and balanced while pushing & pulling each other Punch & Drive o Get flat, get vertical then punch & drive defender Stalk o Run at DB as long as he is backpedalling then get into a good drive position – be under control Do various 1 on 1 drills the same as the OL Stalk & Cut Cut Push through to safety – leave CB for pulling linemen Safety Cut Crack o

Releases • • Be active with hands Keep DB’s hands off – slap away, push

Contact Info: P.O Box 5034 Fargo, ND 58105-5034 Office Phone: 701-231-7797 Office Fax: 701-231-8724 E-mail: Spread Offense – Zone & Play Action Mike Dunbar – Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator – University of Minnesota Golden Gophers • Why use the spread O? o Player friendly o QB friendly o Good for both run and pass O 113/112 (Inside Zone)

QB reads this end

• • • • •

Aiming point is inside hip of the guard TB heels are at 6 yards TB steps are open, rollover & plant QB opens with right foot – “open the gate” o This allows the QB to read the DE to run keep to backside o Give, keep or flip In the gun, the QB must attack the outside shoulder of the end man on the line of scrimmage – under center, he must attack the inside shoulder


If there is a blitz from the point of attack the FB (or Y on the 112) runs either a bubble or a slip


Slip Play Action from 113/112 Fly & Die 16 yards 15 yar ds 12 yards

6 to 8 yards

• • • • •

6-man blocking scheme Use double cadence (check audibles) Against man – run like hell Against zone – find the hole On fly & die, if the WR can’t get even with the DB at 15 yards he runs the comeback

Four Verticals

115/114 (Outside Zone) TB reads this end

• • •

TB stretches 2 step after the mesh before making his cut QB is slightly deeper TB toes are at 5 yards

Play Action from 115/114 12 to 17 yards step under hole 8 Yards 5 yards 18 to 20 yards

• •

Use bootleg action If BS guard can’t log or seal & has to kickout the DE, the QB steps under and either runs or throws to the step under hole

3X1 Version

X tightens in a bit

Contact Info: University of Minnesota Athletic Communications 244 Bierman Field Athletic Building 516 15th Avenue SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 Football Office Phone: 612-624-6004 Football Office e-mail:

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