My Life

My Angel Angie

µ will you marry me?µ Then the girl laugh and answered!µ are you crazy?! All I want to marry is sponge bob! The guy felt sad. who fall inlove to an autistic girl! The guy so much in spite of being jolly and childish « One day the guy decided to make proposal to the girl«And then he grab her hand and say.:µ He just how his head and cry. .Quotes   Once there was a guy.µ would you be my sponge bob? Every great and noble work seemed are first impossible...! Then the girl saw him1 she wipe his tears while saying..

You and I against the World .

»Made visible .‡ Work is Love.

.‡ Once you·ve already let go of someone« ‡ Have the courage to never see him/her again! Cause goodbye are not created for nothing« Its really Ends something.

‡ ´prayerµ is my gift for your everyday that you will be fine. protected and have the strength to cope with all the pressures and strength in life« .

One funny thing I like most about REAL FRIEND: The are the one who influence you in bad things but still you enjoy doing it just because you are doing it TOGETHER. .

Created by: Javier. Lorelie B.BSED Prof. II. Ed-5 .

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