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11 Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer !

11 Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer !


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Published by greg maltezos
11 Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer
11 Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer

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Published by: greg maltezos on Jan 16, 2012
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1.Take your time and read over this information, more than once if necessary. If
you are not sure what to use, request a Free Muscle Response Test, from
GetHealthyAgain to determine which products are the best match for your body.
Actually it is your body determining what products are best for it. After all, your
body runs 50 trillion cells. It knows everything that is going on in it. Nobody
knows better than it does, unconsciously, what it needs. This Muscle Response
Test is also known as long distance kineosology. The link for this test is in the
Resources section below.

2. Purchase the products you have decided to use.

3. Start taking these products faithfully and in the suggested dosage as
discussed above. Be aware that you can feel more tired at first as your body is
working harder to fight the cancer - now that it has some nutritional support. If
you get too tired, or feel a bit sick (from your body not being able to detoxify all
the dead cancer cells and from the increased detoxification of your body which
may overwhelm your detox organs), reduce dosage temporarily and get more
support for your detox organs. Unlike chemotherapy, these products do not harm
your body. They can only do more than your body can handle. They will also help
alleviate the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

4. If you see positive results, great. Continue on till the cancer is gone. By the
way, most cancer blood marker tests and PSA tests measure dead cancer cells

as part of the score. So numbers will rise at first if you are taking supplements
that are killing cancer cells. So don't be alarmed if scores rise at first. It's just
what happens. And tumors enlarge when you are killing the cancer cells in them
as the immune system uses inflammation to get rid of those cells. We here many
stories of tumors being removed that were completely dead because of the
supplements that were taken.

If you are not getting on top of the cancer and improving, your cancer is probably
growing faster than you are killing it off. In this case, your best bet is to increase
the number of products and or increase the dosage of what you are taking. You
can always beat early stage cancers and most advanced cancers just by making
sure you are taking enough supplements to kill the cancer faster than it is
growing. This means that if you have a lot of cancer in your body, you likely will
need to take a lot of supplements to beat the cancer. If you have time, you can
always start with just a few supplements and see if they get the job done. If that
doesn't seem to be working, know that for your body and what you are dealing
with, you need to do more. Of course, people with end stage cancers whose
bodies are breaking down have less chance of success. You need to support
their immune system, organs and detoxification system more, and not be as
aggressive at killing off the cancer until they become stronger. These
supplements and other suggestions in this report may give someone with end
stage cancer their best chance at beating cancer, but it can be too late. You can
only try.

5. Once your cancer is gone, and for most of you it will be if you follow the
suggestions in this report, don't stop using the supplements immediately, or go
back on a bad diet. Reduce dosages and possibly the number of supplements
you take gradually. Continue to take some for about a year for best results. And
consider staying on a bottle a month of OxyDHQ or OCMP as a preventative.

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