Tobias Lachmann - 20.12.

Forbidden Characters Reserved words Scope reserved words Color reserved words

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SPACE + * ? ( ) { } [ ] ? ! # < > = , : ; ' ` TAB Non-Englisch special characters (Ä, Ü etc.)

accept and all All any Any apr Apr april April aug Aug august August black blue broadcast call conn

dec Dec december origsport origsrc other outbound outrap packet packetid packetlen pass r_arg r_cdir r_cflags r_ckey r_connarg r_ctype r_entry

record red refresh reject routers sat Sat saturday Saturday sep Sep

sync targets thu Thu thursday Thursday to tod tue Tue Tuesday

xlatesrc xor year

Account Alert Auth AuthAlert Duplicate gateways host Long Mail nds netobj

dynamic expcall export expires feb Feb february February firebrick foreground

hashsize hold host hosts if is ifaddr ifid implies in

july July jun Jun june June kbuf keep limit log magenta mar Mar march March

Monday month mortrap

spoof spoofalert tracks

black blue cyan dark green dark orchid firebrick foreground forest green gold gray 101 green magenta orange red sienna yellow medium slate navy blue

navy blue targets netof nets nexpires not nov Nov november November oct Oct october October or orange ufp UserDefined

forest green inbound include interface interfaces intrap

september tuesday September ufp set skipme skippeer sr src static sun vanish wasskipped wed Wed wednesday Wednesday xlatedport xlatedst xlatemethod xlatesport

resourceobj format routers servobj December define deffunc delete direction do domains drop dst fri Fri friday Friday from fwline fwule get gold gray green

ipsecmethods may ipsecdata jan Jan january January jul Jul May mday

medium slate blue origdport modify mon Mon monday origdst servers Short SnmpTrap

connections r_pflags date day debug

r_proxy_action Sun r_tab_status r_xlate sunday Sunday

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